A/N: Just a short story (four chapters) as an interlude until I start posting the sequel to "It's Not Over." I don't own NCIS, CBS, or any other known entity. There is some bad language in this story, and it is a slightly darker story, but not in the way "It's Not My Time" or "It's Not Over" are dark. If that makes sense... Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this one, and please review. :)


His hand is calm and steady as it holds the handgun at arm's length. His eyes narrow in anger, staring at the face of his former friend. Former confidante. Former team leader. Former tormenter.

Former anything.

He can't understand why it took him so long to even think of this. The other man has it coming to him, and has for many years. He deserves this. He has earned this.

Why Gibbs puts up with the annoyance, he has no idea.

The person at the other end of the barrel stirs, slowly waking up. He holds his position, steadying himself for the fight he knew would come.

"Wake up, Tony," he instructs the sleeping form.

Confusion works into his features, but Tony doesn't open his eyes. Not yet, anyway.

He huffs slightly, impatience growing in him as Tony takes forever. Tony always takes forever. Tony always does things on his own timetable without regard for others. And that is another thing that pisses him off to no end.

He clicks back the hammer of the gun loudly, knowing that would be enough to get Tony to open his eyes. Sure enough, Tony snaps awake, instantly reaching for his own weapon.

"You're not going to find it," he says, pointing his gun in Tony's face.

Tony looks up for the first time, finally seeing the face before him. "McGee?" he asks, completely confused.

McGee is calmly angry and determined, with his finger poised and ready on the trigger. "Tonight, Tony, is the night you die."