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"Thoughts that Edward hears"


So here goes nothing…

Chapter 1

A light dies

Things will never be the same. His life or his existence, whatever he was, was split between before, during, and after her. Before when he was a shadow, existing but never living. Surviving but never more than that, hunting out of need, hating himself for what he was, cursing his very existence.

The during, or the awakening. For the first time he felt emotions, he saw colors, and was so close to being alive. He felt hope burn in him like the venom once did, moving inside of him and healing. And he felt love. He loved every breath she took, every clumsy step she made. He loved her humanity, beautiful and pure; his love for her was so intense he could almost forget the intoxicating scent that called for him.

He should have known then, when he start being happy. He should have known that it was too good to be true. That there was no way fate was going to leave him alone. But he let his guard down, and fate took her chance. She directed James and his coven to them. And the chase began.

Keeping her alive, saving her life, and more importantly her soul. He thought he could trust Alice and Jasper to keep her safe. He never considered the possibility that James would outplay them. That Bella would willingly walk into a trap.

What a fool he was.

By the time he arrived at the studio it was too late, Bella was laying there the life leaving her eyes faster than the blood leaving her body. He blanked out; his next memory is Emmett separating him off of a bloody uniform mass, off of James.

He kept struggling with Emmett, too far gone to realize anything but the fact that he needed to destroy, kill, eliminate the bastard, or what was left of him. Esme, sweet Esme looked beyond livid, the pain of losing her human child clouding her. He knew that she knew in that moment the pain that would haunt him. That he would never forgive himself. What he would do to himself out of grief.

His mother took the dismembering in her own hands, her loving hands. That image snapped him out of his daze. Jasper was starting a fire, Alice and Rosalie where taking care of Victoria. When did they all arrive? Was Victoria here when he arrived?

"Son" Carlisle gave a nod to Emmett, who looked at him worriedly before letting him go.

"Is…" his throat felt constricted, he let out a choked sob "is Bella…" he couldn't finish. Carlisle hugged him, and even if he didn't have his power, he could read his actions perfectly. "I am so sorry."

Wednesday, 16 of March, 2005

The after started when he lost his Bella, his light, the love of his life.

He was numb, he just stood there in Carlisle's arms, not returning the hug or rejecting it. Esme's and Alice's sobs could be heard in the background, along with the sound of a fire. Everything seemed so distant, almost surreal.

Jasper took control of things. Always the first to react, he started moving around the studio, giving orders to Rosalie and Emmett, they both looked sober unsure how to act and relieved to be given something to do. He was covering their tracks, staging everything to make it look like an accident.

While Edward stayed there, frozen, a statue in a moment of pure desolation. Finally he pushed Carlisle aside and moved towards Bella. Everybody froze; he kneeled next to her and gathered her in his arms.

Her body was still warm, but he could feel it growing colder under his touch. Her lips were blue; he closed his eyes, begging for this to be a nightmare, even if he couldn't dream. He remembered someone taking the body away from him; he didn't fight it. A pair of arms lifted him; he didn't open his eyes. He remembered nothing after that.

20 of March, 2005- Sunday

He could not forgive his family. If he had known what they would do, he would have never allowed them to take away the body of Bella. He had been in shock, not even processing his own thoughts, much less theirs. It was raining very lightly, but he could not be bothered.

The funeral was a silent affair. Nobody dared to approach him, when Esme tried to hug him he looked at her with such anger, almost bordering on hate, that she left him alone without a word. He didn't felt guilty.

He looked once around him; Renée cried clinging to Phil, while he hugged her whispering comforting words that fell on deaf ears. Charlie looked defeated, crying his own silent tears. It was more heartbreaking that Renée's. Jessica, Mike, Angela, and everyone from school stood at a respectful distance.

Almost the entire town was there, and even members from the reservation were present. The two mutts were looking at him, but there was no real hostility they looked at him with pity. His own family was behind him, standing by him. He didn't feel Jasper's attempts to offer comfort or care about any of them at the moment. The ceremony reached the point he had been dreading. Renée stood bravely, her tears didn't stop, and she started shaking. Charlie stood a second later and offered his arm to her. She took it and they both walked towards the urn that contained Bella's ashes. They were going to spread them between Forks and Arizona.

She would have liked that.

Ashes, he couldn't even bring a body back to her parents. He felt anger again. Alice already showed him her vision; it was the only way. Should they have not burned the body, a bunch of kids from the reservation would change and the pack would have declared war. Charlie would have gotten suspicious after reading the coroner's report, and after a conversation with Billy he would have found out the truth, their family would have been in danger and eventually the Volturi would have gotten involved.

