He's Familiar, but I don't know him

Chapter One: Sumaru

"Rhiana, Lady Hokage wants us." I looked up from my book to Neji. His team Tenten and Rock Lee were there as well.

"Another mission?" I mused.

"Yes. She wanted you to join us on this mission."

"Alright," I sighed and put my book away into my pouch before following them to Lady Tsunade. I knocked on the door to her office.

"Come in." I opened the door and we entered. "I see you found Rhiana, Neji. You're getting harder to find, Rhiana. My shinobi can't find you anymore." I smiled.

"I stay in the same place, but no one seems to be able to find me. Except for Neji." I glanced at him through my light blue hair and sighed mentally. I had liked him for a while now, but he never seemed to be able to notice it or me.

"You have a guarding mission this time. You have to protect the Star Village's Star from enemies."

"Star Village?" Lee asked and I glanced at him.

"How can you not know about the Star Village? It's one of the only villages who have enough amazing power to rival the Five Great Villages," I informed and turned to Lady Tsunade. "Are the villages trying to steal it again?"

"They are. We were ordered from them to guard the Star until it is safe." I now knew why she had wanted me to go on this mission; about a year and a half ago, I had been found traveling away from the Star Village, not knowing much except for my jutsu and who my parents were at the Leaf Village.

"I'll take the mission," I said when she finished explaining everything.

"Leave in an hour." We departed and Neji made us all stop.

"I want everyone to go pack. We'll meet at the front gates of the village in forty-five minutes and leave after we check all our gear." We all departed and I went up my steps into my home. My parents weren't waiting for me.

"Okaa-san, I'm going to go pack." "What's the mission?" she asked as she walked out of the kitchen, clearly showing that she had been baking.

"I have to go protect this star in the Star Village."

"Star Village?" I saw her face instantly pale and smiled reassuringly.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine. With my luck, I might actually remember something." She slowly nodded.

"Just be careful." I smiled at her one last time and went up my stairs. I packed up my Medical Kits, Medical Jutsu scrolls, some food (Pocky, Pandas and Ramune for a drink), six dozen Kunai Knives, fifty Shuriken, and some spare clothes in case mine got ruined. I adjusted my headband while looking into the mirror at myself. I hated the whole blank memory thing and I just couldn't remember anything. My head would explode into pain if I tried to think past the memory when I was traveling to the Leaf Village. I wore long gloves that went past my elbows with a sleeve-cut T-shirt that was gray and a black skirt. I had white leg warms pulled up on my legs even in hot weather and I always had my long blue hair in a braid or ponytail. My hair did have bangs, but they were pushed to the sides. My sapphire blue eyes looked back at me and my eyes caught sight of the purple necklace around my neck before I turned away from my reflection, shocked, when I saw a boy I didn't recognized in my mirror. No one was in my room. I frowned and grabbed my bag, slung it over my shoulder, and went to the front gates. Everyone was already there.

"Sorry, I'm late," I murmured as I opened my bag to show what I had.

"You're just on time, actually," Neji replied and everyone opened their bags. When Neji analyzed everything, we left and started off through the trees. It was a silent way there for most of the time. "I better take the lead from here on out," Neji said. I didn't say anything when I sensed someone coming up behind us.

"Hey guys! I'm gonna go on ahead," Naruto called.

"Naruto wait!" Neji called, but Naruto ignored him.

"Uh... what is Naruto doing here?" Lee asked.

"I have no idea," Neji muttered and we went faster to catch up.

(Naruto's Pov)

I stopped outside the cannon I saw and put my hand above my eyes. "Once I cross this cannon, I'll be in the Land of Bears." I started down the cannon when arrows shot into the wall below me. I get a lift from them and landed back on top. Another arrow shot out by me and went through a tree, securing itself soon after. He ran across the rope and I did a hand sign. "Shadow Clone jutsu!"

(Rhiana's Pov)

"Guys I'm going on ahead. I have this bad feeling." They allowed me and I saw Naruto fighting some masked dude. I had no idea what I was doing when I did a hand sign. Kujaku came into my head and purple colored Chakra came around. I saw the same Chakra was coming from the masked guy and I saw him hesitate. Beast. [Where is this coming from?] I thought as a figure made itself out of the Chakra. [Is this even Chakra?].

"Rhiana, Naruto stop!" I looked at Neji, Rock Lee, and Tenten who was blocking the guy and the Chakra disappeared.

"This guy attacked me out of no where!" Naruto argued.

"Oh, you're Leaf Ninja." The guy spoke and took off his mask. I couldn't help, but stare at him. He was familiar, but I couldn't know him.

"I-I'm sorry," I stammered and bowed, my necklace falling out of my shirt. When I rose, I quickly put the necklace back into my shirt and looked at Neji and the others.

