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Chapter 23


"Ok Rose, I was thinking we make something simple as a testing the waters on what skills and such you need to work on." I smiled at her trying to convey to her that I was not going to demean her or make this difficult in any way.

"So what were you thinking we make? Toast?" She laughed. I laughed too but couldn't hide my eye twitch as I remembered the many mornings she had burnt my toast to a crisp.

"I was thinking we make a nice pot of soup. Something that cooks for a while so we can focus on other things and not worrying about sticking or burning ok?" I proposed.

"That sounds good to me master chef." She smiled. "So what do we do first?" She looked so excited to work.

"Well first we find some good cooking tunes." I pointed the way to the kitchen radio and told rose to get on picking something out. When the song Roll To Me by Del Amitri came on I knew that this was going to be one of those days.

After explaining to Rose that we needed a stock pot and she pulled out a sauce pan I knew that I was going to need to do it and have her watch on this first lesson. I explained to her that we were making chicken dumpling soup she got very excited.

"Ok, so this is a stock pot, you can generally identify these by the size." I filled it up with water. "Now because we are going to be adding things to the pot, we need to make sure we don't fill it up too high with water. The last thing we want to do is have the water boiling or spilling over." I felt like I was teaching a child but Rose looked to be watching intently as I heaved the pot to the stove.

"Now we need to let the pot of water come to a boil and then we need to salt the water." She nodded at me saying she understood. "Ok so recap, tell me what I have said so far." I was met with a blank slightly terrified stare. "It's ok Rose, tell me what you remember."

Starting with a smile she said "The stock pot is the big one?"

After sharing a quick laugh and going over everything again we watched the pot waiting for the boil. "So, Bella, are you going to fuck Edward tonight?" I turned bright red in an instant and whipped my head to Rose who wasn't fazed by any means and was still watching the pot.

"Uh, no, I mean…what?" I babbled. This was so unlike me.

"Come on Bells, you can't tell me that you don't want to." She smirked and flashed her eyes to me.

My confidence came back. "Rose there is nothing in this world that I would rather do than have him fuck me on this kitchen island, making me scream my lungs out begging for him. I wouldn't even mind the fact that I wouldn't be walking right for the next few days." I said looking her straight in the eyes.

We both pissed ourselves laughing as we noticed Jasper flushed in the doorway with a smirking Emmett right behind him. "All I wanted was a damn cookie." Jasper muttered and walked away.

"Damn Bella, Edward is a lucky sun of a bitch. Rosie baby why don't we ever venture outside of our bedroom anymore?" Emmett stole a quick kiss and made his way to the cookie jar.

"Well for first of all, I just think we should stick to our room until things from last time cool down. And second of all, Bella is a special case." Rose stated like it was obvious.

"Hey! What is that supposed to mean?" I said in fake hurt.

"It means sweet Bella, that you need a wick in you before you start to act like a cat in heat even more than you already are." Rose smiled and bopped my nose.

"Um Rose, I think you are mistaken my dear friend. You are confusing my need for sexual satisfaction with my so called 'cat in heat' ways." I laughed then continued "I am a very adventurous and needy creature. I would not call that desperate by any means."

"Bella, Edward is going to have a field day with you, I can tell already. You guys both are freaks and I almost wish I could see the look on his face once he realizes that." Emmett chuckled.

I turned bright red again and threw the spoon I had in my hand at his head. He easily dodged it but he was thoroughly warned.

"Bella getting a little defensive are you?" Emmett spoke, clearly he didn't learn his lesson.

"Do you want your food to be poisoned Emmett?" I added pointing to the pot of water.

"Touché." Was his simple reply as he replied as I stared at him as he stole another kiss from Rose and was gone.

"Ok let's get this show on the road." I exclaimed as the pot had come to a boil.


I was finally alone. I was in my room debating if I should shower or just get dressed for the day. Deciding that it was best if I was fresh, and also the hardening in my pants led me to discarded my clothes and walk into the conjoining bathroom.

Once I stepped into the shower flashes of my beautiful Bella flashed into my mind. And I lowered my hand. I was just getting into the intimate images when my door crashed open and Emmett was bellowing for me. I was going to kill him.

