That was fast, I thought. His hot mouth kneaded my lips rather roughly and I wrapped my arms around his neck, as best I could considering how tall he was. He brought his hands down behind my back and I felt his fingers wander up my shirt.

I pulled my lips away from him, so I could successfully tug my t-shirt off, leaving just my bra. Kenny groaned and pushed me against the wall, his lips back to mine, and his hands unbuttoned my jeans like an expert.

The air was knocked from my lungs and I tried taking a deep breath, but his mouth was unrelenting. I felt him manhandle my jeans as he pushed them down around my thighs. I grabbed his face with my hands and pulled him back.

His lips were beet red and his eyes were flaming with lust. I bit my lip, and however much I'd like to keep kissing him, he was going to bruise my hips if I didn't get these jeans off now. I reached down and tugged them down and kicked them off my feet. He took that time to tug his own t-shirt off.

I exhaled deeply, as I caught a second glimpse at his scar covered chest. My heart felt for him, seeing as most people his age barely had a few broken bones, and the poor guy had enough pain to last more than a life time.

I jumped on him, as I swallowed up his lips and pushed my tongue inside his mouth. He returned the gesture energetically, as he danced his tongue around mine. He simultaneously undid his belt buckle and unzipped his pants. He pushed them off around his hips and grabbed my neck as he poured more lust into that kiss than I think I could handle.

I heard something clatter downstairs, and I realized we weren't even near my bedroom, and still on the staircase. Kenny turned his head to look downstairs, and I grabbed his wrist ans tugged him towards the landing. He held up his jeans as I dragged him to my room and pushed him inside.

I locked the door, and turned around. His blond shaggy hair was in his face, and he looked so adorable. He reached a hand behind my neck, and tangled his fingers in my hair. He pulled my head to his lips

and gave me one last, long, hard kiss before he slowly backed me up against the bed.

He shoved his jeans down on the ground and kicked them off his feet. I sat down on the edge of the bed and reached my hands around my back to unhook my bra. I tugged it down off my arms.

Kenny stood there in front of me, watching me like a little boy watching an ice cream truck driving by. I reached up to him and wrapped my fingers around the waistband of his boxers. I'd already done this once today, and I chuckled to myself that I was about to do it again. I tugged his boxers down, releasing his already rock hard cock.

I gasped, even though I knew exactly what it looked liked already. He brought one of his knees on the bed, and gently pushed me so I was laying down on the bed. He ran his hands over my hips before slipping his hands in my underwear and dragging them down over my thighs and around my ankles.

His breathing was heavy and concentrated and couldn't take my eyes away from his face. He pushed my thighs up, and ran his fingers around the inside of my thighs. I shivered at the touch of his warm hands and I leaned up on my elbows. He glided his hand over my pussy, and I moaned. He cracked his neck, and slipped two fingers inside me, gentle and slow, as if this was something he did everyday.

"Oh god...," I moaned. He ran his free hand over my body, cupping one of my breast in his large hand. He took his fingers out, and slipped his middle and ring fingers inside me, hooking them upwards. A spasm rippled through my body, and I could barely keep from crying out. He suddenly began to drive his hand into me, obscenely fast.

I grabbed the sheets and my breathing quickened, and he pumped faster. My mind and body were going into overload, and I was about to scream as I felt the beginnings of a hot climax start to ripple through my veins. He

seemed to noticed this, and he roughly pulled his hand out of my pussy. I gasped with disappointment.

"No...," I whined, but his mouth was crushed on mine in less than a second. He positioned his cock over my pussy, and slammed into me without warning. Oh. My. God. My mind was blank. I grabbed at his shoulders for something to hold on to, that was all I could manage to do. His fingers found my pussy again and he shoved two fingers inside me along with his cock. He moved his hips slightly, and slowly began to fuck me.

"Oh god...Kenny," I moaned loudly. He exhaled deeply as I brought my hands from the sheets to finally wrap around his neck. I kissed him fiercely on the lips. I could feel his deep, guttural breaths down in his chest. His fingers absentmindedly curled upwards again, setting off a whole other ripple of pleasure. My whole body shook beneath him. I gasped and moaned into his cheek as he kissed my neck. He kissed his way to my ear.

"Touch me," he said deeply. I immediately complied, and smoothed my hands down his back, feeling every scar he had. He impulsively curled his fingers again, making me to spiral into another round of moans. The muscles of my pussy clenched, causing him to finally cum. I was moaning wildly as the explosion of pleasure rocked through me one last time.

He groaned as he came inside me and I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his lips as he finished. His eyes were completely in the back of his head, and his muscles shook. As he slowly rode out the pleasure, he collapsed entirely on top of me. I couldn't breath, as he was easily twice as big as me. He rolled over to the side a second later and I took a deep breath. He didn't say anything, per usual. I reached over to him and touched his red cheek lightly.

"Can I have you for Christmas?" I said.
"Why wait till then?" he said. "Give me 10 minutes," I smiled at him, knowing he meant that as soon as he was hard again, we'd be going for round two.

