Summary: Bella has had a rough past few days. To top it off she just witnessed something she really wasn't supposed to and was abducted by a Mr. Cullen. Will Bella conquer her depression? Will Bella's secrets come out? Will Emmett find pants that fit him? Rated M for violence attempted rape and lemons in the future. This is really an intense story at parts, especially in the beginning so be warned.

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Chapter 1

"A-are you sure?" I rubbed my face refusing to cry.

"I'm sorry Ms. Swan. There is nothing we can do for your friend. I am truly sorry." The doctor said in a sad voice.

"Ok, but, but can I have a second with him first?" I pinched the bridge of my nose preparing for what I was about to do.

"Sure, I'll be outside the room when you are done." The doctor had a grave face as he turned around and left the small room.

I turned to my best friend in the whole world and looked at his extreme burns and broken limbs. I coughed out a cry and buried my face in the bed. I didn't cry, I couldn't I was a shell right now.

I lifted my head and looked at my friends stilled form. I raised my hand to his unburned hand and held it for a minute before I could speak. When I did it was only a whisper. "Jake I'm so sorry, I should be in your shoes not you, I love you, you are my best friend, but you need to go now, I'm sorry, I never meant for any of this to happen. If only I was less stupid and less of a cry baby you would never have had to visit me. I'm so sorry Jake, tell Charlie I love him." I choked out another cry and I kissed his hand and left the room.

I walked past the doctor, I walked past all of his friends, I walked past everything I just needed to get away from it all. I refused to cry, I refused to be upset, I refused to feel.

I walked out of the hospital and made my way to the parking garage I went to the top floor of parking via the elevator.

I slowly crept my way to my old red truck. I folded my arms over the steering wheel and rested my forehead against it also. I closed my eyes and flashes of the past few hours flew past me in a blur. First me and Jake jumping around on my bed being goofballs then Jake declaring that he was so extremely hungry so we ordered a pizza. When the pizza came Jake refused to get it he demanded that he be left in bed while the "woman" gets the pizza, I knew he was joking so I got it anyways, I didn't want him to pay for the pizza anyways.

I made my way down the large stair case and to the front door, I wasn't even half way down the stairs when their was a loud thud, I thought nothing of it and kept on going to the pizza. I was at the door when I heard a shrieked from outside. I swiftly opened the door and looked at the pizza delivery girl in question, she only pointed up and her mouth was agape. I steeped out of the house and looked up also.

What I saw was something I didn't expect, the whole top floor was on fire. I shrieked and tried to run in the house but the delivery lady grabbed me and whipped out her phone and was calling the police, I was trying to get away from her to go get Jake but she was some sort of hulk and kept me in place. I looked up to my bedroom window, their was a shadow moving in it, I felt relief and screamed Jake's name telling him to come out of their, but when he came to the window he had a dead look on his face and he held his hand to the window and lisped 'goodbye' I shrieked and screamed yelling for him to just get out but he turned around and disappeared.

After the fire was put out I was told to go to the hospital, I did in a daze, they gave me a room and told me they'd be back shortly, but it was too late I'd already passed out. I woke up in a daze, looked around everything coming back to me. I ripped out the IV's that they stuck in my arms and scrambled out of the room, a strong man caught me and held me back, they sat me on my bed and explained Jake's condition to me. They let me dress and then they led me to Jake's room. That's where the doctor told me that their was no hope for him to survive.

A yell startled me from my sleep, I sure as hell was tired of screaming for today so I just started my car and made a move to drive away, I'd probably have to find a hotel to be in tonight. I backed out and started to drive to the exit. I made it past the first row of cars and had to stop a car was stopped in the middle of the path way, I looked around trying to find the bastards that had the nerve to park here, I spotted 3 big men all dressed in black and one man in a cheep looking button up open. If I wasn't such a shell at the moment I might have found this situation funny, one you see on TV. But what I saw next made me scream. One of the men picked up the cheaply dressed man and threw him off of the roof.

I stood their wide eyed, the three men turned around to face me then. Two of them smirked at the sight of me and one of them looked extremely worried. The two who smirked came to my truck and guarded each of my ways out. The worried one just went to the car.

The man to my left tapped on the window. I sighed and rolled the window down about 3 inches.

"Little lady, your going to have to come with us now." He smirked and the guy to my right let out a Hinayana laugh.

I shuttered slightly and shut my car off wound up my window and ushered for the man to step back. I got out of my truck and looked to the man that was at my window. "Am I going in the car or off of the building?" I asked seriously.

The man looked at me questionably the to the man on the other side of the truck. The worried guy came out of the car and spoke "Mr. Cullen said that we should bring her to him." I jut nodded and started walking to the car. I stopped halfway their and turned around to the two men behind me. "Would it be better for effects if you knocked me out, you know so I can't see where I'm going and such?" The two men looked at each other and then the guy pulled out his but and I suppose whacked me on the head with the but of his gun, I'm not sure cause I passed out.

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