Rationally, he could understand, but he still couldn't forgive them.

When they arrived home, Alice tried to speak to him, he could read it in her mind; he didn't need to hear it. He went to his room; it was completely dark. He curled up on the couch and closed his eyes, hoping for something he knew would never be given to him. Death.

14 of April 2005- Thursday

In a pathetic attempt of easing his pain, Carlisle decided to move to Alaska. Hoping that being away of Forks and being with the rest of the "family" would help somehow. He refused to move from the position he had taken since the day of the funeral. Emmett had to lift him and put him into the car. He curled up against the door, making himself as small as possible. He didn't want to open his eyes.

If they would just let him go to Volterra or stop force feeding him…. Alice gave him a sharp look. They never left him alone; he just needed to wait until they did. Alice growled. He didn't care.

May 2005

He swallowed only by reflex. He had been pushing his body to the limits, not taking the blood they brought for him, refusing it until the point his body in self-preservation acted by instinct.

Then when his mind returned, it would all start again.

June 2005

Carlisle realized that he was getting better at resisting the blood. Slowly the amount of time it took his mind to regain control of his body was decreasing. The amount of blood his body was receiving was less and less. He could feel himself fading somehow.

His skin was even paler, the shadow under his eyes darker. But more impressive, he was becoming more vulnerable. His skin stopped sparkling in the sun; the light actually hurt him now. It didn't turn him into ashes like in the movies or traditional folklore, but it was like receiving third degree burns. It hurt. It reminded him he was alive.

Somehow he was becoming thinner. First anorexic vampire, he thought with sarcasm. Just fucking great.

July 2005

He lost his faith next, or what was left of it. He realized this when Carlisle started giving him human blood. It was much harder to control his body with this new diet; he lost as many battles as he won. He stopped fading away, but it was far from enough. He could feel chemical substance in the blood.

It was from a blood bank, or a hospital. The thought didn't make him feel better or worse. The fact that he couldn't care if his family started killing to keep him alive was revealing.

There was no God out there looking out for everyone. Why would he put someone so innocent and pure like Bella on his path? How could he have allowed a disgusting creature like him room on earth?

If there was a God, a heaven and hell….

He wanted to get to hell soon, because there was no way he would share a realm with the being that allowed things like this to happen. He didn't have a soul to be judged either way, so if only his family would let him go. He could feel Emmett staring unmoving at him.

He felt cold, that was new.

August 2005

His family was starting to get desperate. For the past few months they have tried everything to make him react. Carlisle tried to reason with him, Esme begged him, Rosalie screamed at him, Emmett joked with him, Alice made hollow promises of a better future, and Jasper tried for hours to find a spark of an emotion to influence. He was too far gone inside himself.

06 of September 2005 (Present)

He started losing his gift. He didn't realize it until Alice entered the room desperately, surprising Rosalie, and forced his eyes open, the vague light of the candles hurt him, but Alice forced him to keep his eyes connected with hers. He only grasped "your… gif… fadi… Edwar… plea…"

His eyes showed no emotion, but Alice could see it, it was almost gone. She tried to find a solution, an alternative, she saw blank. She let go of Edward with a cry, and his eyes closed.

"What now?" growled Rosalie, but Alice could see the concern, the dread filling her sister.

"He is losing his gift…" the sentence was barely understandable between her sobs. "God Rose, we have to do something! His future is getting more and more blurry. Sometimes I only see blank."

"He is going to die if we don't do something soon isn't he?" the question was more of a statement, and barely a whisper. Alice nodded.

"We need to get the others and fast" Alice stated. Jasper had taken off to visit Peter and Charlotte, the emotions going on in the house where driving him crazy. Carlisle convinced Esme to go out for the night; their mother had been inconsolable, spending most of her time with Edward, trying to get to him. Emmett was hunting with Eleazar, Irina and Laurent.

"We could ask Carmen to look out for him" the blonde suggested

"Out with Kate, getting more blood for…" she sighed and motioned to Edward

"Only Tanya then…" they both looked at each other unsure what to do.

"I resent that tone!" exclaimed Tanya as she walked into the room with her arms crossed. "I am more than capable of taking care of Edward. It's not that hard. You sit down and… well that's basically it."

"Our problem is you trying to take advantage of the situation!" Rosalie responded acidly.

