Naruto sat in his living room, staring at the seal array that he and the Hokage had worked out to store the spare Orb Knights until they could activate them properly. Any one of the orbs inside there could be a leader, or the tech knight that they needed to build up the computer and scanner. 'Kyukon, are you sure I'm ready for this? Shouldn't you try this first?' Naruto asked his partner while releasing the first set of slumbering knights.

'I think you are ready, and remember, just do a surface scan of any thoughts that might be present,' Kyukon couched from inside Naruto, trying to sound positive and confident about this. To be honest she was afraid to take over his body again, out of fear of over stressing him.

Naruto sighed as he looked over the spheres of varying colors and designs, for some reason, he just felt ill at ease. "Here goes..." Naruto whispered as he held out his hand, a yellow glow surrounding it while the orbs began hovering in the air around his body. His blue eyes shifted between each orb slowly, as trickles of information began flowing into his mind.

It was tough at first, but he was gaining some insight into the mentality of the dormant knights inside. As he learned about what their talents and skills were, he subconsciously began grouping them. A few were piled up to the left as field commanders while the ones to the right were the ones that would be more use further back as controllers and support members. However, none of these were what he needed this time, they were all followers and lower ranked members.

Continuing on, he processed the groups steadily, however as the piles of lower knights continued to grow Naruto couldn't help but realize that his growing sense of despair wasn't entirely his own. He couldn't even offer comforting words to his partner, as he was almost completely through the collection of orbs and not a single one showed any promise.

They either held no interest for technology, or they showed no signs of having ever seen the inside of the former headquarters. There was only one seal left, and he held no hope of finding the orbs he needed to pull out a win. He'd have to be lucky beyond belief in order to succeed in this, nine seals laid empty, and the tenth only held three orbs instead of the usual six that the others had.

He wasn't good with math, but even he could see that the odds of getting a good orb was terrible. Opening the final trio of orbs, he watched as they rolled off the scroll and settled into the threadbare carpeting of his apartment. He really should look into getting the place fixed up if Kyukon was going to be staying here as well. Closing his eyes, he focused on the job at hand, putting thoughts of ways to improve the apartment into the farthest corners of his mind, where he usually kept his anger at his treatment by the villagers.

Before he scanned the orbs, he wanted to completely clear his mind, and one of the meditation exercises he learned in the academy was excellent for doing just that. Instead of focusing on nothing, he would focus exclusively on one item until it became nearly meaningless to him. As odd of a choice it may seem, he found it easiest to meditate when he zeroed in on his favorite food, Ramen.

Somehow this caused his mind to drain away the surroundings and turn itself into a blank canvas for his powers to paint over. Extending his hand again, he lifted up the first of the three orbs and scanned it carefully, frowning as he realized once again he'd found a warrior, but not a commander. Putting it aside, he took up the second orb and viewed it curiously. It would seem that this one was another office worker, and better than that, an scanner technician!

The blue and white orb settled itself neatly onto a pillow, gaining a huge grin off of Naruto. A scanner technician might be able to help them back engineer the computers and such they needed. Beyond that, they could needed someone to actually run the damn things once they were online, and none of the active knights seemed to have the first clue how that would go.

With the happy feeling burning brightly in his heart, it took Naruto a few minutes to calm himself to scan the final orb. Holding up the orb, he smiled as it revealed itself to be not only an engineer, but also one of the original creators of the scanner system itself. This was perfect! Now all he had to do was find its own... er...

Orbs weren't supposed to shoot out from his hand and through a solid stone wall were they?

'Kyukon?' Naruto asked in a panic as he sealed the orbs back in a nearly random fashion, his eyes tracking the direction that the orb had jetted off towards. This wasn't going to be fun to report, but he probably should chase after it.

'It is following your orders to find its partner Kit,' Kyukon explained with a heavy tone to her voice. It would probably be a good idea to report this to the Hokage as soon as possible, but that would make two failures on her part in a single day. Along with the lack of any other commanders in the sealed orbs meant that she was stuck in command, which meant that she couldn't step down as the others would just turn to her anyhow. 'We shall have to report this... it is already outside of Konoha...'

Well at least the international aspect of the Orb Knight organization was starting off alright... now to see about that peace between the Elemental Nations part...

Meanwhile, several dozen miles away, a brunette woman was dodging a psychotic orb that was chasing her like some sort of bizarre homing device. Looking back, she gasped as it seemed to be gaining on her, despite her best efforts to get away from it. Diving to the ground, she watched it scream past her.

Rolling back up, she reversed her direction to get away from the crazy ball chasing after her. She had to get back to her master, and make his dinner. But she couldn't if this stupid ball wasn't going to stop chasing after her. Using the momentary opening she summoned up several mirrors along her path and began using them to hop forward at an insanely fast rate. Pausing in the last mirror, she took a moment to catch her breath, only to hear something that she shouldn't in the mirrors.

Turning around she saw that the orb thing was inside the mirrors, coming at her. That shouldn't be possible, these mirrors required her bloodline to enter!

Leaping out of the mirror, she released them into a shattering of little shards that began melting even before they hit the ground. Even as she watched the water drop to the ground, icy blue strands of goo rippled out, solidifying into the accursed orb in mid-air. What the hell was this thing? She'd done everything to it, save freezing it into a solid chunk and smashing it to bits!

Seeing no harm in at least attempting to do just that netted her a good sense of satisfaction and a couple seconds of breathing room. Or so she thought, as she tried to drop the branch she'd smashed the orb with, she realized she couldn't in fact, whatever was binding it to her arm was currently climbing up her arms.

Before she could let out a scream, a strap of the living latex like material covered her face, and she knew nothing more.