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Chapter 7
-To make a God Smile-

You ask me why I never smile. Why I never laugh with joy. Why can I never find happiness in simple things?
Why can't I just be normal?
I laugh.
You say it sounds like a hyena with a throat full of blood.
I frown.

You ask me to feel the energy of life. You say to just open, to let it all in. You say to dance with the wind and listen to the birds music.
I tell you there is no wind. All I hear is sorrow. All I feel is pain.
And you frown.

I lock myself in, my palms are sweaty. Your pounding at the door, yet I hear nothing.
Why can't I be normal? I make the incision.
Why can I never find happiness? I drive the blade deep.
Why don't I smile? The door crashes open. How you scream.
I smile.
Oh how I smile, with my new Glasgow Grin.

Sasuke waited for his teammates at the memorial stone as was their routine, his dark attitude reflected by his sour face. A month, it had been a whole month since he had seen his sensei, the infamous Kopi-nin Kakashi. Basically the silver haired Jounin had only been in Konoha two days, long enough to introduce himself to his team and conduct the bell test, then leave for an SS-Class mission. Which, in the Uchihas' mind, was a damn good excuse to abandon three Genin with no new training exercises.

Although he had progressed in skill, the Uchiha knew that there was always room for improvement. To his utter embarrassment, his social skills were... Lacking for a better word. When he had met his teammates he had nearly slapped himself with how he introduced himself. It had started so well, they bowed politely and introduced themselves respectfully, and what did he do...

Flashback – Konohagakure no Sato Shinobi Academy...

Sasuke sat in his seat, dead front centre of the class, in his usual brooding posture, his nemesis may have made the Uchiha up his training, that still didn't change his attitude. Recently he had also acquired a Shirasaya that was slung diagonally across his back lazily with a loose leather strap. After hearing his name called by a silver haired Jounin he stood up, alert, and followed the mans' steps with a brisk and impatient pace. He hadn't slept last night so he just wanted to make a decent impression then hit the hay without delay.

He also failed to even consider that his lack of shut-eye might affect his demeanour with his teammates and sensei. However, as we all know, sleep deprivation can lead to lack of proper insight into how well a situation can be dealt with. Also, as we all know, it is very fun to watch these insidious situations unfold.

Reaching the roof of the, now for the most part reconstructed, Academy. He spotted a nice shady tree beside the Sensei-to-be and made a bee-line before plopping himself against the trunk with a brief sigh of relief. He hadn't taken a good look at the Jounin whom was flipping the pages of a small orange book. Groaning slightly he hastily removed his blade and leaned it beside him tenderly, after all, a blade needs to be treated as an equal to its wielder.

He then turned to see his new teammates and quirked a brow, they were similar yet very different to himself. The first one that drew his eyes in was the slightly taller of the two, with slightly tanned skin and a lean physique that was slightly thin but still revealed muscle. His attire was simple, a black shirt with the sleeves ripped off roughly under a gray vest that was done up with the collar up sharply. Loose black pants with flaming trailing the bottom and leading up the sides completed the clothing, along with black Shinobi sandals of course.

His facial features showed annoyance with what looked like a consistent frown that was kept up with his pale blue eyes. His silver hair was tied into a ponytail that fell mid-back with bangs framing the face. The final adornment was a fang tied onto a leather necklace that was left in front of the vest. The only weapon was a slightly reflective, black wood Bo staff that he held on his shoulders via his hands lazily flung over the front.

The next one was the shortest out of the Genin trio but seemed to have a slender physique, from what Sasuke could assume. He wore a matching set of black Haori and Hakamas with a white sash tied to keep the loose garments together, his skin was luminescent to match his silver eyes and indigo hair, which was tied into a topknot with the fringe hanging near his right eye. This one held a small smile that was aimed at no one in particular. Strapped to his waist was a magnificent Daisho set.

