Chapter 6 Ahsoka Tano, the babysitter

Two years have passed since the birth of the Empire. Emperor Anakin Skywalker truly brought a lot of happiness to his people since he was raised as a very good person by his mom and the Jedi. Anakin was not very selfish or greedy, an example of that was that his personal apartment was not very well decorated. Granted that it was bigger than his former Temple quarters but Anakin did not have many luxurious things in there. The room was rather simple; it had an ordinary bed, a table with a computer and a lot of scrap pieces which he used to make something on occasions.

Anakin's apartment consisted of five rooms. The biggest room belonged to his beloved wife, Padme Amidala. The room was very heavily decorated in the latest fashions. There was small side room attached inside where Padme could get her favorite clothes.

The other rooms were occupied by Ahsoka and two twins. Currently the twins slept in a small bed in Ahsoka's room since they were very little and needed care. But in future they would live in their own room. Both Ahsoka's room and twins' room were not very big and they both were quite humble in appearance except the fact that Padme decorated the twins' room a little bit. The last room was used as a common room or as a room where an occasional guest could sleep upon a visit. On most occasions it was Obi Wan.

Ahsoka lived in Skywalker's penthouse since she was considered to be in a family. Over the years Ahsoka became very close to Anakin, even closer than Obi Wan. Anakin and Ahsoka even considered themselves almost like siblings, which resulted in Ahsoka to be an Imperial Princess as if she was related to the Royal Family. So at that moment, Ahsoka became the third most influential person in the Galaxy. As a result of that Ahsoka was forced to mature faster than she wanted. The current Jedi Council finally really accepted her to be there although former Councilor Mace Windu was not very fond of the idea.

In the past two years in the Jedi temple a couple of interesting things occurred. Upon resignation from the Council, Master Yoda and Ki Adi Mundi continued teaching Younglings on how to use the Force. Master Windu was quite upset about the situation and left the Order for a couple of years to meditate on all that matter. To everybody's surprise Obi Wan Kenobi actually developed very strong feelings towards Luminara Unduli which resulted in them getting married about a year after their relationship started.

During one day, Ahsoka Tano was reading while at the same time babysitting over the twins. The two cheeky little kids were growing quite fast. There were times when they disagreed with eachother when it came to toys or sweets and Ahsoka always was there to make sure nothing bad happened. The day the twins discovered that they could use the Force was the day Ahsoka finally got really stressed. The two kids enjoyed force pushing eachother which was quite annoying to the older Jedi.

After one of the Force pushes, young Leia crawled towards Ahsoka. The young princess was quite annoyed by how her brother pushed her and wanted some comfort.

"Soka?" The little one asked.

"It is alright Leia, come here"

Little Leia crowled towards Ahsoka and the Jedi Padawan took her in the arms. The baby by then had a huge satisfied smile on her face which made Ahsoka pretty happy. She then lifted the young princess and put her in the bed. After that she repeated the same to Luke and then started telling a story to them about their father.

After Ahsoka finished her story a bell rang and Togruta went to check who was there. She saw Commander Rex standing outside. Supreme Commander Rex has just returned from an assignment with her Master and now wanted to spend some time with his favorite Jedi. Rex was recently treated from an accelerated growth and now he was like a normal man, being able to live for a long time.

"Hello Rex, I missed you"

"Same here Ahsoka. How is everything going?"

"Well, Padme went to another Senate meeting, Anakin was at the mission with you and the Jedi did not have a meeting so I guess I was sitting here all day babysitting those two lovely faces"

Rex looked at the two, he seemed to like the kids.

"You know Ahsoka, once we will have our own child and he or she will be very fortunate to have such a wonderful mother."

"Thank you Rex although I cannot have children right now. I am quite busy with Anakin's children and Jedi so I will not have enough time for my owns kids yet. But I promise you, we will have our little boy in the future"

"Yes, I am sure although I know it will be a girl"

"A boy"

"We will see."

Ahsoka only now realized that there stood a kid next to Rex. It was Han Solo and he spent a lot of time with Rex since he was training him. The kid looked at Ahsoka and greeted his friend.

"Hello Ahsoka"

"Hello Han. How is life with Rex?"

"Well, everything is good except he gives me hell of the training. He holds high standards although he is very nice over all." Han looked at the kids and thought that they were cute. In particular, he looked at Princess Leia and found her to be a very nice looking kid. The three then went to the guest room and sat there drinking tea.

After a couple of hours Anakin and Padme arrived. They walked to the apartment and saw that Ahsoka was talking to her guests while holding the babies in her arms.

"Hello Ahsoka, I hate to interrupt your friendly chat but we are going on a mission. I just discovered some plans for some large battle station and we would need to investigate what it is. I would like you and Rex to come with me to investigate."

"Sure, Anakin." Ahsoka gave the babies to Padme, who happily accepted her children and went to the kids' room to sit with them. Meanwhile the rest of the group prepared to leave.

"So this will be you your first field mission kid. Don't worry, we have the Emperor at our side and no one in their right mind would attack him" Han Solo got quite excited and the four left. They were very curious on learning about what the station was. It was clearly a round sphere shaped station with a giant weapon on a side which resembled Malevolence's weapon.