"I… I could never do that to Edward!" at the look of distrust of Rosalie she added. "Never in the state he is in at least," Rosalie stared at her, still suspicious.

"I am taking your word, but I swear, if something happens to him…" Rosalie left the threat unfinished as she exited he room.

"Just… take care of him" whispered Alice following after her sister.

"Edward…" Tanya asked once she was sure the sisters were far away enough not to stop her. "I am going to help you" Edward stayed still and slowly, he raised his head to look straight at her. It was the most Edward had done since he arrived. She took a deep breath and continued. "I can't keep looking at what you are doing to yourself, and let's be honest, there's nothing they can do to help you now."

"Why?" the question startled her and his voice was unexpected, even to himself. It was rough and sounded painful. For a minute she just absorbed the shock, until she saw the doubt in his eyes. He doesn't want to get his hopes up she realizes.

"Because I care for you enough to wish you a quick and painless death, not this… this torture" he nodded slowly. "We need to hurry, Alice won't see me as long as I keep making pointless decisions in my mind… I am thinking whom I wanna fuck more, Brad Pitt or George Clooney" he surprised her again when he emotionlessly asks.

"Who's winning?"

"A threesome baby, always a threesome"

Somewhere in England

"For love of the Order!" cursed one of his men. He was starting to get pissed. He was an unspeakable, and a very, very rarely used one at that. Last sort of decent job was a good twenty years ago. And apparently since last time he was on a mission, standards have been dropped.

"What Abbott?" he asked dangerously and barely above a hiss, most of them felt intimidated when hearing the tone if his voice.

"I just hit my bloody foot against a rock" for good measure he added "and the bloody is not me cursing" but this auror was either too stupid to realize who he was messing with or he wanted to lose the damn foot.

"I know your bloody foot is bleeding, you have kindly remind us every five minutes, but I will give you an advice auror, either stop acting like a novice or get a transfer to paper work" the rest of the squadron laughed quietly at Abbott, when he looked about to retort he added "The mission may have already been completed, no thanks to you, but that does not give you the green light to laze around, keep it up and I'll curse you myself" that sobered Abbott up, or maybe the humiliation to be reminded how he got the injury in the first place.

They set up camp and started putting guards, muggle repellant spells and notice-me-not charms.

He could hear another of his men, a woman to be more precise, whispering to another "What does green light mean?" the other just smirked at her and answered "muggle expression doll, don't worry" bloody purebloods, he had to give it to the girl, she was good, fast reflexes and a nice body, but was probably a Malfoy-wanna-be. Damn how he misses that bastard. He gave a more careful look at her features, maybe…

"Do not call me doll again you bloody fool or I'll stick your wand so far up your ass you'll be chocking with it" definitely…

"Hey princess" he called out; she looked at him and sneered "Any chance you are related to the Malfoys?"

"I am a Malfoy…" she claimed arrogantly, he cut her off before she started getting turned on by her family tree.

"Don't really care, have enough of your people to last me several life times" she looked at him obviously unused at his reaction, by this point the tent having been armed and everyone was already inside. "The bastards gave us the first shift…"

"No respect for a lady whatsoever, in my family…" she started her obviously favorite topic in the whole wide world.

"Look Malfoy, I don't care about your family achievements, or downfall and miseries, or history, hell I probably care more about your bloody house elves than about your bloodline, means shit at the end of the day"

"I am proud of my heritage! Even if my family is not going to receive the tittles, we are still Malfoys. There's nothing wrong with that!" she argued fiercely, he looked at her patronizingly.

"Really, ok, you wanna talk let's talk." He smirked "Just a few ground rules, don't wanna hear about your family tree and do please don't start telling me which members of your family used to let Potter fuck them, gets on my nerves how you people brag about it" he smirked when her face turned completely red.

"I… I… I have no idea what foolish rumors have you been hearing…" he laughed at her, she turned bright red again.

"Oh, I am sorry; I didn't realize it was a family secret. But believe me. I have a very reliable source" he smirked and leaned back against the trunk of a tree, she sat in a transfigured chair.

"You are bluffing, what would you know about it?" she looked more secure with the logic of her statement.

"Well, the tone in which you just said that practically screams 'you totally nailed it'. And of course there's Harry Potter himself" she looked at him sharply

"Don't be ridiculous, Harry Potter died a long time ago." He smirked, and she looked offended "The rumor that he is alive it's just a stupid legend. Now his story is just a bedtime story that they tell their kids to teach them the difference between good and bad. I mean, don't get me wrong, I am as much fan as the next person, who wouldn't be? Some of the stuff he did was amazing and as I say everyone grows listening to his story, but just because they never found a body…" he interrupted her

"There wasn't a body to find, and I bet you that son of a bitch is alive and kicking in a corner of the world enjoying the peace he bloody well earned."

