Mmmmk, so this one is a little more cliché and angsty, but it's a little Akuroku all the same. Enjoy!

Roxas was staring at his twin with a dumbfounded expression, his icy eyes wide.

"Sora, that's just…mean," the blond laughed. He, Sora, Riku, and Axel were up at around three in the morning playing Truth or Dare, all while delirious from a lack of sleep. Their version was a little different though; you didn't get to choose whether you did a truth or a dare, the person daring you did. So, needless to say, it was merciless. Roxas' brother had just dared his best friend Axel to dance to Love Game. But, he had changed the dare so that the red head had to do it shirtless, do the original dance at the right parts, and otherwise perform rather suggestively.

"Well, Sora, you'd better not get too excited. It'd upset your little Riku," Axel sniggered in the couple's direction. Mentioned silver haired boy smirked over at Roxas, who in return threw him a shushing glare.

The group was pretty tightly knit, and about two months back, the blond knew he just had to tell somebody. The eldest twin would've normally told his best friend, the pyromaniac Axel, but he obviously couldn't say anything to the red head. Roxas truly didn't want Sora knowing either, or else he might as well put his secret on a billboard. So, Roxas turned to Riku.

Riku had sat down with him, looked him in the eye, and listened. He was a great listener. Plus, his advice was usually greatly appreciated…but this time the boy's counseling had just deepened his confusion.

"Axel's your best friend. Even though he may not love you the way you want him to, he loves you all the same. I'm sure he'll understand. Just be subtle, and if that isn't the way he goes, he can just leave it alone." Riku was telling it straight to him, no beating around the bush and all that, but the blond still had his doubts.

His red haired friend Axel had never held a relationship for more than a week. Hell, over half of those were just random make out sessions with girls at their high school. Roxas highly doubted he'd ever been in love, and didn't expect him ever to be. Most of all, he was sure that if his friend was ever in a fairy tale romance, it certainly wouldn't be with scrawny, quirky little Roxas.

Snapping back to the present moment, a loud music track blared in his ears. He looked up to see a bare-chested Axel, his cheeks the slightest bit pink and a gleam of mischievous humor in his emerald eyes. The back beat on the music matched to the swaying of Axel's hour-glass hips. He was mouthing the words while dancing, running his long, elegant hands up and down. They traveled from his waist, to his structured face, and all over his toned upper half.

Roxas was entranced by the red head. His suggestive movements, the seductive, yet humored expression on his face…It was just too much for the blond teen to handle. He tried desperately to look elsewhere, but how could you tear your gaze away when the most beautiful creature in the world was singing to you? Yes, that's right. The whole time Axel had been up and dancing, his eyes were focused on Roxas. He winded toward him at the more, ah, suggestive lyrics. Roxas squirmed uncomfortably as he felt something shrinking. He had to get out of there, and fast. He knew there'd been a dopey grin on his face through the entire act, so he pretended to crack up and laugh hysterically. After about a minute or two, the façade became believable.

"Oh, shit dudes, haha, I'm 'bout to piss my pants!" They all bought it, and Roxas made a mad dash for the bathroom. Maybe some cold water would calm…'him' down.

When the small youth re-entered the living room, Axel was just pulling his shirt on while Sora and Riku were still keeling over with laughter.

"Alright, alright you two. It's my turn," sighed Axel, slightly irked by having to do the ridiculous act. The oldest boy sunk down into a pile of pillows, or his favorite 'chair.' When asked about the preference, he responded with a shrug and elaborated no more.

Roxas took his seat against the couch, lifting one knee up and extending the other leg out. He cautiously looked toward Axel, waiting for him to unleash doom on some one. Uh-oh. He knew that smirk. It was Axel's trademark grin-of-death. Whoever the red haired man picked, they had better hope Axel felt like being merciful.

"So," the boy began, his voice thick with malice," I think I've got a plan. My dear, little Roxy." Axel turned to the blond.

"You haven't done anything outside your comfort zone tonight, now have you?" The younger of the two gulped, and his friend's smirk grew.

"I'll take that as a yes. Well, I think that's going to have to change. Your dare, Sunshine, is you have to make out with me. Open or closed, your choice, for three minutes." Roxas felt his jaw go slack. Oh no. No, no way Axel could be asking him to do this! Axel was his best friend, so shouldn't he know what that gesture would mean to him?! If he made out with the older boy, he wouldn't be able to stop. He'd lose control, and, and…Axel would KNOW. If that happened, everything would just go to hell i n a hand basked. Axel…Roxas couldn't believe what a dip-shit he was being! He just had to go and do that.

Roxas knew he was just trying to make the blond step out of his little bubble, but did he have to be so bold?!

"Hey, Roxas?" The red head's tone was teasing, yet comforting. "I mean, I know I'm a great kisser, but you don't have to look so petrified, man!" His friend was sitting, basking in all his attractiveness, laughing at the blond. Laughing at him. He bolted upright, trembling in fury. At his sides, his fists were clenched, and he glared menacingly into the grassy green eyes across the room.

"Screw you, Axel! You and all your dumb ass whores! If you'd ever fucking remember, you'd know what that would mean to me! But no, you never remember the important things, do you?!" Hot tears were streaming down his cheeks, but he continued his rant.

