I'm back! I know I've been gone for a while but I have a perfectly reasonable reason *nodnods* Getting married and moving are big reasons I think! But anyway I've decided to continue with this story and I hope people continue reading it and reviewing it. I promise I won't take as long as I did before to update and I know where my head is with this story as well. Hope you enjoy! :D

"He needs your help." Toby's voice was shaky but there was a sureness behind it that Sarah could hardly deny nor understand. The crystal was light in her grasp yet at the same time seemed so very heavy, why was that? Sarah did what she could to regain some composure, forcing an unsure smile on her face as she hugged her little brother. "It was just a dream Toby, just go back to sleep."

The four-year-old shook his little head vehemently and reached over to pull the crystal from her hand, cradling it to him as though he treasured it. What if it… No! Jareth, the labyrinth and the goblins had been nothing but the dreams of a teenager that had to grow up, they hadn't been real! They couldn't be. It was nothing more than an overactive imagination that now she seemed to share with Toby, that was all it could be, it had to be. The explanation had to be that she had told Toby about the Labyrinth at some point and he had hung onto it. Yeah, that seemed plausible.

Yet… If all that was true than how did he get the crystal orb that the Goblin King had been so fond of?

"Do you know where you got that Toby?" Sarah asked again, her voice more hesitant as she gestured at the crystal that the boy held tightly. Toby nodded but didn't say anything just yet, so Sarah pressed a little more. "Can you tell your big sis?" At this request the boy shook his head, eyes down on the crystal rather than Sarah. She wasn't getting anywhere with this.

"To—" She was cut off as the boy lifted the crystal so that it was in front of her. She could see herself clearly in the crystal, running up and down various bits of stairs that looked like something out of a twisted painting. Up and down, over and around, the maze of stairwells seemed neverending yet she kept going. His voice… She could remember his voice singing to her as she ran. "Everything I've done I've done for you." Her lips moved silently along with it as she watched, the intensity in his eyes as he watched her and a flicker of sadness. "Your eyes can be so cruel, just as I can be so cruel." He then threw the crystal; it bounced before it landed into Toby's hand.

That was it! That was when Toby had gotten it but how could he have kept it all this time? He had just been a little baby. It hadn't been a dream though, it couldn't have been. So what did this mean for her?

"It means it's time you went back." Toby answered softly, somehow knowing what she was thinking.

It was ridiculous; she didn't even know how to get back even if she wanted to. Sighing, Sarah brushed her hair back from her face and got to her feet. This was all a lot to take in, especially so late at night. Maybe she could sleep on it and get a better perspective on it the next morning. "Get some sleep buddy, we'll talk in the morning." The girl thought her brother might protest but he didn't, he simply nodded and lay back down on the bed, allowing Sarah to pull the covers back over him and kiss him on the forehead. "Sleep well Toby."

Closing the door behind her, Sarah failed to notice the eyes that had been watching the whole thing go on from outside of the bedroom. All she could think about was figuring out what exactly was going on. Why now?

Falling asleep was no easy task; her mind abuzz with so many different things but eventually it came and left her with no dreams to remember which was surprising.

The sun shone brightly in Sarah's room, her clock flashing 9:25 as she groaned. It was a weekend so she didn't really have any plans that didn't involve watching her little brother. She had resented it before since it seemed to be a regular occurrence with her dad and stepmother, going out a lot and leaving her in charge but she was used to it now. If anything she appreciated the fact that they weren't around, she didn't need to fight with her stepmother, not today. She had too much on her mind.

Still, she couldn't laze about in bed all morning, she had to get breakfast for Toby and maybe see if he wanted to go to the park as well. Maybe that was what they both needed, just time out of the house. Wrapping a warm robe around her and slipping her feet into her slippers, Sarah pulled her long ebony hair into a messy ponytail and headed down the hall. She knocked twice on Toby's door before opening it. "Toby, it's ti—" She stopped when she realized that the bed was empty. Toby was gone…