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The future is not set. It is constantly changing. Each choice, each decision we make helps shape it. The future is one of our making. What would happen, what would be different if the SG1 had made different decisions? Went to a different planet? What would change? Follow our favorite team as we try and answer that very question.

Chapter 1

Oh God! She hurt, every inch of her protested as she tried to wake up. Why did she hurt so much? Her mind was cloudy, confused. She remembered Fighting, running from some of Anubis' Super soldiers. Daniel and Teal'c thirty feet ahead of them, the Colonel five behind, yelling at them to move. She was concentrating hard now, trying to remember. Why was it so hard to remember? She helped lay down cover fire while Daniel dialed the Gate. The Colonel yelled at them to go then told her to move, he would be behind her. She made it to the Gate, but was knocked to her feel by a blast. It was close and very powerful. She saw it, a wall of fire moving towards her, swallowing everything in its path. The he was there, grabbing her and pushing her through the gate a moment before the blast hit, then nothing. After that it was blank.

She hurt too much to move right now, or even open her eyes. So she tried to concentrate with her other senses. It was warm; she could feel the fire close by, the warm breeze on her face. She was lying on what felt like leaves. Something hard behind her. She stiffened involuntarily sucking in a breath as she realized she was wrapped in a strong pair of arms, and that's when she smelt him. The unmistakable scent of Jack O'Neill. She groaned as she realized she was wrapped in his arms. His scent and presence sending a wave of lust and arousal through her.

She felt him move behind her, moaning and pulling her close. She gasped as she felt him unmistakable erection pressing into her ass. Her pain quickly reseeding in favor of arousal coursing through her at being held in his arms. How long had she dreamed of this? How long had she watched him, needed him, and loved him from afar. Never being able to act because he was her CO, forbidden fruit. "Sam…" he moaned as he pressed himself against her. His voice husky with unmistakable desire. Her need over road her common sense, years of self control vanished as she pressed herself against him. Her movement alerted him to her consciousness and in a flash he was awake.

"Sam" he called as he released her, causing her to moan at the loss of his warmth. She opened her eyes, as she felt herself being gently rolled onto her back. She looked at him then, as he leaned over her, studying her face. His eyes showed a myriad of emotions; concern, relief, happiness, need, and above all love. "Sir?" she hoarsely croaked. Her mouth and throat completely parched. She saw a momentary flash of hurt in his eyes before it was again replaced with relief. She leaned into his touch, without a thought as he gently cupped her face.

"God Samantha…" His voice thick with emotion. "You had me so scared. I thought that I was going to lose you. I was so afraid you weren't going to wake up."

She opened her mouth and tried to speak, tried to ask what had happened, where they were, how long she had been out, but all that came out was a hacking cough and unbearable pain, causing tears to spring to her eyes. She immediately felt him wrap his arms around her, trying to steady her convulsing body. Gaining her breath she groaned. God she hurt! She found a water bottle pressed against her lips. She greedily drank as he poured small sips into her parched mouth.

"That's it. Nice and slow, Sam" His voice was soft, his warm breath caressing her neck. "Come on, drink some more. There's plenty more where this comes from." He was gently stroking her back, waiting for her to decide that she was done. She eventually shook he head and closed her eyes. She was so tired again; she just needed to rest, but jerked them back open when she was lifted into his arms. "Not yet, Sam. You can't sleep yet." He said gently carrying her some place. Someplace she didn't really care about, as long as she was in his arms. "I'm sure you need to piss, then you can sleep some more."

"Thank you, Sir." She mumbled, cuddling into his warm, bare chest. She couldn't see the frown on his face as he gently lowered her to sit on a log, but looked into his beautiful brown eyes, as he knelt in front of her.

"Call me, Jack." He said softly. "I don't think ranks matter much around here." She was too tired and in way too much pain to even consider what he might mean by that. After making sure she could manage he stepped a little ways away to give her some privacy until she called, telling him that she was ready.

The last thing she remembered was being carried in his arms, surrounded by his warmth and intoxicating smell, before falling asleep, her arms wrapped around his neck, her head resting against the strong planes of his chest. The strength she felt in his body and the gentle way he held her made her feel secure and loved.

Jack couldn't help kissing her gently as he laid her down on the floor of the makeshift shelter. He had been so scared when he woken to find her unconscious, and the longer she slept the more afraid he became. He tried to keep busy while he waited. The mission they had been on had required that they carry their supplies instead of using a MALP so he had way more than normal. This meant that he had more tools, rope, ties, and other things he could use to build a shelter. He even found a small ax in Sam's pack that helped a lot. Over the time she had been out he had managed to create a very decent shelter with large leaves as a floor and covering. It wasn't much but it would work. He had managed to set traps for game and fish, gather fruits and barriers and search the land for any danger, but as the days went on he spent less time working and more time with Sam. He was becoming so scared and he had no way to help and nothing to do but sit and wait and think.

