He feels fat and bloated, and as much as he wants it to be over, to end, he can't stand the thought of it, of not feeling this way.

He groans as he tries to move, his weight becoming too much for him to move comfortably anymore.

"Dean?" His voice is soft and echoes around the room. "Dean?" He calls out a little louder. He needs help, but if Dean is sleeping, he should stay….

Dean's head pops into his view. "Sammy? Are you okay?" His voice is worried, tinged with regret and yet it carries a slight tone of pride.

Sam doesn't know if he wants to smile or throw a pillow at him for that stupid tone of his.

Dean walks slowly towards him, his eyes never straying from Sam. "Are you okay, do you need anything?"

Sam shakes his head, his wants forgotten. He opens his arms, his eyes pleading. "Lay with me?"

Dean laughs, a sound that reminds him of all the good times of his childhood; a sound that is pure Dean, rich and smooth.

He climbs into the bed with Sam, his strong arms wrapping around his younger brother, pulling him close.

"How are you holding up?"

"Bloated….and fat….like I'm going to explode. I can't decide if I like it or not."

Dean laughs again, his warm hands covering Sam's stomach. He leans down, raising up the too tight shirt that Sam was wearing, and softly kisses Sam's large stomach. "Hey guys,"

His voice is soft, and suddenly Sam wants to cry. He runs a hand through Dean's short hair, just to make sure that this is all real. He doesn't think he could take it if it wasn't. Having all of this, Dean, a family, slowing down…..it's all he holds onto anymore.

Someone kicks against his stomach, centimeters from where Dean's resting his head. They both smile. "Hey little one, do you wanna play?"

Sam laughs as another foot pops up; Dean taps at it softly.

Dean plays with the twins for a couple minutes and Sam just enjoys the feeling. Of being loved, of being pampered, of feeling like he belongs here.

Dean shifts, leaning up over him, taking over his whole view until Dean's all he can see no matter where he looks. He brushes his lips softly against Sam's, loving him. "I love you guys…."

His voice is still so soft, a tone he only uses with Sam. It's full of love and wonder, and this time, Sam can't help the tears that fall.

Dean's eyes sadden, worry instantly showing. "Hey, hey, what's wrong?"

Sam just laughs, shaking his head. He pulls Dean down for another kiss, brushing his lips against the person who he loved most in the world. "I love you, Dean."

Dean smiles, his tongue rubbing against Sam's lower lip. Sam opens without a second thought; he would do anything Dean asked him to.

They kiss lazily, sleepily, slowly, meaningfully.

Dean trails his lips down, running them against Sam's stomach. "Thank you," he whispers.

But Sam thinks that he should be the one thanking Dean, for giving him a family, for loving him, for protecting and taking care of him. For being Dean.