Chapter 1 Visions

After the whole battle of Coruscant a visit to Padme Anakin went to meditate inside his room upon his visions. From the start, an image of Padme appeared and Anakin saw her in pain. She was unhappy and sad but what surprised Anakin the most was that Obi Wan was standing next to her and not himself. That puzzled the Hero without Fear and Anakin decided to meditate a little longer.

Some why Anakin's mind started thinking about Palpatine. It could have been the will of the Force but Anakin was not sure. He saw Palpatine standing in his office with a hood. It seemed very strange for the Jedi that the Chancellor would have a hood like that. Anakin decided to explore the subject and meditated on the matter more.

A mind Force wave hit Anakin and the young man saw Palpatine's true personality. He saw the Chancellor putting the hood, who already by the looks looked like Darth Sidious whom Anakin saw from the hologram once. But then Anakin heard that Sidious was talking to Count Dooku regarding Republic information. Anakin got shocked and his jaw dropped. For all these years he thought the Chancellor was a good man a now…

If only a couple of minutes ago Anakin was just a little bit curious about the Chancellor, now the Jedi was very determined to get more information. He kept meditating and with every minute he kept getting new information about Sidious. In flashbacks he saw how young Dark Lord studied Darth Plaguies. Then Palpatine murdered his Master and shortly became the Senator of Naboo. Then Palpatine told to Nute Gunray to invade Naboo. Anakin then saw how the Chancellor orchestrated the whole war. Dooku. Grevious. Anakin. Order 66. Darth Vader. The extinction of the Jedi Order. Anakin saw as each event occurred and how each person was responsible for events which occurred and were yet to come.

"Interesting. Your plan works since Jedi do not know about you yet. Yet there is a big flaw in your plan- me. I already know everything which most probably will happen unless I do anything about it" Anakin thought about the Chancellor's plan as in his quest to Ultimate Power.

Finally upon mediating for over an hour, the most important visions started showing up in Anakin's life.

"Kill them all" Darth Sidious ordered to Nute Gunray

"It will be done my Lord."


Another flashback appeared. Anakin saw himself with Padme just before Battle of Geonosis. They both looked worried and Anakin figured that they just received Obi Wan message.

"Anakin, you told me that Obi Wan is like a father to you"

"Yes Padme but you heard what Master Windu said"

"He said that your job is to protect me and I will go to save Obi Wan"

After that Anakin saw himself as a little boy on Tattoine. Qui Gon, Jar Jar and Padme with R2-D2 walked into Watto's shop. Anakin saw Padme for the first time and asked her if she was an Angel.

"You are a silly little boy" replied Padme to Anakin's comment.

After Padme Anakin saw his Padawan Ahsoka and all missions he encountered with her. Christophsis, Teth, Tattoine, Malevolence, Naboo, Geonosis and others; Anakin saw how little Snips with her big blue eyes admired him and wanted to really prove that she was worth to be Anakin's apprentice. He remembered as she carried him injured from Aayla's ship and how she acted on that planet.

Then Anakin saw his former Master, Obi Wan Kenobi. Many different adventured went through his eyes, starting as early as when Obi Wan met young Anakin back at Tattoine. Ansion, security of Padme, Geonosis and numerous missions during the Clone Wars run through Anakin's mind.

Palpatine. Anakin could believe himself that the man he respected for all these years lied so deeply to him. Darth Sidious wanted to kill Padme and that really drove Anakin to an edge. "Hold on, if I start acting now everything will be lost. However if…" Anakin smiled. Since he had the highest card now by knowing Palpatine's secret and the near future upcoming events, he decided to make his own future according to his plans.

Anakin called Padme and Ahsoka to their comlinks and told them that he wanted to meet them at Resolute. Anakin exited his room and went to the Jedi hangar room where all the Jedi Star fighters were located.

"Hello Master Skywalker" one youngling told to Anakin as he entered the hangar.

Anakin felt proud. He like the word "Master" added to his last name. Anakin greeted the youngling and then went to his ship. He climbed in it, pressed the buttons and then flew to Resolute. While flying, Anakin contacted his second in command, Captain Rex as well as Admiral Yalaren and told them to come to see him.

Anakin arrived to resolute shortly and saw all four people whom he contacted. He asked them all to follow him and they went to a lunch room in the cruiser.

"Sir, why did you want to see us?" Captain Rex was confused but Anakin could tell from all four faces that they all were thinking the same thing.

"I had many visions regarding past, present and the future. The situation does not look good. The Republic will be destroyed and Jedi will perish, moreover the Sith will return. However, I have a plan. But this is top secret and you will not discuss this anyone for Republic's sake"

The guests prepared to listen to what Anakin had in mind. He had many things he needed to tell them and he knew that they would be shocked about some things he learned or planned. However he was ready for that, especially since everything dependent on him.