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Spock was half Vulcan, a fact that he has known all his life. Yet he never looked human. In fact, if any one were to look at him and not know the fact that his mother was a human as well as a former teacher that grew up on earth and later married a Vulcan ambassador, they would have claimed that he was fully Vulcan. He did look the part after all. Slanted eyebrows, pointed ears, hair cut perfectly with bangs just above the eyebrows, and like every logical Vulcan, a face free of emotion. He had trained very hard under the guidance of his father to get it that way.

However, if there was one face feature Spock would never be able to control when it came to emotions, it would be his eyes. Perhaps it was because they were his mother's eyes and therefore human, something his classmates had pointed out to him in one of their daily conversations which usually included their daily comments on his human heritage and usually always followed by their daily beatings. His eye always betrayed him during those times, showing frustration, sadness, and anger.

Even now they were betraying him, showing his emotions of awe and amazement as his twelve year old face looked out of the private hover car window and onto the passing buildings of San Francisco.

Amanda was watching her son with amusement. He just looked so adorable with his eyes as wide as dinner plates gazing out at the buildings and landscape that was clearly not that of the desert planet Vulcan. The only other things that she could see of him that betrayed his excitement was his slightly gaping mouth, which only a trained eye could catch, and his two hands glued to glass window of the shuttle. He looked like a child that had woken up to a mountain pile of presents on Christmas. Oh, if only she had a camera with her.

"Spock, take your hands off the window. It is very un-Vulcan." Spock nodded and turned to face straight, all his emotion again under check. It was as at times like these that Amanda really wanted to yell at her husband. As a young child, Spock barely indulged his mother in human behavior and now, well now according Amanda's last communication with her family, he only showed emotion once in a blue moon.

"Ambassador, we are almost to the Vulcan Embassy." The driver, a human, said.

Sarek nodded, seeming unfazed by the statement. "As expected." He said.

Again Spock let his eyes wonder to the window. The planet earth fascinated him. It was so different than Vulcan, so colorful, so vibrant, so noisy, so alive, so emotional, and completely different than Vulcan with its shades of brown and no feeling whatsoever. Scratch that. There was feeling among the Vulcan race, only that they never showed it as all, or at least most of them had been trained since the age of three to repress all emotion in favor of logic. Spock was trying his best to accomplish this.

It was the one goal that he was most eager to accomplish. He had to do it. It would be the only way for him to finally be accepted as Vulcan by both the Vulcan race and, most importantly to him, his father. Spock may be twelve years old, but he was a twelve year old who was half Vulcan, and there for taught to observe things, and he wasn't stupid. He knew his father did not accept him completely. He could, if he looked hard enough, see the embarrassment that crossed his face ever so slightly every time he got called in to pick his son up from school when ever he got into a fight. He knew that compared to other Vulcan children, his lessons in logic and suppressing emotion were being pushed on to him more fiercely by his father then any one else's. His superior hearing, thanks to his Vulcan genes, could pick up every argument his parents had whenever his father was telling, more like ordering, his mother to cease some sort of affection she showered upon him and therefore encouraging him to not follow the ways of Surak. Whatever Spock decided to do with his life, not that most of it was already was decided for him again he wasn't that dense, he knew that if he managed to purge all emotion from him, his father would be some-what content.

Although…Spock had always wondered what it would to be like, to follow the human ways of his mother, to show emotion when he wanted, to live his life not according to the ways of Surak, to make a decision based on what he wanted, not what logic pointed to.

All of the sudden the hover car lurched forward, Spock's seat belt tightened across his chest knocking the air out of him, and the word "Shit!" spit out of the driver's mouth in a volume that hurt everyone's ears. After a few seconds, Sarek decided to break the silence.

"Is there a problem?" His eyebrows were scrunched together, his face hard as stone. Spock could tell his father was both angry and frustrated.

