A/N: So I kind of had a dream like this story. So I thought maybe, I try and make it into a story. My dream is the first chapter. So weird though hahaha!! Starts at the beginning of the 5th season, after the second episode…sort of. Hope my faithful readers like as much as my other stories! =]

There was screaming all around her, blood being spilled, and pain being embedded into those who were on the rack. Daniela felt herself move along the rack to get ready for another day of torture. She knew what was coming, just like the last eighty years since the one that always tortured her had mysteriously left. Daniela shivered thinking of him, the things that he did, the things that he made her do for forty years…she just couldn't think of it. Daniela heard more screaming but this time didn't sound like the kind of screaming she had heard before. She looked up to see a bright white light shining down. She hasn't seen light in over 120 years. The light burned her eyes and she looked away.

When Daniela opened her eyes she found herself in pitch black. She tried to breathe but only to find the air stuffy and moldy. She reached up in front of her to find she couldn't move too much. This must be a new kind of torture for the demons, claustrophobia! She heard something above her. She tried to call out for help but found her voice to be raspy and bearable. She clawed at the wood above her to hear something hit the top then it opened. Daniela covered her eyes from the sun and heard a chuckle. She uncovered her eyes and looked up to see four men standing over her. One of them put their hand out to help her up; she grabbed it and stood up. Her knees were wobbly and she started to fall down, the one with her hand grabbed her around her waist and held her there to keep her from falling. Her head was spinning and she was tired.

"Hi Daniela," said the one standing in front of her. The man was partially balding with gray with a little bit of dark still showing. He had this snarky look to him and she automatically didn't like him. The others were younger than him. They all just seemed perfect in a way.

"Who-" Daniela coughed into her hands and looked back up at the snarky one. He put his hand up to her to stop her and he was still smiling. "I'm Zachariah, I'm an angel." If Daniela had the energy right now she would be laughing her ass off at him. There was no such thing right?

"I know, I know, you've never heard of us, never even thought once about angels existing especially your time down in hell." Daniela finally realized her surroundings, the trees, the birds, the sun, and the fresh air. Was she really back? Zachariah laughed while shaking his head. "Yes, you are back."


"We have a mission for you, it involves a friend you haven't heard from in a long time." Daniela looked at him suspiciously, who could they possibly be talking about? Daniela could barely remember anyone in her past. Why did they need her? Why was she so special? "Does Dean Winchester sound familiar?" Daniela took the angels arms off her waist and walked up to Zachariah. There was anger and murder in her eyes. "Dean Winchester is not my friend. So whatever he needs, whatever he wants, I will not help him."

Zachariah shook his head. "It's not his need; it's our need, Daniela. We need your help to get him."

"And how exactly will I help you? You're an angel, can't you find him yourself?" Daniela scoffed and looked around at the angels.

"It's not that easy, there's an angel helping him, hiding him so to speak from our radar."

"And how can I find him?"

"You two have a special connection…"

"It's not that special if you ask me," she muttered. She shuttered thinking of him. She never wanted to see him again; she never wanted to see his face. The thought of him just killed her and made her want to break down and cry. She turned to Zachariah. "What if I don't help you?"

Zachariah walked up to her. "If you don't help me, I will send you back to the depths that you came from and make sure that you will feel every single pain and agony but worse."

Daniela shuddered thinking of the torture she's been through but it couldn't be worst then what she went through her first forty years in hell. "What do you need me to do?"


Daniela sat on the table in the abandoned shed. The only light that was lighting the place was the candles she had on each window of the shed and the table she was on. She looked at the man tied up in the chair in front of her. She still shuddered seeing him, remembering everything. But she couldn't let him see her weak; he always saw her weak but not this time. She sat there cleaning her nails with his boa knife. She looked at him again seeing him stir. He lifted his head a little and blinked a couple times to adjust his eyes to his surroundings. He tried moving but found himself tied up. There was dried blood on the side of his head from where she had knocked him out. He finally looked at Daniela and she raised her eyebrows.

"Surprise," she said still playing with his boa knife.

"Oh, great," he muttered to himself. "Who are you? Another one of Lucifer's demon bitches out to get me and Sam?"

She arched her right eyebrow at him. Was he serious? He didn't remember her? "Dean Winchester, you don't remember me?" She put his knife down and got off the table. He watched her easily slide off the table and walk up to him. She bent down to his eye level and looked him in the eye. His eyes still scared her, but at least this time they seemed normal, if that could be possible. She smiled at him.

"Am I supposed to remember you? Let me guess my brother and I exorcised you and you're back for revenge." He gave her a smile that made her shiver in a bad way.

She laughed. "I'm not a demon, Dean."

"A witch?"

She shook her head and walked around the chair he was sitting in. "Not a witch, not a zombie, not a vampire, not a werewolf…believe it or not I'm human." She stopped right in front of him and bent over again.

"Then who are you?"