Thinking is what he did most, reliving the last six years. Every moment with her, every memory, every word, every touch, every longing look that passed between them. He loved her, everything about her. She was beautiful, sexy, hot, adorable, and cute. Her tall, toned body, her firm ass. Full plump breast made his dick twitch. Her full lips just begged to be kissed, her icy blue eyes that he could lose himself in, drown in the depth of them. Her silky blond hair that he wanted to bury his hands in. There had been so many times when he couldn't decide if he wanted to throw her down and fuck her senseless or make slow passionate love to her.

She was tough, strong, fierce, loyal, brave, and passionate in the field. She was the ideal soldier and perfect 2IC. Willing to follow orders, but not afraid to voice her opinion or point out when her CO was wrong or acting impulsively. She was brilliant when it came to science or military matters, actually just everyday life, but below the perfect AF exterior. He knew there was a softer side. A side only a privileged few, like him and his team, would ever see. A side that wasn't afraid to laugh, to cry, to openly be herself in almost every aspect, when around friends. Every aspect but one.

Neither of them had ever crossed those lines, broken the regulations, never allowed themselves to act on their feelings. They had put their careers, the SGC, the world before their own need for love. He had let the rules and regulations control his life, but he had never given up hope, never given up his love for her. He had never thought about, been with, or looked at anyone else the way he looked at Samantha Carter. He was ruined for her and they had never actually been together. Well he was going to change that. They were stuck, no way home, so there was no way he was following any more fucking regulations. Especially since the only reason he had followed them was not to damage her career. As he watched her sleeping form he decided that even if they were somehow rescued, that they would be together if she would have him. The Earth owed them after all, and he fully intended to collect. With that thought he left her sleeping soundly while he went to retrieve water and find something to cook. She would need to eat when she awoke.

He first checked his traps, pulling out the catch he quickly cleaned them and stuck them on the fire. Next he drained two coconuts of their milk and stuck them in the hot coals to roast. Along with a few other fruits. Leaving them to cook he made his way to the pool and fresh spring to collect fresh water. Deciding that he had time he quickly stripped down and dove in. The spot was beautiful; the whole place was really, a true paradise. Crystal clear waters, untouched white sandy beaches. Sparse forest leading to clear springs, cool pools with crystalline waterfalls. There were plenty of small game and fish. So far he had found nothing to wild or deadly, but also no signs of people, native, Ga'uld or otherwise.

Getting out he quickly shook off the excess water and pulled back on his cut off BDU's. Taking his water he walked back to the camp, pleased to find Sam still resting peacefully. Sitting down to watch the fire and the waves breaking against the beach, the gulls diving for food, and the occasional cry of the overhead birds. Yes they were trapped with no way home, but if they had to be stuck somewhere this was the place to be. An untapped paradise, with the woman he loved, the woman of his dreams, and no rules, no ranks, no regulations standing in their way.

He was shaken from his thoughts by a soft voice behind him. "Jack…?" Sam quietly spoke not really wanting to scare him.

He was in front of her in an instant, pulling her into the famous Jack O'Neill hug, one she had only been privileged to a few times. This one was different, more needy, more desperate, more loving. She willingly leaned into him, into his embrace. Breathing in his scent deeply.

He pulled back, studying her face carefully. "How are you feeling, Sam?" He asked, "Do you want some pain killers?"

She shook her head, "I'm just sore, tired and hungry." He pulled her into another hug.

"You had me so scared. God, Sam, I don't know what I would do if I lost you." His voice was so full of emotion again; his embrace was so caring and gentle that she just wanted to lose herself in the moment. Enjoy it until he remembered that it was forbidden, before he became her CO again. She wanted to hold on to him for a long as possible.

She buried her face into his neck, trying to memorize the feel of his body. The smell of his skin. Slightly sweaty and so unmistakably Jack. Even though she was still sore and completely confused, the feeling of his body against hers was electrifying. She felt her skin tingling everywhere their bodies touched. She wanted to taste him, taste his skin on her tongue, but she pulled back from his embrace, thrilled when he didn't drop his arms, to look him in the eyes. Eyes shining, swirling with emotion.

"Where are we? What happened? Where are Daniel and Teal'c?" She quickly asked.

