A/N: Idea came to me as I was popping Tic Tacs. This is set in the Not About You universe, after Ichigo moves in with Urahara. Practically PWP, therefore an M, and I'm not certain I'm continuing with this.




"Ichigo, do you have Grimmjow's cell number?" asked Urahara, peeking into the study. He really didn't want to disturb his lover, but this was important.

Ichigo threw a dirty glare at Urahara before tossing the blond a slim cell phone. Urahara caught it easily and ducked out of the immediate vicinity of the redhead. Ichigo was studying for his finals, and tended to be irritated by anything and everything that broke his concentration. Irritated in the sense of beating the source of irritation into a smear in the ground, or something close to it, if Urahara was not around to secure the perimeter. And since Ichigo wouldn't actually kill Urahara, the older man was technically safe where he was.


The blond sighed as he scrolled down the contact list for Grimmjow's name. Ichigo was no fun at all in this period. If not for the fact that Urahara loved the young man to tiny bits and wanted to see Ichigo succeed wildly, the shopkeeper would be devising methods to distract Ichigo.

Grimmjow picked up almost immediately. "Yeah, Ichigo?"

"Urahara here, actually. I just wanted to remind you it's time for the bimonthly check of your gigai."

"It's working fine."

"Just drop by. You can wait outside the gigai while I examine it for the damage you invariably inflict on my masterpiece," said Urahara, twirling his hat on his cane. The door on the other end opened to admit Tessai, dressed now in the official robes of the Kido Corps commander. Urahara waggled his fingers in greeting but kept talking to Grimmjow. "Can you settle on a date to come in? The earlier the better."

Grimmjow made an impatient sound but decided to drop in three days later in the evening.

Tessai smiled. "Good to see you're keeping tabs on the hollow, Boss."

"I'm not keeping tabs," said Urahara, "I'm just concerned for the quality of my merchandise. He's still paying off the installments." He walked up to the tall man and hugged his friend. "How have you been? Commander again, I see."

"Yes." Tessai followed Urahara down to the sitting room. "The ranks of the corps have been depleted greatly; we're actively recruiting from the Academy. I'm busy practically every moment of the day, swamped with all sorts of demands and odd requests."

"Just like you were when you stayed here," chuckled the blond.


Tea took some time to prepare, so the two friends chatted about various trivialities, until Tessai brought up the real reason for his visit.

"Yoruichi-sama is missing," Tessai told Urahara as he poured out the tea.

"Missing?" Urahara leaned forward. "We just met with her only four, five months ago, with Kuukaku."

"Chiba-san is missing too."

Urahara groaned. "They're up to something," he stated.

Tessai risked a crooked grin. "Which is why I am here. As the commander, I jolly well can't join them and definitely can't dissuade them."

"And you come to me. Bravo, Tessai." Urahara raised an eyebrow. "You're just getting back at me for the exploding green hollow incident, aren't you?"

"I am not," said Tessai, radiating innocence from every pore. The shopkeeper could swear he saw a halo flare briefly around the tall man's head.

Urahara blew out a long, slow breath. "Fine, fine. I'll go look. But don't count on me to stop them from their tricks, okay?"

"But I can count on your joining them?" Tessai laughed loudly before Urahara could stop him.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT NOISE??!!?" Ichigo roared from somewhere in the second story.

The blond winced. "You'd better go before he turns bankai."

Tessai, seeing his friend's grimace, complied readily.


Ichigo's fists whitened with tension as he stalked down the corridor. This was finals week, and Urhara knew better than to make any noise that took his attention away from his studies... The fact that he was thinking in italics meant he had been highlighting his notes and his books a little too much, and was of no concern.

The death-ray-glower was, however, of great concern.

Urahara was alone, but Ichigo noticed the two cups of tea on the low table. "Who was it?" he spat.

"Uh, Tessai, but he's gone now." Urahara was backing away surreptitiously. His words tumbled over each other.

Ichigo's lip curled (and it would take a far braver man than Urahara to tell the redhead how adorable he looked, like a kitten about to attack a ball of yarn) and then the redhead stalked into the room.

He marched right up to Urahara, who flattened himself against the wall. Dark red and black reiatsu curled about the younger male, as if he was wearing his mask.

Yes, finals season was not a good time to be around Kurosaki Ichigo.

"I said before that I need to clear this semester," Ichigo enunciated carefully. "And since I really, really find all that crapload of information upstairs supremely difficult to process without silence, and your basement is, of all things, flooded, I appreciated your trying to maintain a zone of absolute calm about me. Tessai's visit could have been taken elsewhere though."