Daniela pouted sarcastically and put her arm around his neck running her fingers through his hair. "This hurts Dean, you don't remember me, and after all you were my first as I was yours." He arched an eyebrow at her trying to remember Daniela, he surely would remember this girl, and she was hot. "Maybe this will refresh your memory." She leaned into him and kissed him roughly and a flash went through his head. Some sort of vision of the woman in front of him. It was only of her face and she looked like she was in pain. She let go of his lips and looked at him trying to see if there was any spark. "Hmm, that didn't work."

"Your face, I've seen your face somewhere before," he said and shook his head. He looked up at her. "From hell. What did you do sell your soul."

Daniela sat back on the table and shook her head. "No, let's start from the beginning, I was normal. As normal as anyone could get, none of this supernatural stuff. I had a normal family, normal friends, normal job, normal everything. I had a great life for me, shit; I even was a virgin till…till they came."


"The demons, they came for me, told me they needed me to test someone in hell. Test their faith, their morals, everything. They killed me suddenly because they wanted my torture to start in hell. Once I was in hell they threw me down to a pair of old dirty boots." Dean looked down at his boots. He shook his head, no, it couldn't have been him. He looked back at her seeing her eyes just staring off remembering her life in hell. She looked back at him and for a moment Dean could have sworn he saw some kind of weakness in them. "I look up to see this man who looked like he's been through worst than anyone could have gone through. For a moment when I looked into his eyes I could have sworn I saw a hint of humanity in them but when one of the demons known as Alistair," Dean and Daniela both shuddered at the name, "came up behind him and whispered something in his ear. The man looked back at me as I felt hands grab my arms and tie me up. The man had the audience to make sure that he would actually do it, actually torture me." Dean couldn't believe his ears, some of this just seemed so familiar but his mind was telling him not to open up that vault, if he did he would regret everything that was in it. His heart wouldn't be able to take it.

"It was you Dean," she said and she kneeled in front of him. "I was your first soul to tear apart."

"But you said I was yours."

Daniela shuddered at the low huskiness in his voice. "Remember when I said I was a virgin? Well that was before I met you." She couldn't help the venom that dripped from her tongue. Whenever she thought about her days in hell with Dean it was always those memories, the sexual ones that felt like her insides were twisting with hatred for him. He deflowered her and did things to her every night in his cell. "You wouldn't let any other demon touch me, not even Alistair. As long as I was being tortured but something they didn't care. You kept me in your cell, you tortured me, you sexual abused me, you did things, and you made me do things…"

"I'm sorry," he said not wanting to hear anymore. He couldn't believe himself. What else did he do in hell that his inner self didn't let him remember?

"Sorry, yeah, sure you are." She walked away from him.

"So what now? You tie me up, torture me, do whatever…wait, how did you get out of the Pit?" He watched her walk around the shed as he tried to untie the ropes.

"Your buddy, Zachariah let me out. He told me if I get you for him he'll keep me out." She lifted up her right sleeve showing Dean the handprint that was still fresh on her arm. He remembered his from Castiel that was on his left arm.

"Now instead of some demons bitch you're an angel's bitch."

"At least I'll have an angel on my side."

"Trust me, babe, they're not as good as they sound."

"Don't call me babe."

"Do you really think Zachariah will just let you run free on the streets? Trust me, he's a total douche. Did he tell you what he wanted me for?" Daniela shook her head.

Dean chuckled. "That's just like him, always leaving out some tiny detail." Dean looked at the window to see Castiel. Dean looked back at Daniela to distract her. "I am Michael's vessel."

"Vessel? What is a vessel?"

"Sort of like a meat suit for angels and demons."

"So you're telling me angels are walking around possessing people?"

Dean nodded and watched behind her as the door opened. "Told you, they're not as good as you think. They want dear old Michael to possess me and fight Lucifer." Daniela looked at him surprised and Dean chuckled again tilting his head back then looking back at her. "They didn't tell you much did they? Let me guess the plan was, fetch the Winchester boy, bring him to us and no questions." Dean shook his head. "You have no clue what's going on."

Daniela went to say something back to him when she felt herself faint and black out. Castiel lightly laid her on the floor and walked over to Dean and untied him.

"Thanks Cas, I owe you one," he said and grabbed his boa. Dean looked back at Castiel noticing him staring at the girl.

"Know her?" He walked up next to Castiel and stared down at her.

"Daniela Stuart, I can't believe they will use her to get to you."

"Because of the things I did to her in hell."

"Yes and no." Castiel tilted his head a little and then bent down to pick her up. He shoved her in Dean's arms and Dean looked at him crazy. "You have to protect her." Daniela twitched in her sleep. "There she's protected, they can't find her, but they are coming."

"What? You expect me to protect her after she just tried to hand deliver me to them?!"

"There's no time to explain just take her back to the motel." Dean had anger in his eyes and did what Castiel said. He carried Daniela to his car and put her in the backseat. He quickly pulled away and drove towards the motel he was staying at.