"You never really paid attention, did you?! Riku could tell Axel! RIKU! You're my fucking best friends, and you're still completely oblivious! Or…or maybe you never cared. Is that it Axel? Is that right?" He looked deep into the red head's eyes, searching for something. Anything, really, but he was met with a blank stare. Axel was so startled by the boy's reaction, he was too baffled to even process the emotion behind the words. Said boy tried swallowing before he spoke again.

"Fine, I see," his voice was cracking," You really didn't care. You never took the time to pick up on the little things…but what do I have that you want?! I don't fucking have anything you want, so you can stop trying to worm your way into my heart!" On that screeched note, Roxas ran into the pouring rain, leaving his friends in a stupor.

Axel was the first to snap out of his daze, finally realizing exactly what just went down.

"I'll go find him. He's probably at home. I guess I'll see you guys later…but if I can't find him there I'll call you two, okay? Axel stepped out into the night to find his car on the curb. Turning the keys into ignition, he drove the car down the road to his house.

The harsh words Roxas had thrown toward him tore at his heart. The pain starting coursing through his veins, and had reached his eyes, making them water as he drove. Rain was pouring down, and it reminded him of Roxas and his own pain. Axel didn't know why, but his best friend had just blown up, and he felt guilty.

The car had finally pulled up to their house. Yes, he and Roxas shared a house if you didn't already get that memo. They were best friends, after all. Emphasis on the 'were.' Possibly. Not getting out of his car just yet, the lanky teen sat in the warm interior and tried to recollect his thoughts.

He'd only dared Roxas to kiss him because the blond needed to take some risks, you know, have a little fun!

Pfft. Yeah, right buddy. You know you just wanted test your little 'theory.' The little annoying 'conscience' voice was teasing him. Said voice's owner scowled, knowing 'it' was absolutely right.

Axel's private belief was absurd. Utterly insane, I tell you. Nonetheless, it was the only logical answer to that unrelenting question in his mind. Why did he always long for someone? The fiery teen was considerably liked in town, and could get practically anyone. Notice that sentence didn't end 'anyone he wanted.'

In the back of his mind, Axel knew who he truly wanted. It was the one person he never could have, that little ray of sunshine that made his day. Sighing, the lanky boy crawled out of his silver Toyota and bolted for his front door.

Roxas was currently sitting in his room. The music from the stereo blared loud rock music, and the teen sat curled up on his bed, sobbing hysterically. His eyes stung from the extreme amount of moisture they were rapidly losing. A knife glinted in the dim light next to his frame, and he was ever so tempted to snatch the tool up and tear away at his own flesh. Some guys did it, and they all claimed it took away from the emotional pain. Roxas desperately wanted to escape these feelings. All his willpower was focused into resisting his forceful temptation.

The CD on the music system ended, then the machine whirred to switch to the next set list. Music leaked through the speakers and made Roxas tense.

Damn that CD. Damn the maker of that CD. DAMN the fucking music system! He cursed Axel for the billionth time within an hour, but was unable to move. Being in the position he was for the last two hours made the muscles in his legs cramp up. The memory of he and Axel's friendship tore at his heart. Tears were already streaming down his flushed face, but somehow, more water flowed out, while the boy trembled violently. Arm shaking, he reached out and grabbed the knife. He just didn't care anymore. Feeling this much was just too hard to handle, and Roxas was ready to try anything to escape.

Blood trickled down his arm, a few drops dripping onto the navy sheet. There were a number of slices on his wrist, but they didn't help his predicament as much as he had hoped. Vision blurred, the teenager couldn't see just how much he was bleeding. Said boy heard his door slam against the wall as it opened, but he didn't turn to face the world.

"Roxas, I-"Moving for the first time since he arrived in his room, the boy snapped his body around. At recognizing the face, he promptly drew the bloodied knife to his chest.

"Get the fuck out of here Axel. Just get out, or I swear I'll shove this knife right through my heart," as had happened too many times today, the smaller of the two's voice cracked. The red head's mouth was agape, but that's all the blond registered before Axel darted out of his room. Roxas didn't notice the red, puffy eyes, or his normally pale face being flushed, or the disheveled, tear-stained clothing on the man's body.

Axel threw himself on the evergreen leather couch in their living room. Why –oh, why! - did he have to open his mouth?! This entire mess was his fault. If only he'd left the blond's sexuality alone…No one actually knew his preference, not even Axel. If he liked anyone, he sure didn't tell anyone.

However, Axel had another theory about the boy. He had always thought Blondie had his eye on their close buddy Demyx. Whenever Demyx was in the room, Roxas would stare off into space dreamily. Axel would always go and snap him out of his daydream, waving a hand in his face and Roxas would blush madly. Suddenly the blond would take a sudden interest in the boy with the mullet and strike up an intense conversation.

While he was lost in thought, the red head hadn't even noticed he'd started crying.

Yup, you guessed it. I'm gonna finally do a more than one shot Akuroku. And don't worry, I'm already working on chapter two as you read this text. Hee. I know, the emo cutting part is a little cliché, but it is truly necessary. I promise.

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