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She just wanted to sleep. Her body seemed to scream at her to stop what she was doing and get rest. Never before had she so randomly felt suddenly drained of energy, but now it coursed slowly through her, slowing her steps and her thoughts. Caitlyn pushed the feeling aside, though, sighing and continuing what she needed to do. Soon, she would get to be home and in her bed.

Unlocking the door never seemed like such a task before, but somehow she managed, tiredly pushing the door closed behind her and locking it. The silence never seemed so soothing. It would be easy to fall asleep.

Caitlyn made a detour to the kitchen, though, feeling the thirst that seemed to have eaten at her all day. Water, coffee, a soda, and more water she had drank but it never seemed to quench the thirst she felt. It was one of the most annoying feelings ever-being thirsty but drinking doing nothing.

The pangs of hunger were easily felt but she ignored it. She was too tired to eat. Sleep was the only thing that sounded good at the moment-other than water. Caitlyn took the steps as briskly as always, for some reason hating to actually act as tired as she felt.

It happened every day. The tired feeling would come in the evening. Oftentimes, it wasn't sleepiness but just physically worn out, weak. Occasionally, though, there were days when it was sleepiness and slumber was what she craved. Like today.

The thirst was more of a come and go, but always irritating. It wasn't the kind of thirst where water tastes divine, but as though you've eaten something sweet a few moments ago and need to quench the thirst. It was as though she had just worked out and needed the re-hydration. Water never helped though.

The shower she took was slow. She needed the hot water to brush against her skin to take away the chill. Whenever she got tired, it made her feel chilled. The steam brushed soothingly against her skin too, helping her to relax further.

Moments later she was laying in her bed, quickly drifting closer to sleep. She listened to the silence of the house, aware that it was early to be going to bed-10:20. It used to be around 11 before she crashed, and still took several minutes to fall to sleep.

Caitlyn wondered sleepily if she was sick. This routine was getting annoying, and she wondered if there was a way to get rid of it. For a week now, she'd been worn out before the day came to a close and the thirst never stopped.

She rolled over, sighing in momentary contentment. There was a small grain of worry, though, inside of her, making her wonder if she had some strange virus. There was no other explanation as to the strange symptoms and Caitlyn hated it.

She wanted someone to tell her she was fine and it would pass soon. That things would quickly be back to normal, she only had to stand it for a few more days. But no one was around to tell her these encouraging words.

If it was up to her, Nate would be the one stroking her hair as she fell asleep, telling her she would feel all better when she woke up. He had done that once when she had gotten sick, and she longed for his comforting words.

Caitlyn wanted Nate to be there to kiss her temple, telling her there was no reason to worry. It would pass and she wouldn't be so tired anymore and water wouldn't seem so useless to her thirst.

If he wasn't on tour, she would have called him up-assuming she could gather the energy-and tell him she needed him. He would be at her bed in a heartbeat, whispering soothing things to her until she fell asleep, she believing his positive words.

If only Nate was there, everything wouldn't seem so worrisome.

Don't ask me what Caitlyn has, because I really don't know. Lol Some strange virus, as she thought, probably.

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