A heated argument

They all filed to the stages and got ready for their matches to be selected icy and Gama stood looking nervous and waiting to be picked.

Capoeria stood nearby making various noises and nods. Icy looked their way and laughed and started making her own noises. No one ever paid any mind to them and neither did they so they seemed startled to hear anyone else speak to them. They tilted their heads listening to icy speak, and before you knew it they had a grand conversation.

Gama had been catching pieced of the conversation but gave up. "It really need to update this thing"

A few tournaments went by until icy was called to the stage. She stiffened as she walked toward her opponent sanding smugly on a stage that was like a screaming fire.

Heat stood next to her with a scornful smile

"Watch out kid" he said, calling up a flame in his hand, "cause you're playing with fire now"

Icy only gulped and stared silently into the crowd and picked out the faces of Gama and Shorty who were cheering her on.

2bad started and things heated up

They danced but the screen had not moved to either side

They were both equally strong and equally determined but heat was even more determined to get back at her.

He let out a blast of fire and missed icy flipped but staggered and gave the wrong command. Heat was then incased in a large block of ice.

Icy kept moving and winning the crowd while hat furiously tried to get his points back. Icy felt the windows shatter but then felt flames engulf her.

The song ended and icy stood up and saw everyone was cheering for her. She looked to her side and saw heat coming toward her, pure rage on his face she started to back away.

He came closer with a fist full of flames.

A piercing noise filled the air and a shock wave smashed him into the wall.

Strike and hiro pinned him to the wall before he could move.

They struggled to keep him down.

"Heat! what the hell man!" grunted strike as heat landed him a kick in the stomach.

"Where is he ?!"Shouted hiro.

"Let me do it" said frida and punched heat in the head, knocking him out instantly.

Gas O came up with a tranquilizer gun in his hand he looked down at the unconscious dancer

"Well" he said "that's one way to put someone out"

"Like your Idea was any less dramatic" sniffed Frida looking down at the tranquilizer

Heat woke up with his hands tied in what looked like gas O's lab or maybe it was that new girl's whatever her name is

"What the hell did you do, let me off"

He struggled and then felt an electric shock go through his body

He looked and saw strike standing there with a tazer in his hand.

"Souvenir" he said and put it safely back in his pocket

"what the hell is wrong with you" snapped Frida," going after a little kid like that"

"The little runt deserved it!" he yelled "freezing me when I didn't do anything to her!"

"She can't control it" said Gama stepping up, "she was never trained to control her powers so now she is on her own."

Heat only scowled

Gas O stepped up "plus I don't think she would have held back after you tried burning her to a crisp"

He scowled away and looked toward icy who stood as close to the door as possible trying to force a polite smile.

"Look at her, standing there so smug! Making fun of me! Just wait till I get out of here!"

He tried to call up his flames but the stapes on his wrists made the flames die instantly.

"Ah an immobile subject, perfect" said Gama with a gleam in her eye.

"But I better let him cool off"

"Now I know they are related "said Hiro looking at Gas O who walked silently with the others

They headed toward the door leaving Gama in her lab and heat raging on

"Hay get back here! I'm not finished yet! Don't leave me with this freak!"

Icy's competition was about to resume

But a new fight was about to come.