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Chapter 1:

With each day, it seemed harder for Belle to grasp the fact that the Beast, was no longer a Beast. Instead, a strong, handsome, and gentle man. She had grown to love the Beast not the man that was watching her water the spring flowers.

Little Chip had come along with her to help water the flowers as well.

"All done on my side," Chip said, happily. He came to stand next to her, holding his empty watering can.

"Great job, Chip," Belle said, as she poured water on some blooming roses. She came to lift her head up, and saw Chip gave her a warm smile. In these last few months, Chip had grown she noticed.

"Belle, may I ask you something?" he asked, looking down at his feet, blushing a little.

"Of course Chip," Belle replied. She came to set down her watering can, and wipe the dirt from her hands to her apron.

"Do you think you will ever have any children with the Master?" he asked.

"Oh, Chip!" she exclaimed, stunned by his rather unexpected question.

"I suppose one day I might Chip," she answered, looking up to the sky.

"Oh, good," he said, "It would be so nice to have someone else to play with other than my brothers and sisters,"

Belle came to laugh, and Chip only smiled. He never had told her how wonderful her laugh sounded.

He watched her silently up through his West Wing bedroom window. She looked so innocent as she watered flowers, as did that she was aided by Chip. He noticed she wore a ruby red dress with a white shoal draped around her shoulders. She wore the white apron Mrs. Potts had given to her for when she worked in the gardens. She wore her hair up, allowing her coloured neck to be revealed. He wanted to kiss her delicate neck, to see if maybe that was her weakness. He had an idea, that yes it was.

He continued to watch, noticing that she was talking with Chip as she watered some roses. Chip looked rather shy about something, and after he looked at Belle she laughed. He could hear her gentle laugh in his head. Just as Belle looked up at his window and waved, Lumiere came in with something for him to look at.

"Master, here are the figures you asked for," he said, handing it to him.

"Thank you Lumiere," he said, glancing over the papers and setting them on a near by desk.

"It is a beautiful day Master and there is a lovely lady outside, by herself," he said, hoping that he would take the hint.

"Yes, Lumiere," he said, "Thank you again, and you may now leave. I am in need of nothing else,"

Belle came to put her hand upon Chip's cheek and give him a gentle smile.

"Chip, you have been a wonderful helper today," Belle said.

"Thank you Belle for allowing me to help you," Chip said, taking both watering cans in his hands.

"You're welcome Chip," she said, continuing, "You must really be heading back inside Chip. Your mother must be looking for you now,"

"Yes, Belle," he said turning to leave.

She came to smile, and put her hands on her hips waiting until he turned around and her something he had forgotten to.

Chip came to realize half way down the path that he had forgotten to ask if Belle was still going to read to all his brothers and sisters tonight. He turned around and ran back.

Belle watched Chip run back to her and ask out of breath, "Belle, will you still be able to read to all of us tonight?"

"Yes, Chip, now run along,"

Belle watched as Chip left her alone in the royal gardens, on that sunny, spring afternoon.

She hummed a gentle tone as she walked alone in the gardens. She noticed how bright everything looked in the gardens now. When she first arrived here, the gardens were dark and nothing survived. She had a great deal of accomplishment for causing such changes in the gardens and the castle. She pushed back a loose piece of her hair and looked up at the tall towers. She signed and continued on.

He saw that she had her back to him. Just as he was about to surprise here, she was just smelling near by lilies. He walked towards her and wrapped his arms around her waist. She was completely unaware of his presence.

She gasped and jumped a little.

"Beast!" she exclaimed, "You shouldn't scare people so much! You're going to give me a heart attack one of these days,"

"Belle," he said, "Please call me Adam,"

"I'm sorry, Adam," she said, "It is hard to call you by your real name sometimes,"

"It's alright my love," he said, smiling a little. He came to rest his head on her shoulders, getting a strong scent of her. He breathed slightly on her open neck, and instantly got a reaction from Belle.

She shivered instantly, and brought her head back, enjoying the sensation.

"Adam…,"she said.

He smiled, knowing her weakness.. He came to leave gentle kisses upon her neck, being rewarded with a soft moan.

"Adam," she said, whimpering.

"Belle," he said softly near her ear, almost in a hushed voice.

Belle brought her hands to overlap with his as he had stopped now, holding her tightly. She spun around, rewarding her Prince with a gentle kiss.

"Are you happy Belle?" he asked her, leaving kisses on her cheeks. She kept her eyes closed, a smirk upon her face.

"Yes, my prince," she replied, opening her eyes to see that he was looking directly at her. His blue eyes shone of deep and unconditional love. He put his hand to her cheek, rubbing her soft skin with his thumb.

"Belle, you are a vision today," he said.

"Thank you," she said, blushing slightly.

"Adam?" she asked.

"Yes, my love?" he asked her.

"Would you be happy having children with me?"

He stood there, stunned by her question. He wasn't sure how to respond to her.

"Well, you know what must be done first Belle," he said, holding her hand.

She swallowed hard, blushing a deeper red.

"Yes…" she stammered.

He smirked, and came to kiss her hand gently. She looked at him wondering what might be crossing his mind.

"It is hard some days to control myself around you Belle," he said.

Belle blushed and looked away from his glace.

"You are adorable when you blush like that," he told her. He then turned his attention to the lilies she was just at.

"You are such a patient person Belle," he said. "The gardens have never looked so bright and well taken care for,"

She smiled, and came to sit on the near by stone bench.

"Is something troubling you Belle?" he asked her, concerned.

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