It was maybe three in the morning, and I was thirsty. I gently pushed Kenny's arm off me, as he was now, finally asleep. The boy was insatiable. I may have finally met my match. I rolled out of bed. The air was freezing and I threw on a sweatshirt that was on my floor. I walked out of my room silently, and headed for the stairs.
All the clothes Kenny and I had left on the floor were gone. I realized Mrs. Johnson probably washed them or at

least folded them up, as that was just something she would do. I headed for the kitchen and went to the fridge to

grab a soda.

There was a twinge of pain between my legs. I didn't want to look, I was probably bruised already. I opened the can and took a long swig. I yawned. It was about time I actually went to sleep. I did have school tomorrow and it was going to be hell because of how tired I was. At least I could say I was doing something important.

I headed back up stairs, soda in hand. My hips hurt as I climbed the stairs. I finally made it to the landing and went back to my room. I closed the door, and saw Kenny's chest rise and fall with each breath he took. I took another drink of soda and rested the can on my night stand. I climbed back into bed, covering Kenny and I with the blanket. It's not like he needed it, he was burning hot. I cuddled in next to him and drifted to sleep.

I woke up the next morning to my alarm going off. I hit the snooze button angrily and shut my eyes again. I heard groaning next to me, and I opened my eyes again to see Kenny, his eyes shut, and his face a dark shade of red.

"Kenny?" I said softly. "Are you alright?" I put my hand on his forehead and was shocked to feel just how hot

he was. "Dammit, Kenny, you're burning up!" I said, as I sat up in bed. I rolled off, and quickly grabbed some

clothes on. I went back over to Kenny who was lying on the bed, looking half dead. "Kenny?" I whispered to

him. "Kenny, can you sit up?" He groaned in response. I didn't really know what to do. Was he sick? I opened

the door to my room and walked down the hall to the laundry room. Just as I suspected last night, mine and

Kenny's clothes were sitting, neatly folded a top the washing machine.

I grabbed them and headed back to my room. "Kenny, do you think you can get dressed?" He just rolled over and buried his head into the pillow. I bit my lip. I couldn't quite help him if he was still in the nude. "Come on Kenny...," I said. He sat up, slowly as if he was dying. He tugged his shirt over his head and he tried to stand. I supported him as he tugged his boxers on and pulled on his jeans. He sat back down on the bed, his hair messed up and his face just completely emotionless. I ran down stairs really quick and picked up his boots. Mrs. Johnson was making breakfast.
"Um Mrs. Johnson?" I said to her.
"Yes dear?"
" friends not really feeling well, do you think you can take a look at him?"
"Of course dear," she said, following me up to my room. Kenny was back laying down on the bed, not moving.
"Kenny!" I said as I shook his shoulder slightly. He groaned. I knelt down to pull his shoes on and tie them up. Mrs. Johnson came over and felt his forehead.
"The poor dears got a terrible fever," she said. "Let me go take his temperature," she said, as she ran out of the room. She came back a few moments later with a thermometer, which she promptly stuck in Kenny's mouth. After a minute she pulled it out. Her eyes widened as she read the number.
"What is it?"
"He's got a fever of 110 degrees," she said. "We've got to get him to a hospital,"
"Oh my god...," I said, "Should I call 911?"
"Yes, go grab the phone," she said, as she stuck the thermometer back in his mouth. I ran down stairs to the kitchen and picked up the phone, I dialed 911 and waited,
"Hello 911, what's your emergency?"
"My friends got a fever of 110 degrees, and we need to get him to a hospital," I said, panicked.
"What's your location?"
"110 Marble Street, South Park," I said.
"I've contacted the ambulance department, they'll be there soon,"
"Thank you!" I said as I hunk up the phone. I ran up the stairs and back to Kenny. Mrs. Johnson was shaking her head at the thermometer.
"No change," she said.
"The ambulance is on it's way," I said. I sat down next to Kenny on the bed. His breathing was shallow and his face was still red. I ran my fingers over his hair.

"He's got what?" Kyle said, staring at me incredulously. Mrs. Johnson had insisted she

drive me to school, even though I wanted to sit with Kenny at the hospital. About half an hour after the ambulance brought him in, they came back with a blood test explaining

what had caused his fever.

"Salmonella," I said, staring down at my plate of food.

"What the hell gave Kenny salmonella?" Stan said.

"He must have ate some bad fish," Eric said, elbowing me in the arm.

"Shut up Cartman, this is serious,"

"I don't know what he ate..., I mean we all had the same thing for lunch yesterday, and

then Mrs. Johnson made us dinner, just chicken nuggets and some salad,"

"Salad?" Kyle said, "What kind was it?"

"I don't know...just..salad?"

"Was it romaine?"

"The nasty green stuff? Yeah,"

"There's a huge romaine recall, they found traces of e-coli and salmonella and other shit

on it,"

"What? How come I didn't I hear about it?" I said.

"It's because Kyles a Jew and Jews are responsible for all the problems in the world," Eric

said, "He probably put the e-coli on the salad himself,"

"Shut the fuck up Cartman. It's all over the news, I didn't do anything,"

"Mrs. Johnson doesn't watch tv...," I said, smacking myself in the forehead. "But how

come he got salmonella and I didn't?"

"It's Kenny...," the all said in unison.

"Weird shit happens to him all the time," Eric said. My heart sank, I felt so bad for Kenny.