Do I Want Friendship or Do I Want Your Love?

Chapter Forty-Two: Epilogue

I walked over to Aaron's crib, picking him up lightly. Today was the day Near and the others would be leaving. I was happy though; Melina, Mello, Isaac, and Matt were staying in Japan close by. L and I hadn't decided where we wanted to live, but Near had. He was going back to Japan.

L was going to take over his titled again, Near was going to be N, and Mello would work with him, but from Japan. L agreed though he would help take care of his family (without my talking to him. I'm so happy too!) and we'd soon have a house we settle in so we could get Aaron into school.

All of you are probably wondering how L managed to survive. Rem, though she had loved Misa, her lover had been Vincent and since Vincent had loved Nightana, she couldn't do anything that harmed him. She wrote a fake name and B, who had taken L's place the moment I had left for my birthday with mother.

I had been pissed at L at first for not telling me, but I couldn't stay mad at him longer than ten minutes, at which we made up quite quickly. We did more that night, if you know what I mean.

I got pregnant again about a month later, much to my enjoyment. It was a girl, which we named Sayu after my sister. I talked to Sachiko about another month after, unsure how she would take the news. She was thrilled, so was Sayu. Ms. Twilight and Matsuda did in fact get married. No one really knew how old she was, but she had only been eighteen when I had met her. She wasn't much older than Matsuda. About only two years.

We never did really find Light, but I'm sure we'll see him again and when we do, we will begin our fight to arrest him.


~Author's Note~

Okay, so I have decided on it. I think I will have a prequel and a sequel to this story. The prequel is called The Beginning and is based on when Nightana arrives at the Wammy House. The sequel is when Kira returns! I don't have a name yet, but I'll come up with one. I'm not sure on the sequel yet either, but I'll tell you if I change my mind. Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed it!


P.S. Thank you to all of those who stayed with me until the very end! I'm so happy! And I should have the Prequel up soon. I promise.

New Update 7/29/10:

Well, I am almost done writing the first part of the prequel. The sequel to this story is called The Return and I already have the first part written.