"I'm here to escort you to the village. I am Sumaru."

"Rhiana." We looked back at each other and I knew he had questions for me that he wasn't going to ask now. "This is Naruto." I referred to him and then introduced Neji, Rock Lee, and Tenten. "You should thank him Naruto for rescuing you," I scolded when I realized he hadn't.

"It's not like I needed it," he muttered.

"I didn't need to save you," Sumaru shot back and I sighed. This was going to be yet another long mission. One of the reasons I hated when Naruto came with on missions.

"Naruto look over there." I turned my attention from Neji to the valley and saw the bird as he fell.

"The poison in the valley protects the Star Village from intruders outside it," I blabbered and smiled when I realized how much I knew the village. "You would've died if Sumaru hadn't saved you." Naruto didn't say anything and I turned from him back to Sumaru. "Would you please take us to your leader, Sumaru?" He nodded and gave us some masks, but there wasn't enough for me. "I'll just not breath for now." I also applied some Chakra to my hand and covered my mouth and nose just in case when we started walking. After we left the valley we walked in silence and a sudden tone popped into my head and I started humming it. Natsuhiboshi, why are you so red? Because I had a sad dream last night. My eyes are red from the tears I shed. Swollen as I cry. Natsuhiboshi, why've you lost your way? I'm searching for a child who's gone afar. He can't be found though I search all day. My sad dreams come once more. [I wonder where this lullaby came from? Could it be a past memory that slipped through?] I saw some buildings in front of us and stopped the tune.

"Hey, Rhiana." I looked at Lee. "Where did that Chakra come from?"

"Like I would know," I whispered back and we entered the main building. We were taken into a room and I sat next to Lee while a man entered. He sat down in front of us and we introduced ourselves before he spoke.

"I am Akahoshi, the village's deputy Hoshikage."


"Our third Hoshikage died suddenly about a year ago and I'm watching over the villagers until our new Hoshikage comes."

"Wait a minute, I thought only people from the five great villages could call themselves Kage," I intervened.

"No, one day our village will rival the other villages and that is when our village will become the Sixth great village," Sumaru argued and I glared over at his direction.

"Sumaru, go back to your training." I looked at Akahoshi, already not liking him.

"Yes sir." He stood up and started walking away. I scrambled to my feet and went after him.

"Rhiana?" Lee called and I heard someone else get up behind me. Naruto caught up with us.

"Naruto, go back in there," I ordered, but he ignored me as we started up the steps.

"So anyway what was your name again? Omaru?"

"Not Omaru, Sumaru," Sumaru corrected.

"Oh, well Sumaru's a nice name too."

"Actually my name comes from the star cluster Sumaru or-"

"The star cluster Pleiades," I broke in and realized how I had never known that before.

"You're right," he answered. "Anyway, what do you want with


"Uh, nothing in particular," Naruto said, putting his hands behind his head. "I just realized how I never thanked you earlier."

"You don't need to act nice to me," he snapped and I frowned at his attitude towards Naruto. "All foreigners are the same. They're trying to get to our star. They think if they steal our star they can rival the other villages and take them out."

"Is that what your Chakra's powered by?" Naruto asked as we turned up the stairs. "I mean so if someone else was to steal the star, wouldn't they get the same Chakra as you-?"

"No! The more power you draw from the star, the harder it is to control and the more work you need to do to control and that's all I'm going to do. Hard work! I will become the Hoshikage!"

"Can't wait to work with ya!" I rolled my eyes as I realized what

he was going to say. I saw Sumaru's look. "Cause some day I'm going to the Hokage of my village."

"You know, you're kind of weird," he said and we started walking again in silence. I soon saw a building and Sumaru pointed it out. "That's where the Star Training goes on."

"I can't wait to see it," Naruto started.

"You can't. No foreigners are allowed to see it or go near it," Sumaru interrupted.

"How are we supposed to guard it then?"

"Naruto, it's their choice," I interrupted as well and made eye contact with Sumaru. I saw the trust in his eyes and couldn't help, but want to talk to him in peace. That's when I saw the person leaving.

"Who is that?" Sumaru questioned.

"I'll go after him, you and Rhiana go check on the others." I saw Sumaru hesitate. "We don't have time to hesitate. Anyway, Rhiana is a Medic ninja so if anyone's hurt, she can heal them." Sumaru slowly nodded and we started for the training field. He went through the door with me behind his heals. I ran into his as he stopped suddenly and I saw the kids. I kneeled down beside one and saw the purple Chakra appear at my finger tip. I put it on his forehead and he woke up.

"Are you okay?" I asked and he knocked me to the ground.

"She's a friend," Sumaru informed and I glared at the person.

"I'll wake the others up," I murmured and started. I could see everyone was watching me as I worked and I saw Sumaru was gone. I instantly backed out of the room and ran to where he went.