The Uchiha needed to take the double-look at the quality of the set. First was the Wakizashi, exactly two Shaku in length from the sheath, with a Torii Sori curve that was clearly evident. The Tsuba was reflective silver Yuko Iko Gata, the wave pattern engraved beautifully. The sheath was a polished black with an ebony silk wrapped around the 'hilt'. Nothing too spectacular, but the amount of care taken to keep the sheath in pique condition spoke wonders about the possible amount of care to the blade itself.

The Katana was another story altogether, being three Shaku in length with the Leaf Symbol engraved in reflective silver on the halfway point. The hilt also bore an attached chain that could be followed until it disappeared into his Haori.

The Jounin then cleared his throat before speaking, "Maa, What an interesting lot you three are... My first impression is..." He held his masked chin and scanned them with his lazy eye,"... I'm looking at a trio of Ronin."

Sasuke and the silver haired youth twitched whereas the other simply continued to smile, the Sensei chuckled before continuing, "Not that it doesn't look bad, mind you. Anyways let's get on with the introductions, you!" He pointed at Sasuke, "The brooder, you're first!"

Sasuke groaned before giving the Sensei a glare, "Why don't you go first... Since you are the Sensei, after all..." His lack of sleep was getting the better of him, much to his own frustration.

The Sensei chuckled whilst rubbing the back of his neck nervously, "Of course, how clumsy of me." He cleared his throat again, "My name is Hatake Kakashi... My likes and dislikes, hmmm... I just don't feel like letting you guys know now... Dreams for the future... Haven't really thought about it. As for my hobbies..." A glint was seen in his eye for a second, "I have lots of hobbies, now you."

Sasuke grunted before responding, "My name is Uchiha Sasuke, my likes are training and learning new techniques, my dislikes are burdens and ignorant allies, my hobbies are meditating when possible... My dreams are more of ambitions, the first; restore my clan as the rightful number one in Konohagakure no Sato. Second; avenge my clan by any means necessary. Finally; destroy the Trickster for wronging me." He rubbed the 'T' scar on his face.

Kakashi nodded after a few seconds, "Alright, next the kid with the stick."

Said tall youth grimaced before swing the pole from his shoulders and spun the staff in front of him whilst balancing it neatly on his hand. "Hoshigami Jin, first off; this is my mothers' Bo-staff, my likes are my own, my dislikes are spoilt little clan heirs. Hobbies, training at Dojos' and improving my Taijutsu, dream for the future..." His already serious expression turned malevolent as he let the staff fall before catching it midway and gripping it until veins began to show.

"... To destroy that bastard Trickster for taking something from me." Jin finished, not long after, Sasuke snorted, the older teen averted his attention instantly.

Sasuke smirked, "Please, what could a Genin do against an A-Class Terrorist?"

A powerful, yet brief chakra spike, followed by Jin charging at the Uchiha, only for Kakashi to easily flash behind him and get him into a 'Full Nelson' hold. "Quit it, Jin." He spoke before he slowly loosened his grip.

However Jin simply shrugged his way out before pointing his weapon at the Uchiha, "Shut up! And what do you think you know about my abilities anyway!"

Sasuke smirked before standing up slowly, gripping his Shirasaya and entering a basic stance, his free hand hovering over the hilt. "Tsk, if I couldn't even scratch him, he would kill you in a heartbeat given the chance."

Jin and Sasuke entered a glaring contest while Kakashi sighed before stepping between the two, "Cut it out now, be more respectful to your comrade." The two grunted before returning to their respectful positions. "That's better, now go... little... Samurai person... thing." He sweatdropped as a large stereo was put in front of the final teen.

Pressing the play button, the youth then flicked out a microphone and waited for the tune to kick in, "Yo! Shichigoros' gonna break-izzle the shizzle!" And began to do a slow head-bang to the gaping faces of his new teammates.

"My name name is Shichigoro,

That part is true,

It's a pleasure to meet ya'll,

Don't know about you,

My likes and dislikes,

Are timid little things,

I don't fell like sharin',

How it feels to fling!

Next up! Do you hear!

Is something a little dear,

My dreams for the future,

What's it to ya!

My hobbies, you say?

I'll express 'em my way!

Once again,

My name is Shichigoro,

Goodbye with a bang!

