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-Laugh it off-

Naruto Uzumaki stared at himself in the mirror of his apartment, he was average height for his age, twelve, with sun kissed blonde hair that spiked out everywhere. Wearing nothing but a black shirt and orange pants he did have a developed figure, being a Shinobi in training had helped quite a bit. His cerulean blue eyes had lost their mischievous glint in his lonesome, as well as the foxy grin he was known for. Now all he could do was frown at his young visage, he hated how he looked, his whisker marks on each cheek always gave away his person. Always allowing the beatings to continue, he had almost given up on humanity.

Glaring at himself he asked the same question he did every night, 'Why won't I fight back?' He slammed his frustrated fist into the wall, 'Why won't I fight back?' He repeated the slam and felt his rage increase. 'Why...' Slam, 'Won't...' Slam, 'I...' Slam, 'Fight...' Slam, 'BACK?' The final slam of his fist left an indent in the wall with spider-web cracks spreading around it.

Tearing open his cupboard he pulled out four paints, white, black, red and dark green. Pulling off the lids with restrained force he smeared the white paint all over his face until not a spot of his skin was revealed. In his rage he gained an idea, reaching into the back of his pants he pulled out a small but sharp kunai. Staring at the weapon fondly he gazed at his form in the mirror, placing the blade on the side of his mouth he began to slice open the flesh.

Blood flowed out of the wound but the blonde paid no heed to the pain, feeling like a numb bruise to his psyche. Finishing one side he then repeated the process with the other until he formed a symmetrical glasgow grin. Dipping his fingers into the red paint he smeared the liquid across his mouth and scars to create a wayward painted clown smile. Continuing the frenzy he surrounded his eyes with black pant before dunking his hair into the green, losing its unruliness and falling to frame his face.

Gazing at himself in the mirror he couldn't help but laugh at his own appearance, and not a chuckle. This was a loud and hilarious laugh like that from a really good joke, now he looked like a killer clown rather than the bane of Konoha. Now at least, he felt more happy, more funny, more... humorous. An idea sparked in his mind, why feel humorous when he couldn't share it with anyone. Chuckling to himself he pulled on his shoes and leapt out of the window. Intent on allowing his fun to be shared with all of the villagers.

His first stop was a closed clothing store for active Shinobi, with no real finesse he crashed in through the upper window and directly into the centre. Giggling at the crash he looked around the store and something then caught his eyes, a black trench-coat with sleeves that would fall way past his hands. Grinning he pulled it out and looked for any other garments before noticing a black vest with many pockets on the sides. It was then that he spotted a pair of dark blue pants and a set of greaves not far away. Quickly swiping the items he quickly leapt out of the building and onto the rooftops. Leaping for another store for Shinobi weapons, ramming his shoulder into the door roughly it slammed open and he grinned wildly at the sight of so many weapons. Immediately to his right was a crate filled to the brim with some odd looking knives.

They looked in essence like shotgun shells, only with the application of chakra a blade would flick out, they were quite small but looked to be really sharp. Grinning wildly he saw a pile of belts that seemed to accommodate the knives, grabbing two he filled them with the blades, then slung them over his shoulder. Naruto then eyed an aisle full of boots that had blades shoot out from the back, picking out his size he put them on. The final thing he eyed was a Kodachi that could be attached to his newly acquired coat.

Bolting out of the store he quickly went back to his apartment and burst out in a fit of laughter, it felt great to take items for himself. It felt better than good, it felt great! No angry mobs, no overcharged prices. Nothing but the sweetness of possession. Calming himself down he threw on his new attire, changing his pants and leaving the coat open. Strapping on the greaves he finally strapped on his new armament, one belt loosely around the waist and the other diagonally across the vest. After attaching the Kodachi to his new coat he leapt out of the building laughing loudly.

"I guess laughing it off really does work!" He exclaimed whilst landing in an empty street. Shaking his head grinning he spoke more calmly. "Now this will simply not do, the night is still young." Seeing a lumber store he smashed the window and eyed the counter with many different lighters. Taking his time he picked one out, it was silver with red engraved flames on both sides. Giggling he then set fire to some paperwork on the counter, "Everything Burns!" He yelled before strolling out of the store whistling as the flames expanded quickly and rose high into the sky.

Jumping and dancing around the front he laughed like a maniac whilst falling to his knees, "I fought back! I finally fought BACK!" He screamed with laughter as the building collapsed from the expanding flames. "This was so much FUN!"

And before the fire control or ANBU arrived he had disappeared, but not before setting fire to the stores he plundered from first...

You ask me why I never smile. Why I never laugh with joy. Why can I never find happiness in simple things?
Why can't I just be normal?
I laugh.
You say it sounds like a hyena with a throat full of blood.
I frown.

You ask me to feel the energy of life. You say to just open, to let it all in. You say to dance with the wind and listen to the birds music.
I tell you there is no wind. All I hear is sorrow. All I feel is pain.
And you frown.

I lock myself in, my palms are sweaty. Your pounding at the door, yet I hear nothing.
Why can't I be normal? I make the incision.
Why can I never find happiness? I drive the blade deep.
Why don't I smile? The door crashes open. How you scream.
I smile.
Oh how I smile, with my new Glasgow Grin.

AN: Short I know, but in my defence I wanted to get the part where his insanity sparks over. And before you all review I want you all to know he was going in the moment, there was no planning no second thoughts, nothing. And I can send anyone a picture of what the small knives look like in a PM.

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