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I just want to say a few things.

First: I know that some might see the events in the story as being too Fluffy and to easy. Let's face it, they are. Life is nowhere this easy…but this is Fan Fiction and there for it can be anything I want it to be. I hate Angst and Drama. I get enough of that in my every day life. When you work at a prison and have to deal with inmates day in and day out it is nothing but angst and drama. Therefore There will be very little or none in my stories. They will be mostly Action and Fluff, and of course plenty of Lemons and Smut.

Second: I have debated whether or not to continue this story or end it here and continue in a sequel. I've decided on the latter. Now please don't get upset and please to think I'm abandoning it, because I'm NOT. I have already started writing the sequel and probably have a good 5 chapters or so. HOWEVER, they were hand written (I was board at work one day ;-) ) and I need to get them typed and reviewed. As soon as I do I promise that I will post them. Please hang with me!

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