She saw a look of concern and sadness cross his face as he sighed deeply. "I'm not sure where we are. The blast hit the gate not even a split second after we went through. We must have been thrown through at a high speed because we were both knocked unconscious. I woke after a day, but you wouldn't wake. You were out for almost a week. Sam, completely unresponsive. Only your pulse was strong. It was the only sign I had you were still alive."

She saw the pain and fear in his eyes. Fear she knew was for the thought of losing her. She placed her hands on his warm bare skin, touching him freely like she always dreamed of but never would have hoped too.

He took a deep breath and the continued, "I think that the blast caused the gate to jump like when we were sent to Antarctica, but I have no idea where we are, but we aren't on earth. There were three moons in the sky the first night. There is no sign of Daniel or Teal'c so hopefully they made it before the jump." He took a deep breath. His hold on her tightened and she knew that whatever he said next would not be good. His voice was soft when he spoke. "The Stargate here is different. The symbols are like the ones on the Antarctic gate, and there is no DHD. No sign anywhere, like it was never here. We're stuck Sam.

Realization hit her like a ton of bricks, causing her knees to buckle. In a second she was again in his arms as he held her close, rocking her gently as she cried softly. She was tired, sore, and there was no way for them to ever get home. She buried herself into his embrace, trying to draw comfort from him as he whispered in her ear. "Shh… It's alright, Sam…we will be alright…I'm here…I'm here and I'm not going anywhere…Shh…it's alright…we are together now…" Those last four words had more of an effect on her than anything else. She cried harder in relief, praying that he meant what she thought.

She eventually calmed down enough to gather herself and pull back and look at him. He gently wiped her tears away. "I'm not giving up Sam. I'll continue to search for a way home, but we can't live our lives like we are getting out of here. We need to be thinking and planning for the future. We will survive Sam and we are going to do it together." Leaning in he placed a gentle kiss on her lips. A kiss that help the promise of so much more, so much passion, so much love, that it fueled her appetite and left her craving more. Her body was burning with desire when he pulled away.

"No…Jack…" She groaned "Don't go…" She was begging and she didn't care. She needed him. She needed him like she needed air.

He smiled at her. "I'm not going anywhere Sam, but you aren't in any shape for anything else, and if I kissed you like I wanted, we wouldn't stop," He pulled back looking at her, suddenly very serious. "I love you Samantha Carter. You know that don't you."

Sam nodded tears in her eyes, "I love you too, Jack, and have for a very long time."

He smiled at her, the first true smile she had ever seen him give. "Come on, do you want to eat first of get cleaned up?"

'Eat" was all she could manage, way too overwhelmed for more. He helped her sit and left her to look around as he worked on getting her food ready. She turned back to look at the shelter. It was large and covered on three sides by large palm leaves. She knew that leaves made up the floor as well. To the side was a smaller structure that housed their supplies and food. Both had an optional covering that could be lowered in case of rain. He had obviously put great time and care into making them as comfortable as possible. Looking around she was stunned breathless by the untouched beauty of the place. It was like the most prefect dream location, only millions of light years from earth. She came back to her senses to find Jack, her Jack, standing in front of her, silently offering food.

She took the offered food without a word, giving him a small smile in thanks, eating slowly because she hadn't had anything in a while and because she was still sore. It wasn't the bone numbing pain as it was before, but instead a deep ache, that made her wish for a nice warm bath, preferably large enough to share with Jack, while he rubbed her body with his large hands, massaging her breast as he slid two fingers into her dripping pussy…She stifled a moan. Damn! She was getting wet. She had been fantasizing about him for years. The things he would do to her, but with him so close, his scent, the heat of his body and the knowledge that they could, would, finally be together was sending waves of arousal surging through her, despite her pain.

She tried to take her mind off her overwhelming desire to have him touch her, make love to her, fuck her. He was right she was in no shape. They would have to wait. Breaking the silence for the first time she asked, "Why was I out for so long? What were, are, my injuries?"

He shook his head, "I'm not sure why you were out for so long, maybe a severe head injury. We hit the ground hard. No broken bones or tears, Thank god, but you still have some deep bruising. All I can figure is that your body just kinda shut down to heal itself. I couldn't find any threatening injuries, but I sure did enjoy checking. Though I would have enjoyed it more if you were awake and participating."

He gave her that Jack O'Neill smirk and she had to stop herself from sighing with happiness like some love sick school girl. He was her's now, finally after all this time, and she was willing his, but she had to wonder what changed, why now. He should still be acting as her CO, not her lover. Was it just because it was only them and he didn't want to be alone, never to have sex again? She immediately scolded herself at the thought. That wasn't Jack and he said he loved her. Still what changed? Setting her plate aside, unable to stomach anything else.