I shut the water off pissed as all hell and threw a towel around my waist. He was still calling my name over and over as I stormed into the room. He had the most ridiculous smirk on his face.

"Eddie my boy! You are going to be so thankful when I tell you this." He started.

"Emmett, this better has better been something or else I swear to God I am going to kill you." I snapped and pinched the bridge of my nose.

"Oh how I so easily forget about whacking off in the shower! You know I have a woman that actually satisfies me and doesn't leave me hanging so I don't experience that too much anymore." Emmett laughed.

"Emmett." Was all that was needed to be said.

"Alright! You are no fun. What I was going to say was that Bella is very special and you better treat her right." Emmett was being serious.

"I know Emmett, I was planning on doing something nice for her…I was going to follow your whipped pussy moves and take her out like you do for Rose." I had to throw that jibe in for my own sanity.

"Say what you will but Rose appreciates that sort of stuff, she needs to be wined and dinned." He sat thinking. "You know now that I think about it, Bella might not be into that."

"What is that supposed to mean?" I asked in slight panic. Did she not want to be out with me?

"Well Rose and I were talking to her and she kind of hinted at her more…" We were cut off by the profanity of Rose. Emmett shot up and was out of the door in an instant. I pulled a pair of shorts and a t-shirt on before I was behind him.


"Son of a mother fucking cunt licking bitch!" Rose screamed as loud as humanly possible.

"Rose come here, let me look at that!" I said as my gut reaction to her bleeding finger. I was teaching her how to peal vegetables, she even had the safety peeler, I have no idea how she cut herself.

I grabbed at her hand and examined it. The blood started to affect me and I was getting woozy. Just in time for Jasper and Emmett to be rushing into the room.

"What the hell is going on in here?" Emmett said rushing over to help Rose.
"I cut my hand on that piece of devil metal thingie!" Rose hissed as Emmett applied pressure on her hand.

I was swaying slightly as Jasper came up to me and steadied me. "Come on Bella, let's sit you down, you don't look so well."

I followed silently as he led me to the sitting room. He magically had a glass of water for me to drink as my foggy mind started to clear out.

"Sorry about that Jasper, blood makes me woozy." I shook my head and sipped some more water.

"Well isn't that interesting." Came Edwards's glorious chuckle from the doorway. "How are you feeling?" he questioned as he came to sit next to me. I faintly registered that Jasper was leaving the room and was solidified when I heard the door shut.

"I'm just a little dizzy. The smell of blood brings me back." I said and closed my eyes leaning back on the couch.

Edward pulled me to him and started to stroke my hair and place gentle kisses on my head. "It's alright now Bella." We sat in that position for some while as I slowly came back to reality.

I turned in my seat and placed a hand on Edwards's chest. "Thank yo.." I was cut off by Edwards hurried lips against mine. Before I knew it his hands were in my hair pulling me closer to him.

I moved my position so I was straddling his lap. I ran my hands up his chest and grabbed onto the collar of his shirt and pulled him closer to me, unable to get him close enough.

Feeling my desperation he simultaneously slid his hand down my back pulling me closer to him as he bit my swollen bottom lip and shoved his tongue in my mouth.

The moan that escaped my mouth was borderline embarrassing. It was my gut reaction to grind into him electing a glorious moan from him also. This reacted in him pulling away momentarily with a glazed over but mischievous look. I smirked at him and raised a challenging eyebrow to him. And boy oh boy did he take my challenge. As I was panting catching my breath he took it upon himself to dive into my neck kissing, sucking, and biting lightly. My fingers curled into his hair and I pulled him closer to my neck. His hands slid down my back and settled on my rear.

I all but screamed in pleasure as he squeezed my firm ass and ushered me to grind down on him. He released my neck and kissed up to my hear where he whispered "You are so beautiful when you cry out." Followed by him nipping at my ear lobe and me bucking into him, my reaction made him grab my ass even harder and hold me in place. He slowly grinded into me as he sucked the soft spot behind my ear. I was moaning no stop at this point. He slid his hands under my shirt and traced the plains of my stomach. I tried to rip my shirt off but he slowed it down.

"I can't control myself around you." He whispered as he brought our foreheads together. I was still grinding into him and he hissed.

"Maybe you shouldn't" I tried to convince him looking into those piercing green eyes.

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