Naruto was stumbling back to his apartment a battered and broken young boy. It was October 10th and once again he'd made the mistake of going out to try and get some food. The mob hadn't taken long to find him, and then the pain started. He'd thought he would have died when the Bear ANBU came in and saved him.

Staggering up the stairs, he barely made it to his floor, when he noticed that his door was open. It seems that today there was more than one mob, one had been here, while the other beat him up. Now it was time to see the damage they'd done. Pushing his door open, he found to his dismay that they hadn't just torn everything apart and made a huge mess of his place, but they'd also broken a wall open.

Stepping gingerly around, he looked at the destroyed section of the wall and sighed as heavily as his young frame could manage. He'd have to set about fixing it later, but for now something else caught his interest. There was a small box inside the wall.

Curious he pulled it out and looked at the note on top. "The Power to Change the World."

Smiling he felt he needed that right now, something to make his world a lot better, so like any child with the answer to their problems in their hands, he opened up the box, and found... slimy looking multi-colored orbs. Sighing again he set the box aside, and accidentally spilled one out, to roll across the floor and hit his foot.

At first he thought nothing was happening, until the orb shot out tendrils up his legs and began spreading its off white color over his body. While that happened, he felt a strange warmth building deep in his body. No matter how much he struggled against the stretchy, sentient goo, it continued coating his body until he was covered head to toe in a shiny white fur-like latex coating, with flaming read tips on the ends of each of his nine tails.

As this information processed through his mind, he found himself looking into a mirror, seeing the red orbs that had once been his eyes flicking under his fox ears and an explosion of hair streaming back off his head. Reaching up with his hands he ran his fingers through the hair and smiled at how soft it felt, in fact all his body felt like it was covered in downy fur. That's when a voice deep inside urged him to speak.

"I am Kyukon..." he said calmly with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. "I have chosen Naruto Uzumaki as my host, and soon my family will join us in defending Konoha... our new home."

An hour later, Naruto returned to his normal form, however a small band of the slimy looking material remained about his left wrist, as though to assure him of the bond they now shared. Even now the orb was feeding him information about what exactly was going on.

Kyukon, as the orb was named, was a semi-sentient symbiotic being called an Orb Knight, created and used a long before the time of the first Hokage. She had been the leader of the group of others contained within the other orbs.

The other orbs turned out to be creatures like Kyukon, all of whom were loyal to each other, and by extension the humans that they bonded with. Sadly the last of the orb knight's hosts had fallen and hid the box containing the orbs in a temporal anomaly which Kyuukon created to find one that they could serve as the new Master Orb Knight.

Naruto was to serve as the Master, until a better one bonded with an orb. The orbs had enough sentience to select those they bond with, and generally choose ones that didn't deviate too far from their original personalities. In Naruto, Kyuukon the loyalty, and honesty that she had always valued most in a companion, as well as a fiery passion for life. The fox affinity he held didn't hurt matters for her in the least.

Naruto was about to ask about that, when he found himself standing next to Kyukon, staring at a giant caged fox demon. The only thing Naruto could think when he found the demon glaring at the pair of them was. 'This... explains a lot...'

"So... I hold the demon the Yondaime defeated..." Naruto muttered in a rare burst of clarity, "They must see me as it rather than its jailor."

Kyukon simply nodded while Kyuubi no Yoko huffed in its cage. "Pathetic mortals and their shortsightedness... If I was you, they'd have died the first time they attacked you."

"Indeed Naruto," Kyukon murmured while wrapping one of its tails around Naruto's shoulders. "I have taken the liberty of cleaning up some damage done to your mind... you should be more... lucid now..."

"Lucid? What's that mean?" Naruto asked in confusion, before blinking and turning to look at the Kyuubi no Yoko again. "That's why I'm not having a shouting match with tall, dark, and fuzzy here, right?"

"Ding ding ding, we have a winner... now how about you let me out, so we can have some fun destroying the villagers..." Kyuubi offered with a satisfactory smirk. "Come on, it'll be a wonderful time... just yank this seal off..."

Kyukon watched silently as Naruto glanced at the seal holding back the great demon fox, and seemed about ready to rip it off and loose the demon on the village that had wronged him. She knew it was wrong, but she couldn't interfere with her hosts wishes to stop him. Just as he was within a foot of the seal, Naruto looked up at the demon and to both foxes great surprise flipped it off. "Yeah right ya bastard. They're idiots, but I swore to protect them, and that includes from you!"

"Oh... you're going to be fun mortal..." Kyuubi mused before settling down to watch Naruto's parting form. "Little cousin... watch this one... he is in for a world of surprises..."

"It is my honor Dark One... maybe you should reveal to him your other form sometime..." Kyukon mused before walking out of the cell room to continue cleaning. Kyuubi snarled at the smaller goody-two-shoes-Inari-serving cousin, so smug in her freedom, even if it was within the body of a foolish mortal. But, deep inside, Kyuubi no Yoko had to admit, the thought of having more room did appeal to it.

Outside his body, Naruto was examining the new jelly bracelet like thing he'd gotten again. Apparently all he had to do to activate it was call forth Kyukon with his mind. She had told him that it wasn't unusual that orb knights took more than one orb at a time. He was half-tempted to stick his right arm into the box and just see which orb covered him, but decided to instead get used to Kyukon first, and understand all that she was granting him before taking on another.

But first, dinner! He felt like having chicken ramen, of course just grabbing one of the birds sitting on the ledge outside and eating it raw was appealing too, but Kyukon conceded with the more human oriented food.

Indeed this was a partnership that would be a lot of give and take.