She turned to look at him, aware that he had been watching her. Something in her appearance must have shown because he set his empty plate aside and moved to kneel in front of her. Taking her hand into his he asked gently, "What's wrong Sam?"

She raised an eyebrow at him, "You mean besides the obvious. That we are stuck, that I can barely walk without hurting." He simply nodded once, watching her. She sighed. It should be harder to voice her thoughts after avoiding them and her feeling for so long, but this was Jack. The man she loved, the only one she had wanted since the day they met. Talking to him was just so easy. In fact it had been a struggle not to discuss her feelings with him before now. "Why now? Was it just because we are never going home?"

"Sam" he said gently "We might still find a way home. The only thing being stuck here has contributed was to show me how much I love you and how stupid I've been to let the rules stand between us. I was so scared that I was going to lose you, Sam. Oh God! I was so scared. If I lost you, I don't think I could survive that. I'm tired of waiting, of hiding. I want you, Sam. I want you by my side from this point forward. If you will have me, I'm yours."

She was stunned. She always knew Jack had a strong emotional side. She could see it in his eyes, on his face, in his actions, but she never dreamed he would express it so easily, even to her. She would never deny him. She would have given up her career years ago if he asked, but she knew he would never ask that of her. She reached up and cupped his cheek, stroking it with her thumb. "And if we manage to get out of here. If we manage to get back to earth?" She needed to hear the answer. "You know that if we do this. If we are together it will be permanently. My birth control ran out on this last missing. It will be out of my system in a few weeks. Then we will have no protection. Nothing to stop me from becoming pregnant. We will be tied together if that happens. There will be no hiding it if we get home, no going back." He needed to be sure. She needed him to be sure. She couldn't handle having to go back to pretending. To give him up again.

"I'm yours Samantha." He said again with such conviction that it brought tears to her eyes. "Sam I would marry you now if I could. I want to be a family with you." He placed a hand on her flat stomach. "I have dreamed of watching you grow with my child, our child. Holding you both in my arms. If, or when, we get home we will deal with things together. I'll marry you, I'll retire, I'll call in favors for us saving the world over and over again, but I will not give you up again, Sam."

"Then I'm yours, Jack. I'm all yours." She saw him smile. She wanted to be in his arms. Throw herself at him, beg him to complete her, but she was still too sore to move.

Sensing her need Jack stood, scooping her up into his arms, before capturing her mouth in a passionate kiss. When she moaned with desire he slipped his tongue into her mouth. Sensually stroking hers. The fire spread through his body. Her moans, the taste of her mouth causing his dick to twitch painfully. Oh God! How he wanted her. She shifted in his arms, trying to get closer to him, but moaned in pain at the movement. The sound of her pain caused him to break the kiss. "Are you alright?" he was panting slightly.

"It's not fair" she sighed. "I have dreamed of this for so long, wanted you for so long, and now you are here, but I can't move without it hurting." She sounded so desperate.

He chuckled sitting her on her feet. "I'm not going anywhere, baby. I swear." He kissed her gently then helped her walk to the shelter, knowing that the movement would help in the long run. "Let's get your things and we will get you cleaned up, then I think you need to rest again."

Normally she would rebel at someone treating her like this. She was an AF major, battle hardened, but again this was Jack and she loved being cared for by him. He helped her gather her supplies, and then picked up their mess supplies before helping her the short distance to the pool. He let her walk on her own, but made sure to keep a firm grip on her arm.

"Oh my god…" Sam gasped as the pool came into sight. She turned to look at Jack's smiling face. "It's beautiful."

Jack nodded, helping her to sit so she could start to undress. "It's not a bad place to be stranded. So far I've no sign that there were ever people living here. There are plenty of game and fish, but I haven't seen any dangerous wild life. I think it's an island or peninsula, but I can't be sure. I've only explored the immediate area"

Jack watched as Sam stood and slowly finished stripping. He body was covered in deep bruises but even so she was still beautiful to him. He was hard and he knew she was watching him. He wanted nothing more than to touch her, but knew where that would lead. Clearing his throat he said. "I'm going to clean the mess tins. Will you be alright?" She nodded, watching him with a sexy smile. "Yell if you need me."

She just smiled watching him go. She had seen his obvious erection even through the BDU's he was wearing and it thrilled her to know that even now, bruised and battered, he found her attractive. She gathered her things and slowly made her way into the pond, gasping as the cool water hit her skin. She made her way to the smallest waterfall, moaning as the massaging action hit her sore body. She quickly washed her hair and body then just stood under the water, enjoying the sensation.