"I'm so sorry ambassador. Bunch of kids just skated in front of us." Laughter rang outside as Spock peaked out of the window. He could see three kids on their hover "skate boards" as his mother called them going down the street. They looked to be about his age, two boys and one girl. The girl, petite, with bright orange hair set in braids, Spock had never seen anyone with that color before, and freckles allover her face and skin. One of the boys was very tall, with tan skin and light brown hair, while the other, whom Spock deduced as the leader of the group by the way they followed him, was about his height, with blond hair and a cocky grin on his face. Then the boy turned back to him, saw him, and waved. Spock, embarrassed looked away as the car started to move again.

"They should know better than to skate on the roads." Sarek commented. "Not when there are sidewalks built for the act. It is very dangerous…and illogical." Amanda just rolled her eyes. She was used to her husband's comments after so many years of living with him. Spock kept his comments to himself. Then it occurred to him.

"Mother, should they not be in school right now?"

"Well, honey, it's the beginning of summer vacation right now. They won't be back in school for another six weeks."

"Again, illogical." Sarek said. "Children are no longer needed to help their parents on an agricultural base." Again Amanda rolled her eyes, but Spock tilted his head in confusion.

"Summer vacation?"

"In early earth's history, most humans were farmers. Children did not go to school during the summer so that they could help out. The habit sort of stuck." His mother explained.

Spock nodded in understanding. "We are here ambassador." The driver pointed out. The hover car slowed to a gentle stop and the door to Spock's left was opened up, a Vulcan standing there to great them. Spock stepped out and onto the ground, looking at the Vulcan embassy as his parents talked to the Vulcan servant. It looked exactly like the buildings back at Vulcan, straight lines and brown tones. The only difference was that perhaps there was more green than back on his home planet. He could see flowers planted and grass surrounding the pathways. Perhaps this was to make the building, which to Spock's eyes looked huge, fit more into the planet's scenery? He would have to remember to ask his father this after dinner.

"Spock, come." His father said, walking towards the entrance of the embassy, his wife and the Vulcan that greeted them following him. Spock quickly joined them.


He was curious as to who was in the hover car that had almost run over them. Then again they did not wait for the red light to stop the car so that they could cross. He turned back to look at the street, and to his shock, found a kid looking straight back at him. Not just any kid, a Vulcan kid, with the ears, the eyebrows, the (to his opinion) very dorky haircut, and everything. Didn't Pike say that the Vulcan ambassador would be visiting earth for a week? He would have to ask him.

Jim smiled and waved, but the eyes of the Vulcan behind the window grew quickly and looked away. The hover car moved soon after. Jim just stared at it as it drove away down the street.

"Hey Jim, come on!" He turned to the orange haired girl. "We're going to miss the movie if you keep staying there!"

Jim smiled his cocky grin. "Anything you say Priscilla."

The girl's facet turned red, her jaw set, and her brows furrowed. "My name is Robin!" She spat. "Not Priscilla! You know how much I hate my being called by my middle name Jim Kirk!"

"What's so bad about it?" Jim laughed.

"Jim. Please? Not now." The boy next to him sighed. "C'mon. Robin's right. If we don't move now, we'll miss the movie."

Jim shrugged. "All right Eddy. Let's go."

Captain Pike

Captain Pike was currently finishing up reports on his pads in the living room of his apartment. He wanted everything done before tomorrow. He would be otherwise occupied for the next week as he would be accompanying the Vulcan ambassador to all his meetings and events. Starfleet always sent a representative whenever an alien ambassador visited earth for important duties. He just happened to be the only Starfleet official trained in such matters that was available at the time.

Finished with his last report, he turned off the pads and placed them on his desk. He sat back in his chair and let his mind wonder. This new assignment of his had come during the time he had labeled the Kirk times, as it was the time that Jim Kirk would come and stay with him. Not that he wasn't happy about that, he loved having the boy over. He and his father were good friends and with his sudden death he took it up with himself to help out the boy's mother as often as he could, mostly by taking him in at times when his mother couldn't.

