Do I want Friendship or Do I Want Your Love?

Chapter 1: The Beginning to Our Meeting

~Start of Dream~

I giggled more as the swing went up higher and I went to say something to my mom when I saw her look. The hatred on her face towards me..... all the anger. My face showed sadness and I stopped my swing, my blackish hair (that was in high pigtails) falling over my shoulders. "What's the matter?" I looked up at her voice, but was distracted by something else. The two boys and the old man watching me. My mother got up. "Ni-""Their names are Lawliet Ryuzaki and Beyond Birthday," I said, stating the names I saw above their heads, "and-"

"That's enough of your problems," she growled and pulled me off the swing. I tripped and got yanked back up to be hit in the back of my head by the swing. I pulled my hand out of hers and put both on the spot where I was hit, crying. "Get up right now!" I backed away from her, got up, and ran. I hid behind a dumpster and buried my face in my hands.

"Are you alright?" I looked up to see Lawliet, his head cocked to one side.

"I'm fine. I am Nightana." I could speak very well for being four years old.

"Lawliet." I studied his eyes for a minute. "Would you like to come with me, B, and Watari to the Wammy House. Watari could find you a home."

"Is that alright?"

"Yeah. Come on." I took his gloved hand and he took me to Watari, who took me as his own child. I glanced back to see my mom's satisfied smile.

~End of Dream~

I woke up with a start in my position in my dark room; I had my right leg pulled up to my chest and I sat on top of my left leg. "Where are you Lawliet?" I murmured and tugged at a strand of my braided hair, which was now a bluish black. A knock came to my door.

"Night, are you awake?" my foster mother, Sachiko, asked.

"Yes, I am."

"Breakfast is ready when you come down.""Alright. Thank you." I heard her footsteps disappear and got up, turning on my light and grabbing my laptop. I headed down the stairs and entered the kitchen. "Is father gone already?"

"Yes. Here." She gave me a plate of my favorite breakfast and I sat down in my seat, in my position. "Why do you sit like that?"

"I don't know. I always have." I had been with the Yagami family since I was five after Watari had found me this home. My hair was grown down to my waist.

"I see." I looked up and saw Sayu.

"Morning Sayu."

"Hey Night!" I smiled widely and then saw Light.

"Morning Light."

"Morning Night." I was using the name Night all the time. No one in the Yagami family knew I was Nightana.

"So how are your studies going, Night?" Sachiko asked.

"I'm taking my final exam in four days." Even if I was eighteen, I was finishing up my online collage already. "They thought it would be easier for me to since I'm still going to high school."

"So you'll be a detective after the Exam," Light said.

"Yeah, and I'm going to surpass my oldest rival." I had learned of L from Soichiro when I had been seven and I wanted to surpass him with all my might. That's why I had to finish school before Light.... he was my other rival. We always tied.

"So, who's this rival?" Sayu asked.

"I can't say." I finished eating and cleaned up my mess. "Mom, is it okay if I go to the library today for awhile?"

"Alright, but make sure to study."

"I need to beat my rival. Of course I will." I went up the steps and climbed into the shower. I got out ten minutes later and picked up my dogtag. I had gotten it from Lawliet as a parting gift. "L... I wonder sometimes if you might be him, Lawliet." I slipped the dogtag over my head and went back into my room. I slipped on a short black skirt, a white tang top with a black sweatshirt over it, and blow dried my hair. I put it in high pigtails and brushed out my bangs. I made sure I had my library card and pulled on my sneakers. "Mother! I'm leaving!"

"Alright!" I pulled my bike, with a basket in the front, out and climbed on. I went inside the library and went to the nonfiction section and looked up more detective work. I got a couple novels to read for fun and checked them out. It was ten thirty when I went back to my bike and decided to go to the coffee shop Light and I went to a lot. I was seated. "What would you like to start with?" my waiter asked.

"A strawberry sundae and a cup of coffee please. Can I have a bag of sugar cubes as well?"


"Thank you." He left and I pulled my dogtag out from under my shirt. I thought about Lawliet until my shake came so I focused on eating and the book I was reading. I put at least fifty sugar cubes in my coffee until I had a pile of sugar cubes in my coffee. I wasn't paying attention on my way home when a car came hit me and I fell unconscious.

~Later that Day~

My eyes fluttered open as I gained consciousness. "Night! Are you alright?" I looked over and saw Sachiko, Sayu, Light, and Soichiro all here.

"Whe-" I stopped short when I didn't feel the weight of my dogtag. "Where's my dogtag! Where is it?" I realized I was still in my position.

"It's right here." Sayu handed it to me and I clutched it before putting it over my neck.

"Why are you still in that position? The doctor's said you would get into that position every time they tried to have you sleep normally."

"I told you, I've always been like this."

"Even in your sleep?!?" Soichiro exclaimed.

"Yes, father, why aren't you at work?"

"I was worried about you so I came over."

"Well, go back to work. I'll be fine. When am I getting out of here?"

"Probably tomorrow," the doctor said as he walked in.


"I'd want you resting.... if someone was watching you all the time, I could send you home tonight."

"I would be watching her," Sachiko interrupted.

"I guess she could go home."

"Please!" I begged. I was going home with Sayu, Light, and Sachiko later that day; Soichiro had gone back to work. I sat in my room in front of my computer and thought of Lawliet.