She jerked slightly when she felt herself wrapped in a pair of warm, strong arms. Her back was pressed against his warm, strong chest and his hard, large dick against her back. "Shh…" he whispered in her ear, "I promise baby, we won't go too far. I just need to feel you in my arms, your body against mine." He placed a small kiss on her neck and shoulders, sucking lightly on her skin. The simple touch was enough to light her body on fire. Arousal shot through her, pooling in her lower belly, her juices gathering amazingly quick, causing her to moan. He didn't move his hands, which were wrapped around her waist, just stood behind her, gently lavishing her neck. She shivered at the thought of him touching her, if this simple act was enough to make her want to come? Never had she felt such intense passion, such strong pleasure, and need. No one had ever turned her on so quickly, never made her so wet this fast. No one made her feel so loved as precious with such a simple touch as this man, as Jack was doing to her now.

"Jack…" She moaned as her desire built. She needed him to touch her; she needed to feel his hands on her body. "Please…Jack…" She moaned again. She was begging and she didn't care. Oh God! She needed him.

"Are you alright, Sam?" He gently asked moving up to pull an earlobe into his mouth.

"Please Jack…Touch me…" Her desire was over riding her common sense and they both knew it.

Jack desperately needed to feel her, needed to learn her body. "Tell me if you start hurting." He whispered gently before sucking on her neck again. One hand lightly skimmed up to cup her breast. Squeezing the soft flesh gently. "Jack…" she sighed as she leaned into him. The other hand traveled south till he reached her pussy. "So wet…" he moaned as he slipped a finger gently inside. "Oh…yes…" she gasped as he rubbed the sensitive nub with his thumb. She was moaning and gasping as he worked her gently. He held her pressed against him, trying to keep her from moving too much.

"Oh…yes…oh god Jack…more" she gasped trying to buck into his hand. She cried out as he slipped another finger into her, picking up the speed of his thrust. Her cries of pleasure were making him throb painfully. He could feel her muscles contracting, she was close. He could hear the need in her cries. He tweaked her nipple harder, and pushed another finger into her tight channel. Causing her to cry him name, Coming hard. Her walls squeezing he fingers. His cock throbbing as he imagined coming inside her.

He waited till she had come down, before slipping his fingers out and turning her gently in his arms. He could feel his erecting poking into her stomach, but ignored it while he kissed her gently. "Are you alright Sam?" he asked again. Studying her closely. She nodded, biting her bottom lip.

She wrapped her hands around his neck, forcing his head to her level. "Thank you, Jack. I have never come so hard in my life." He arched his eyebrow at her; a trick learned from Teal'c "I've never had any truly selfless lovers. They were all more concerned with getting themselves off. Plus the last six years you, thoughts of you, were the only thing that could bring me any pleasure."

He scooped her up into his arms. "Just wait until I can truly have my way with you." His voice husky in her ears.

"What about you?" She asked as he carried her. "You haven't come yet." She could feel him poking in her back and knew he must be in some pain.

"I can wait." He said simply "You need to rest. I need you to get better as soon as possible."

She started to object but he placed a finger on her lips. "I'm fine Sam. I'll wait until we can be together."

Sam shook her head as he carried her and their things back to camp. She waited until he placed her on her feet before pulling him close. She wrapped a hand around his dick, surprised when she couldn't completely wrap around him. She stroked him gently, causing him to gasp her name. She drug his head down. "Please Jack. I want to, need to, touch you. I can't give you want we both really want, but please let me give you some release."

"Samantha…" he moaned. He was already close. After waiting so long, being near her, fearing losing her, smelling her, touching her. "I won't last long…" he ground out.

She knew how he felt. She normally wouldn't have come that fast or that hard, from simply having his fingers in her. It usually took her much longer to come, but the simple fact that after six years of longing they were together was enough to cause them both to lose control. It only took a few moments before he exploded all over her hand, gasping her name. "I love you, Jack." She said quietly as he tried to regain his control.

It took him a few moments before he could even respond. He kissed her gently, trying to pour all his love into it. Pulling back he gently cleaned her hand and his stomach, and then helped her into bed. "I love you, too, Sam." When she looked upset that he was leaving he said. "I just have to clean up from dinner and see to the fire. I'll be back soon." She nodded and snuggled up under the thin blanket that had been in her pack. It was a short time later that she felt Jack settle next to her. He groaned a little, she knew that the ground hurt his back. "I need to make us a bed" he mumbled before wrapping his arms around her and pulling her close. "Night Sam." He kissed her shoulder. Leaving her to fall asleep, for the first time ever, feeling completely safe and secure.