"Yeah right, because normal people live for… what? 4 centuries?"

"Actually, he would be around 507 years old, give or take a few months" she rolled her eyes "but you have to agree, Potter never did normal"

"You really are obsessed. Let me guess you wanted to be just like him" she said with a mocking tone.

"When I was little I wanted to be anybody but Harry Potter" he smiled nostalgically. "Anyway, how come a Malfoy ended up working as an auror?"

"I am not an auror, I am Master Apprentice in Dark Arts level 4, came as the specialist of the mission and when this is over I can finally write my dissertation and get my Mastery. The curses back there were nasty" she smiled lovingly "So beautifully created, such a bad intent, so purely dark. It's a shame I didn't get the time to study them more carefully. It would have been a great starting point."

"Go figures a Malfoy would drool for a nasty curse" he shook his head; she was silent for a second.

"I have to say, regarding Potter, that I am thankful for some of the stuff he did. And the fact that after all the shit he had to fight, he understood. He understood that Dark magic is not evil. He was determined enough to make everyone see it, and to make it legal" she looked desperate for a second "just the idea of having to suppress my nature, I think I would have either killed myself or obsessed so much that I would have lost my mind" he hummed in agreement. "For that, and not for the battles, I would always remember his name" they were silent for a little while before the unspeakable spoke

"The oldest brother of my best friend was a curse breaker in Egypt; he could go on and on about a dusty piece of wall like if it was holding the treasures of the universe. You sort of remind me of him."

"Don't insult them! They do hold amazing secrets! I want to go there as soon as I graduate. I already secured a job with Gringotts. If I stay long enough and sing a confidentiality blood contract I could gain access to the works of some of the greatest minds!" she started going on and on about this corner in the tomb of Someone-something king of the tribe blabla, that could take all the water from your body just by touching it. "Just to think I could go and read the original manuscript of Jonathan Sawyer, or Richard Payne, or Evelyn Woods, or even William Weasley!" he smiled sadly at the memory, but she kept talking, losing herself in a world far far away.

"You know for a Malfoy you are not too bad, what's your mother's maiden name?"

"Lovegood" and without missing a bit she kept saying "direct descendant from…"

"Luna Lovegood" she looked startled, but nodded.

"No one ever found out why her last name was passed to her children instead of their father's" she turned her gaze to the fire. The voice of her companion startled her.

"She was a great woman, and she married in difficult times. Just in the middle of the Second Blood War. The wedding was two years before The Battle of the Red Fields. She was in the inner circle of the opposition, just like her husband. Important positions, close to THE Harry Potter, members of the Order of the Phoenix. They were both targets, like anyone else that has access to information, you know the story. Almost everyone that had a role that mattered was in the Dark Lord's hit list. Basically all the ones that have a gold card in the chocolate frogs Special War Edition, first three names Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger and…"

"Harry Potter, the golden trio, their cards are the most valuables. The decoration in the cards is so Gryffindor that it actually stinks like them. A bitch to find them all… Granger and Weasley even more than Potter; I have the whole war set."

"Yes, the golden trio. Of course the rest of the inner circle, the original founder of the order, Albus Dumbledore, Neville and Ginny Longbottom née Weasley, Fred, George, Charlie, Bill, and Arthur Weasley, Sirius Black while he was alive, Remus Lupin and his wife Tonks, Mad Eye Moody, Minerva McGonagall, Severus Snape and, obviously, Draco Malfoy" he sent a knowing smirk at her. "Potter's lover" she ignored the taunt.

"Who did Lovegood marry? I was never able to find the records"

"Hmmm, anyway, the story goes like this: she walked into the middle of an order meeting and sat in the lap of Charlie Weasley and told him 'The jigglypuffins sent me a dream of our kids, and they are gorgeous. We are going to have a winter wedding so the snargles can bless our union' the poor fellow looked around like the Dark Lord himself was hanging off his throat. Best part is that after everyone gets over the shock, his mother breaks into tears saying 'My boy has found someone! Finally a girl who isn't scared of dragons!' By that time everyone was laughing so hard that the meeting was forgotten, and everyone started congratulating the couple."

"Did he just accept it like that?" she looked avidly at him, drinking the story. He saw no doubt in her eyes.

