So begins my latest fanfic, kinda depressing I'll probably start it, but never finish it. Ah one can only hope. So I'd like to that my mom for getting this movie and my dad for getting this laptop I'm writing this on. I'll dedicate this to my friends cas' they like Yaoi. I hope you like it.

The G.I. Joe program was for an elite team of people, those who wouldn't fail, who could always get the job done. Their greatest threat, Cobra. They did everything in their power to keep cobra from rising up, though it didn't help much that they had no location on him, no motive, no nothing. They had no information on him what so ever. Granted Cobra had only done a few large scale attacks, but they had all been successes for him. That was what scared the Joes the most. The fact that they hadn't been able to stop him at all. Would they ever be able to stop him? That thought was always running through their heads. It just gave them that much more drive though.

"Her name is Bel Momoshiro. She is currently 15 years old, and she's been missing for six months now. Her parents were both killed when cobra shot down their plain last month. They were taking top-secret information to cobra in exchange for their daughter's safety. Apparently Cobra didn't want the information anymore because they launched two missiles at the plain minutes before it landed killing everyone on board. As the daughter of the head chairman she inherited the company. It's our job to rescue her and get her safely back to the base, any questions?"

"Yah, I got one. How come all these preps for our missions have to take so damn long?" Ripcord laughed at his own joke and managed to get a few chuckles out of some of the other members of the Joes.

"Ripcord," Ripcord looked up at the general who was a little more then annoyed with his question. "Shut up."

"I'm telling you Duke I still don't see how hard this could be, we go in, get the girl and get out. Piece of cake. He's just making a big deal out of nothing."

"You know Rip I don't think you get it. It's not just getting the girl; we have no idea if she'll come with us. We have no idea why they wanted to keep her. Hell, we don't even know what she looks like. We have to expect the worst and only hope that it'll get better." Ripcord looked up at his best friend.

"Is there something wrong with your head Duke? When did you get so serious?" Duke stopped in his tracks.

"Rip this isn't a solider we're talking about, this is a girl. A young girl. I mean do you know how hard teenagers are to deal with and depressed teens who just lost their parents are worse. She could be bitching and complaining the whole time we try to save her ass. I just don't want to hope for something and then be let down." Rip nodded in agreement and they finished gathering the equipment they needed for them mission ahead of them.

In another part of the world a young girl wondered the disserted corridors of the hideout of an elite organization. If that can be said, she was walking in circles deep in thought.

"Would you stop that, it's making me nervous." She stopped and looked at the ninja who was talking to her.

"We both know that that isn't true. There isn't anyway that I could make you the slightest bit nervous." He smiled and chuckled slightly.

"This is true, but I do worry sometimes about you mind." He moved from the wall he was leaning against to step closer to the girl. "Though even if you knew what I was going to do you wouldn't be able to act quick enough to stop it." She smiled

"Well then I guess you don't have anything to worry about." She turned to leave. "It would appear that I have nothing else to do here so I'm off to my room to get some much needed rest." The white ninja watched her as she left. He leaned against the wall again and allowed his mind to wander before following the actions of the girl before him and heading off to sleep.

So I guess this chapter is kinda short, but I was really motivated to start to write this and I know how I want to start the next chapter so I'm gonna end this one here. Again with the thanking of the people and such. It's been a few hours and I still haven't finished watching the movie. XP

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