Casually pinning Urahara with a forearm, Ichigo popped two small mints into his mouth before he slipped the box into his jeans. One lean thigh insinuated its way between the older man's legs. Urahara, not expecting that tack, shivered.

Ichigo leaned in, his voice perceptibly altering to a rasp/growl as he murmured, "I'm gonna thank you for your efforts, and you will remember this the next time anyone visits."

"Uh..... all right.... oh," Urahara's eyelids fluttered as Ichigo locked his teeth about his earlobe and worried it, while a hand slipped into his loose samue pants and began fondling. It had been a long time (two weeks, three days and seven hours, to be exact) since they had last engaged in any sexual play, and Urahara felt himself rising to the occasion. Soft moans sounded unbidden from his throat; he heard Ichigo's chuckle before a wet tongue forced its way into the recesses of Urahara's ear.

Ichigo grinned as Urahara cried out from the assault. The blond was seldom submissive in stance or attitude, but now he was clutching Ichigo's shoulder and waist, his frame shuddering as Ichigo licked and traced the curves of Urahara's left ear. Ichigo ran his right hand over Urahara's chest and then tugged the belt apart, sliding his fingers up smooth, warm skin. He brushed his digits over hardening nipples, alternating, while his left hand never stopped stroking below. When Urahara started whining for greater contact, his hips pushing forward, Ichigo withdrew his left hand from the older man's erection and reached around to caress the small of Urahara's back instead.

"Ichigo..." Urahara complained, his fingers tracking into soft orange hair and tugging on the strands. "I want you."

"I know that." Ichigo popped another two mints into his mouth before dropping to his knees and kissing Urahara's exposed belly button, his tongue flicking in. He pulled the dark green pants down and pressed gentle kisses around the base of the heated length, his tongue darting out to taste soft skin on the inside of Urahara's thighs. The blond groaned, his hand trying to guide Ichigo where he needed the young man's mouth, but Ichigo resisted, clever fingers dancing up Urahara's calves and back of knees.

Just when Urahara was about to yell at his lover for teasing him, Ichigo took the blond shopkeeper's hot arousal into his mouth. Urahara's gasp turned into harsh panting; Ichigo's tongue rolled the mints against the underside of Urahara's cock as the young redhead bobbed his head. The tingling intensified when Ichigo caressed Urahara's legs with the flat of his palms while he sucked and lapped greedily.

Releasing his hold on Urahara's erection, Ichigo flicked his tongue over the throbbing head and down the shaft, laving open-mouthed kisses and rubbing the mints in tiny circles into heated skin. Urahara hissed. The cool sensation of mint was reacting strangely with his lust, and Ichigo had almost released all of his control on his reiatsu, trapping Urahara before the blond man had a chance of defending himself.

But lord this felt good, Ichigo's warm mouth sucking on his balls and his fingers sliding around his thighs. His knees were about to buckle and Urahara made an effort to remain standing. His hands tried to brace himself against the wall and his hips bucked forwards again when Ichigo took him down his throat once more.

"Ichigo, please, more," he whispered, the plea echoing from his body and soul. He missed this, so much, and having Ichigo take control of the situation was always good. "Please."

"Begging already?" Ichigo leered up at his older lover, the orange hair partially hiding one eye. He stuck his tongue out and licked up the side of Urahara's cock, his gaze never leaving Urahara's eyes. "Been missing me that much, huh."

"You have – aah – you have no idea." The older male's arms shook as he restrained himself from throwing Ichigo down. The redhead was enjoying the session, and Urahara found himself perversely deciding to go with the torture. Though, he amended privately, if he decided to stop before I come, I'm not gonna let him wa-

Without warning Ichigo swallowed Urahara hard, one of his hands gripping Urahara's hips tightly and the other palming his sac. The older man arched off the wall as he orgasmed, thrusting into Ichigo and unable to stop himself. Ichigo rode out the motion easily. When the blond sagged back, Ichigo lapped up the drops that had not been drunk the first time round and cleaned off his fingers methodically.

Then he stretched and stood up. "All right, I'm going back to the books. There are still five more days of finals, and if you dare allow anything to break my concentration, you can have this memory to warm you up for a month."

Urahara could only blink and nod. Ichigo sauntered out, disregarding the bulge in his own jeans. The blond shopkeeper shook his head as his foggy mind cleared. Okay, Ichigo really must be frustrated. A gleam brightened in Urahara's eye. He would have to help Ichigo relieve all that stress later tonight.