Right, howdy ya'll. I'm back and it must be said, I could not not write this story. Ever have one of those ideas in your head that would not and could not vamoose until you wrote it down? Well I've been on a Labyrinth binge for the last week or so, music videos and the movie itself, and I just have to write a fanfiction on it. I don't own the story Labyrinth, that goes to the brilliant creators nor do I own any of the already characters. I always feel like Jareth got the bum wrap, didn't end right for me. Don't get me wrong, I adore Labyrinth. I just would have done it differently. Instead, I choose to lay claim to the story line I shall bring up and any characters that I myself create. If Hollywood would like to borrow it I suppose I could let them since it will no doubt be brilliant but ya'll better credit the Cliffhanger Monster! :P

What is and what could have been...

"I move the stars for no one." The Goblin King sang as he looked at Sarah with such deep eyes, a resounding sadness playing out before he turned and threw the crystal. Sarah had been so intent on saving her little half brother Toby that she really hadn't been able to see what lay just in front of her. It was sad really...

Jareth had been viewed as a villain, a monster, a coward but he was truly none of these. He was a lonely man who had been given a position he had never really wanted in a world where he had to be cruel to be obeyed. He had been spoiled in his role as King of the Goblins but it wasn't enough and he knew it. Sarah was young and couldn't possibly understand what he was truly offering her, it wasn't just her dreams but it was his dreams as well. He was offering her unconditional love with a man who really could make her dreams come true and she just didn't see that. All she saw was the villain in the fairytale who she was meant to defeat. It wasn't her fault of course, it was just how fairytales happened to be, there was a winner and there was always a loser.

"You have no power over me." Such powerful and damning words fell from the angelic girl's lips, remembering the line that would take away everything Jareth had been offering the girl. The pain of a broken heart was brutal and Jareth vanished as he returned Sarah back to her home as though nothing had happened. Many things could have been said about the Goblin King, but at least he was a man of honor and had done what he said he would do. Oh, it was in his power to keep her and the child, but he had made a promise. Oh how Sarah's words of "That's not fair'' fell into his mind as he flew off in his owl form, his heart weeping horribly as he realized what was happening. "I can't live within you." His voice seemed to whisper in the dark night air.

He had been defeated in more ways than one, his love for the girl burned deep within but he couldn't do anything about it. He wanted her to love him, needed it even but he had been denied. He hadn't felt this sort of pain since Mizumi and that was definitely saying something. Feeling as though he had nothing more to do there, he flew off, heading back to his life as King of the Goblins once again. There was nothing more he could really do...yet.

As for Sarah, Jareth had done more for her than she could have ever realized. Even as she sat alone in her room, things being put away in boxes. Her pictures of her mother looked up at her, smiling sweetly as she clutched a familiar looking man. Jareth had helped Sarah grow up, he had given her the chance to find inner strength and also to see that her dreams were not her only focus. Sarah realized that the time for fairytales and such things had finally come to an end, but as she stold Hoggle and Ludo, she would always need them in her life, when things got hard. Standing and dancing with Hoggle, the girl still couldn't help but feel as though something was missing, as though she had made some kind of mistake. But how could that be, she had won.

So why did she feel like she had lost something?

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