He respected Jim's mother, and she did have it rough. She had completely fallen apart after the Kelvin incident. She often experienced long terms of depression, sometimes lasting several months. She couldn't find a good job as she had married shortly after high school skipping out on collage, and even the jobs she landed as a waitress or other odd occupations did not last more than at least a year. They did receive money from Starfleet as her husband had served, but it wasn't enough. Pike had repeatedly told her to go back to school and get at least a two-year degree but she always refused, saying that she now had a kid to take care of and that she didn't have the money. Her grades weren't good enough to get any academic scholarships and any money she did have went straight to providing for Jim.

Pike would sometimes, to make it easier for her and whenever she couldn't find a job at the time, take Jim in. Sometimes it was for a few days, sometimes a month or two. One time Jim had stayed with him for at least a year but that was because the economy went down and jobs were scarce. Right now his mother was looking in another town for a job; she had dropped Jim off the day before.

Pike wasn't concerned that Jim would be lonely and feel left out this week. He knew the city well enough to get around and knew which parts to stay out off. He knew many people through out the place that would keep and eye on him and Jim only went out into the city with the other two kids in the apartment building, ten year old Robin and fourteen year old Eddy, whenever Pike wasn't with him. That he had made a rule, and made sure Jim knew it. Never go out alone, always have at least one older person with you. Eddy filled out that role nicely. He knew right from wrong and was one of the very few people who could keep Jim out of trouble.

He looked at the clock. "They should be at the theaters by now." He thought. "Computer, play music, jazz selection." The music started and he went to the kitchen to make himself some tea. It was going to be a long day tomorrow.


Sarek was here. Ambassador Sarek was here!!! Inside his head he scowled as read over his report inside his office at the embassy. He had received work that Sarek had arrived ten minutes before. He hated that man. Hated him! Karatek was much more experienced than him in politics, much more experienced than him in earth's dealings, much more experienced then him when it came to humans, and therefore much more qualified to be Vulcan's ambassador to earth. He had wanted that position more than anything though he kept that to himself. Wanting was an emotion. He was Vulcan, he did not show emotion, but that did not meant he did not feel it. From the moment Sarek was appointed, he had started to feel a great loathing of the man. He knew, not hoped but knew that if Sarek hadn't gotten the position, he would have.

He had spent his whole life in the business, devoted himself to it. He had studied hard to get where he was. He took every chance he was given and did all he could and more the show how capable he was. He did not just study both federation standard and the English language as required of all Vulcans that worked in the Vulcan Embassy or otherwise had business that dealt with dealings between Earth and Vulcan, he had also studied Spanish, German, French, Italian, Arabic, and Chinese along with each of their cultures and the proper way to act around the natives! He was first pick for all the internships he applied for at the embassy during his academy years and received a high position within once he had graduated with top honors! He associated himself with several important political human beings that later played important parts in Vulcan dealings and it all went smoothly as he knew how to work them. He succeeded above and beyond in all the conferences, all the delegations, all the arguments, that happened between his and earth's government. It was because of him that the Vulcan embassy improved 80.7% within all its workings. He was the perfect candidate for the position of ambassador…and instead they chose Sarek, a Vulcan who had no experience or training for the matter. He had no doubt that his family's position helped him a great deal within the council's decision, descendants of Surak indeed!

Now he will admit, Sarek was good, but he could do better. He just had to show the Vulcan council that. He had already given up on trying to show that he was better. It obviously did not work. So he would try a new plan. He had to get the Vulcan council to see that Sarek was not adequate enough, easier said than done. Sarek had negotiated several important treaties and agreements between Vulcan and Earth. He was very well respected, and his record was clean. The only thing Karatek thought that would ever get Sarek booted off the job would be for either him, or his immediate family to slip up, again, easier said than done. Though his wife was human and Karatek noticed, very emotional at times, she behaved perfectly for the wife of a Vulcan ambassador. She was generally a good person. So it would be hard to catch her doing something. So that left his son.

Spock. He was half human. Therefore he was more likely than full Vulcan children to behave emotionally. Karatek had already heard reports that he had often gotten into fights at school and had trouble at times to keep himself in check. Yes, if there was one person that could help him to gain the position of ambassador, it would be Spock. And if Plan B did not work, there was allways Plan C. After all, Politicians weren't the only humans Karatek had aquainted himself with.

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