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This story is always going to be in Darren's POV!

We'd been searching for hours, but it felt longer. We were sweating and covered with dirt, our feet and pants were soaked through with filthy water. We were moving as fast as we could, making a lot of noise in the process. My ribs hurt to begin with, but I was over the worst of it now and barely noticed the stabbing pain as I bent and crouched down and twisted.

"Slow down!" Mr. Crepsley hissed several times. "He will hear you if you keep this up. WE must be more careful."

"To hell with being careful!" I yelled back. "This is our last chance to find him. We've got to cover as much ground as possible. I don't care how much noise we make."

"But if Murlough hears us—"Mr. Crepsley began.

"We'll chop his head off and stuff it with garlic!" I snarled, and moved ahead faster, making still more noise.

Right as I said that, a dark shape flew into Mr. Crepsley and the flashlight crashed against the opposite wall of the sewer.

"I found you Darren Shan. Young Murlough found you and Crepsley. Yes he did. Murlough is to smart for vampires. Yes he is." It was followed by a sickening laugh, and I strained my eyes to see the vampaneze in the solid black of the tunnels. I could only make out shapes in the darkness. Three shapes total. Three?

"I brought Snaky with me. Murlough knew you and Crepsley would come looking for me. Smart, young Murlough is, you see? So here is Snaky." One of the shapes was roughly pushed towards me in the tunnel.

"You're giving me Evra?" I was astonished.

"Yes. Young Murlough keeps his word to Darren Shan. You brought me Crepsley, so Snaky goes with you." He cackled again, and the sound of splashing water followed him as he ran down the tunnels.

"I kill Crepsley soon little half-vampire. Not today. But soon." One last laugh and the tunnels fell silent once again.

Choking back the shock that I felt, I leaned down tot help Evra up from the floor. Our plan had failed. Mr. Crepsley had been captured. Murlough was going to kill him. I swayed on my feet, as guilt rushed through my veins at the thought of the vampire dying. This was my fault.

If I hadn't suspected him as a killer and stopped him from killing Murlough the first time he could have, we wouldn't have been down here in the first place.

"Darren? Darren?" Evra voice broke me out of my trance. I looked at his scared face. I could see him better; my super-sharp eyes had adjusted to the blackness of the tunnels.

"Yeah?" I asked so quietly that he probably couldn't even hear me.

"I'm sorry." He paused, and looked right at me. "Is he really going to kill Mr. Crepsley?"

Him saying it just made it seem all the more real. I nodded weakly at Evra. "We have to get out of here." "I said to him.

"But--," Evra sputtered.

"No. We have to get out, and make a plan. It's the only chance we have of rescuing him. Let's go." I stepped around him, heading for the nearest exit from the tunnels. We walked for about an hour, my heart beating so hard it hurt. With each beat it seemed to punch at my chest and then at my insides.

I realized how much Mr. Crepsley had meant to me. He was the closes t thing to a father figure I had now. I pushed up the manhole, and me and Evra stepped out into the empty streets. The cold night air was a relief after the boiling tunnels, but it didn't make me feel any better.

I pulled Evra up and we ran down to the main street towards our new hotel. We ran through the lobby, earning us some confused looks form the desk clerk, and headed towards the steps at the far end of the room. We ran till we reached the third floor, and I shoved open our door.

Collapsing on the nearest bed, I laid there for a few minutes. Evra sat down on the other bed, staring miserably at the floor. I looked over at him. He had a few pink patches on his skin, where it looked like his scales had been hacked off of him.

That made me sick to my stomach. What was Murlough doing to Mr. Crepsley right now? Thinking of Mr. Crepsley made me miserable and I closed my eyes.

"I'll kill Crepsley soon little half-vampire. Not today. But soon." Murlough's words rang in my ears, and my eyes sprang open. He wasn't going to kill Mr. Crepsley until at least tomorrow. I had a few hours to save him. The thought gave me new energy, and I sprang from the bed.

Evra looked at me, his eyes stretched wide with shock at my sudden movements. "I've got an idea. But I need your help, and someone else's."

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