"That's an understatement, you see, he had been attracted to her for a while, but Charlie Weasley was afraid of commitment. His life was dragons, not many girls are willing to compete with that kind of thing, and the idea of falling for a girl that would make him choose terrified him. But Luna didn't care about dragons, she decided Charlie was the guy for her and went for it" they fell into silence and stared at the fire for a while.

"You still haven't answered why he gave up his name…"

"When they were exchanging vows, she promised 'to love and cherish every dragon on earth like I love you' and he promised to 'follow every crazy quest by your side, to the very end of the world as long as they always come back home', two days later Luna's father was killed. All male Weasley's have always sucked at touchy sentimental moments, and Luna never let things face her. But it was her dad, it killed her. Charlie did the only thing he could possibly think off. He took her last name so her line wouldn't die with her. At that moment I knew that they would be fine. They had each other. Of course his mother wasn't happy until Charlie told her she was going to be a grandmother; she never talked about it again. No wonder you are crazy about pyramids, you got it in your blood" she was looking at him suspiciously.

"You just said 'at that moment I knew'… you know things that are not in books. I checked every paper in the Ministry, there was no act of marriage from Charlie Weasley and Luna Lovegood"

"Dark times… a marriage consisted in a small ceremony. You exchanged promises to each other and did the bond, but it wasn't until after the war ended and the Ministry was restored people started filling the paperwork to make things legal. By that time Luna and Charlie lived in Bulgaria. Check the papers over there; I'm sure you'll find something"

"How do you…"

"Would you look at the time? I gotta go. My job was taking you people until this point. Another unspeakable should be here soon. Lady Malfoy would you give me the pleasure of your name?" he separated from the tree and thrust his hand in front of her, she looked uncertain, before shaking it.

"Luna, Luna Malfoy" he gave a bow and kissed the back of her hand. She saw the effects of a glamour being lifted. When he looked up, she met a pair of green eyes, messy black hair, and her eyes immediately went for the scar.

"Harry Potter madam, at your service"

He stepped carefully, not wanting to upset the figure in bed. The room was in complete darkness, he let his gaze wander over the delicate body in the bed. He wasn't sure how long he stood there, just admiring her.

"Harry?" Her voice broke him out of his trance, she sounded tired and sleepy. "You know, it's kind of freaky when you do that" he felt guilty for taking needed rest from her.

"Just returned from the mission" he moved a chair and put it as closely as he dared to her. "I was afraid you would have left by now."

"Climb in bed you fool" she demanded while moving slightly to make room for him. "Tell me all about it, it has been a long time since you have told me new stories" he chuckled and took his shoes and jacket off. Soon they were both comfortable in the bed.

"Nothing too interesting, only thing worth mentioning was this girl I met. Turned out to be a descendant of Luna, and get this she is a Malfoy" she smirked and spoke in a fake hurt tone.

"Thinking about replacing me already?" she put a hand in her heart, and one in her forehead, and fake cried "you wound my weak heart, I thought you loved me!" he smiles at her, and maneuvers her body closer to him. She rested her head over his heart, and closed her eyes.

"You foolish woman. I could travel the whole world and never find someone like you" he tightened his grip. "You know you are the light of my life"

"You have such a way with words, for a Gryffindor anyways" she started tracing circles in his chest "I'm sure you told that to everyone"

"Well, not all of us mortals can compete with the intelligence of a Ravenclaw. And yes, I did tell them all that, and just like you are, they were all irreplaceable to me. At least the ones I revealed the truth to."

"You are such a whore" her eyes shined with sadness "I just wished I was able to give you someone from my own blood to take my place"

"Don't be silly girl, you have given me everything I needed" he started petting her hair. "It was an honor watching after you. I have to admit, when your father put you in my arms and named me your godfather I was scared"

"Really?" her tone was sarcastic and condescending "the great Harry Potter scared of a little baby?"

"In my defense, I was a very scary baby. I blasted a Dark Wizard in between dinner and bed time…"

"So you were afraid I was going to toast you?" she laughed "I thought your boggart transformed into a Dementor. Have you been lying to me all these years?"

"Except for that time you presented me to your first boyfriend, Nick" he spoke the name as if it was poisoned "and I told you I loved him, when in fact I wanted to break his legs. I haven't lied to you" he sighed, "I don't have a boggart anymore, or at least it isn't able to show what I fear" she heard the tone in his voice, and decided to let it go, a moment later she gasped.

