It was a routine search and destroy. Two maggot vampires were killing families, and desecrating the corpses. The most despicable thing in Alucard's point of view was that they were killing them for money and enjoyment. They would kill the families then loot the house taking money, credit cards, valuables and anything that they desired. The location of the maggots was determines through mere deduction, the house of the Victoria family; two adults and a child, the father a policeman and the mother a nurse.

"Seras!" her mother whispered desperately as she ushered the small girl into the cupboard "whatever happens you must stay in here! Promise me!"


"No!" her mother snapped "promise me! Promise you'll stay in here!"

"I…I promise mummy."

Her mother shut the cupboard door and turned away, Seras chewed her finger nails anxiously, a habit that, had her mother seen her, would have got her into trouble. 'Those men…' she thought 'they must be making mummy scared…' suddenly she heard her father scream

"No! Leave her alone!" A loud thud followed by another scream, the sound of flesh hitting flesh like the cartoons where people fight each other. Seras cried softly, those people were hurting her mummy and daddy!
There were slats that made up the cupboard door, with large enough gaps to see out of, the yelling increased and she could now see the two men hitting her mummy and daddy, a loud bang sounded in the flat, and one of the men held a familiar object; her daddy's gun. She watched with wide and fearful eyes as her daddy fell to the floor. She wanted to be sick when she saw one of the men licking the spilt blood off of the floor. The other started biting her mummy's neck, and then chewed it actually ripping off bits of flesh, when he pulled away a jet of blood shot out of the torn artery spilling blood everywhere, drenching Seras in it through the cupboard.

Seras' eyes were dull, she felt empty inside…broken. Slowly, she opened the cupboard, and picked up a fallen letter opener that her mother had been using before the men arrived.

Without even thinking Seras shot forward with a speed even she didn't know that she possessed, she stabbed the knife deep into the eye of one of the men, the force making the eye pop. Surprisingly the man fell to the floor, the knife embedded deep in his skull. He was dead.

The other man looked at his fallen comrade and growled in anger "lil' bitch!" he spat and smacked her hard across the face, splitting her lip and causing three deep scratches upon her cheek, she rolled as she hit the floor, all emotion and rational thought seemed to forsake her. The man hit her again and again, but she kept avoiding his attempts to grab her.

Somehow, she managed to snatch up her daddy's gun; it looked ridiculous in her hand, a child of nine holding a police officer's fire arm. The man grabbed her bloody t-shirt and lifted her high in the air.

"I'll freakin' kill you!!" he snarled

Her monotone voice droned "and I'll blow your brains out" her blue eyes were dull and lifeless as she lifted the gun to the vampire's head. To her credit neither her voice nor hand wavered, but a firearm in the hands of a child does not look particularly threatening.

He man laughed "you idiot, you can't kill me! I'm immortal!" he laughed insanely

"There's no such thing as 'immortal', you maggot." A baritone voice resonated through the carnage-wrought room. The vampire spun so abruptly he dropped Seras.

Alucard could hardly believe his eyes as the blood soaked child killed the unsuspecting maggot. He resisted the urge to laugh in delight as the girl, even though battered and well aware she would die lifted an oversized gun to the head of the pathetic creature that had slaughtered her family and threatened to shoot. He stepped in when the abomination dared call itself immortal.

"There's no such thing as 'immortal', you maggot." He spat, and took his gun out from his coat, tired of the banter of the idiotic faker he didn't even bother to torment it, opting to shoot it through the head. It fell to the floor with a nauseating squelch. Alucard watched the girls face waiting for the look of disgust, surprisingly he found none. Her eyes were dull and emotionless save for the dry tear tracks on her face. He stepped towards her; she jumped back and lifted the gun again, this time shaking slightly. She bit her bleeding lip and glared at him.

He laughed, delighted at her reaction. It was so strange that it was funny, she looked like a little police girl, especially since the oversized T-shirt she wore as what appeared to be a nightshirt, had the emblem of the police force on it.

"What do you want?!" she spat, her voice cracking slightly "who the hell are you?" she winced in pain, a quick assessment told him her breathing difficulties were likely a result of internal injury. His decision already made, he scooped the child up in his arms, and made his way back to the Hellsing mansion, ignoring her protests, until the pain of her injuries made her lose consciousness.

"The targets have been silenced, Master" Alucard droned, he held the police girl in his arms, wrapped in his coat. He smirked at the look on his master's face, a twitch of her eye and her mouth displaying the fury she felt inside. Oh he so loved to annoy his Master! It was such fun!

"Alucard…I am being very calm…"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT!!!" she pointed wildly to the little girl

"It's a child, Master."


"Master is that anyway to talk about someone who silenced one of the targets?" he grinned

"What?" a look of disbelief flooded her features "a child… killed a vampire? How…"

"The police girl watched as her parents were slaughtered, she took up a silver letter-opener and stabbed the freak in the eye, the force was enough to embed it into its skull. Following that, she attempted to shoot the other freak, gaining her injuries in the process." Alucard grinned as he retold the story, he hadn't had this much fun in ages, that girl…she was interesting.

"Injuries?" Sir Integra snapped "and you're wasting time talking? Why on earth did you not take her to the infirmary you idiot?!" she thundered "as if we can afford for a child to be killed in our headquarters! Take her there at once!" Alucard chuckled as he left.

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