One: New Year's Party

"H-Horatio… t-this is the best New Year's Party I've-ve be-been to," Mac slurred. He had already had about ten drinks. I lost count after his fourth.

"Thank you," I replied. I only had about three drinks, maybe more. I lose count when I drink too. I was slightly tipsy and started to become drunk too.

"Y-you're welcome… h-hey come here…"

"Ummm…. O-OK…," I slowly walked up to him. He grabbed me by my hips and pulled me into his face. Our eyes locked and he kissed me smack-dab on the lips. I wasn't sure how to react… his tongue felt mine and he licked the inside of my mouth. I even felt his erection hit my leg.

I gave in and let him overpower me.

It was the most pleasurable night I had ever had.