"Nick? You hated Nick? We were 5! He was my first crush. We 'dated' for like a week" she laughed at him for a second, before adding. "I wish I remembered how I met him"

"I remember; you were playing in the sandbox and an older kid destroyed your castle. I was on my way to tell him off when he appeared out of nowhere and pushed him. On our way back you told me that he was the love of your life that you wanted to run away with him in a unicorn and live in a big castle. The next day you were playing together, and by the end of the day you two wild kids were a thing" she have a dramatic sigh

"If only we hadn't moved I would be a princess!" she giggled suddenly "I can't believe you were jealous of a 5 year old"

"What can I say? I am a very jealous man. Besides the little bastard was just bad news. Your dad laughed it off, but I knew at that moment you were going to be a heart breaker" her laugh filled the room again. "You have any idea how many guys I had to scare away? And you were always so mad at me afterwards" He poked her softly on her side "Young lady don't laugh at me or I'll have to ground you."

"Dad loved that between you and mom he could be the good cop without worries."

"Well, he didn't have it in him and someone needed to get the job done. He always reminded me of Arthur…"

"Ron's dad?" he frowned

"It sounds so awful when you say Ron" she looked up at him and raised an eyebrow. "I still see you and can only think of the little baby you were. I guess that when I think of you and your relation to him and Hermione, I can only see you as if you were their own child."

"I am a direct descendant" she tensed "I am sorry, in a way they die with me"

"Don't be silly girl. They died a long time ago, and I will always have their memories. Besides, there are a lot of Weasley's out there that are also descendants in a way or another from them. And honestly, I don't care, blood means very little to me. I have always followed those that my instincts tell me would need me the most"

"How ironic, that they named the war as 'The Blood War'"

"They wanted to call it 'The Great War' but it just sounded wrong" she started coughing, he reach for the vial with potion that she always kept next to her bed. She was barely able to drink it.

"You know, this is going to sound awful, but I am glad that Richard died before me. Don't get me wrong, I miss him to death, he was the real love of my life. But I am going to die like I always pictured, like I always hoped for, just you and me. No husband, friends or family crying, no sad faces. Just you holding me, making me feel safe and calm like always and then…"

She yawned, the potion was working its way into her system "when I started to get scared" another yawn, she would fall sleep soon "you would stroke my hair, and reveal to me the secrets of death and I would feel ready, and just close my eyes and I would hear your voice as I slip away, telling me that…" another yawn, he was sure once she did, she would never wake up again.

"That death is just the next great adventure" she smiled softly and nodded, her head still resting in his chest "I am sorry to disappoint you my little girl, but that's the only secret of death I know. That is the only thing you need to know. You are going to be reunited with your parents, and good old Richard. You will finally meet Ron and Hermione, and they will tell you all my adventures again."

"I would like that; tell me more" she closed her eyes

"Sirius and Remus will also be there, and my parents. And all the wonderful people I have always told you about. My previous charges will be there, and you will know everything you need to know about everyone, because you already known them as well as I do"

"I'll say hi to them for you"

"You do that" they fell in silence; the only sound in the room was their breathing.


"Yes, little girl?"

"Would you tell me your story again?"

"Always honey, always. From the very beginning?" she nodded; he took a big breath and started to tell her favorite bedtime story, for the last time. "Harry Potter was named the savior of the world a long, long time ago. He fought a very dark wizard, and even now wizards and witches are afraid of his very name. But the story of Harry Potter starts, not in the battle, but when he turned 11 and received his very first letter..."

As he spoke, telling her the story of the savior of the wizard world, she felt like she always felt when she heard the story.

Like a small girl, and even if Harry insisted on calling her that, she was far from it. At the age of 94 she still remembered the feeling of wonder that overwhelmed her when listening to the story. So she closed her eyes and let his voice drown the rest of the world. She started to slip away, and by the time Harry started his second year, she was long gone.

"Good night little girl" he held her tighter before kissing the top of her head. He spoke now to the empty room "Hermione, Ron, it's your turn now, so you take care of her now that she is on your side"

He stepped out of bed, put his shoes and jacket on; he knew that soon one of the mediwitches would come to check upon her. He couldn't risk being seen, even under glamour. One last long look and a kiss to her forehead and he was gone. While he walked the streets of muggle London, he realized that he had become so used to death that instead of the pain and sorrow that he normally felt, he just felt empty. The knowledge that the feeling would turn into acceptance made him feel sorry for himself.

- End Chapter 1 -

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