I feel a little twang!"

(AN: I know, I am the worst 'rapper' in history... Or is it the character...)

Sasuke was agape, along with Jin and Kakashi, as Shichigoro flicked off the large machine and turned to smile at the astounded trio.

In order to break the silence, Kakashi cleared his throat, again, "So, your name is Shichigoro I take it?"

Shichigoro merely winked his left eye before waving his hands and bobbing his head, "For-shizzle Master-izzle."

Jin slapped his forehead before muttering something along the lines of, "Why is that bitch a Shinobi?"

Kakashi then retrieved everyone's' attention, "Well... Now that we have gotten introductions outta the way. Let's move on to business..."

End Flashback – Present Time Sasuke...

Even after his stupidity he failed to apologise to Jin for making judgements beforehand. When the bell test was conducted, Jin had proven that he was more than capable of handling a fight. Speaking of his teammate, Sasuke looked to his right to see Jin land just outside of the tree line, his usual scowl adorned with his staff lazily used to hold his arms in the air. As soon as the fellow Genin spotted the Uchiha, the scowl deepened and his posture straightened slightly.

Sasuke subconsciously let his hand hover over the hilt of his Shirasaya and scoffed while looking the other way...

Kokoros' Mansion – Same Time...

With the unchanging downpour in Ame granting a constant depression. Naruto was so bored he sat in front of his rooms mirror, a bloody knife in hand as he finished carving out his glasgow grin. His dripping wounds letting blood flow down the lower half of his face. It had been awhile since he had let his smile grace the world, staring closely at his crazed reflection his body began shaking as restrained giggles escaped his mouth.

Dropping the knife his hands gripped his hair tightly as he fell to the floor, "It's... Just... So... Damn FUNNY!" Tears escaped his shut eyes as he began to laugh loudly, "SO-FUNNY-SO-FUNNY-SO-DAMN-FUCKING-FUNNY!" He repeated before getting up and looking at his grinning reflection.

For some reason, the reflection crossed its arms and gave the blonde a good long stare, "Have a good laugh?" It's voice was a more sane version of his own with a deep undertone.

Naruto tilted his neck before also crossing his arms, "You got a problem with that?"

"To the contrary, I find it amusing."

Naruto peered closer to the mirror before responding, "Why don't ya try it then? Go on, give us a big laugh!"

"Why should I?"

"The world is just a funny place to live in! All of the shit that hits the fan every waking moment! Somewhere at any giving time, people laugh, for any reason they do!"

"Why do you laugh then?"

"Because I know that you need to have fun! You need to get over that bridge that defines conformity and then blow it up with some hilarity!"

"So... You're happy with your life then?"

Naruto broke out into a cackle, "Happy? My life is so fucked it's funny!"

"Amusing... How you laugh to accentuate your own ego to the point of insanity."

"I bet you'll find this amusing!" Naruto reeled his clenched fist back and then proceeded to smash the mirror, shattering it on contact. He then looked at his bleeding knuckles and began to guffaw as the blood flowed freely.

"... That wasn't very amusing." The voice of the reflection spoke.

"Well I'll be, you're inside my head aren't ya?" Naruto chuckled whilst putting his hands on his hips.

"Finally beginning to understand are you?"

"I always wanted a voice in my head; ever since I was a little boy... Wait a sec, why is there a voice in my head anyway?"

"I am here because it appears that I am needed, not very amusing at all."

"... Well, as funny as you are, could you fuck off, you're throwing off my good mood. And we don't want to do that do we." Naruto, crazed beyond reason, flicked out a kunai and held it at his own neck. "Suicidal tendencies are quite laughable in most cases."

"... Meh, fine I'll watch you silently until you amuse me again..." And with that he was gone...

Naruto hummed a tune as he skipped down the stairs, wearing his usual attire with the blood starting to dry on his lower face. Reaching the bottom he heard voices from the dining room, curiosity getting the better of him, he casually entered to see Kokoro sitting with a strange man.

'Freakish', would be a better word to describe it though, multiple piercings symmetrical on both sides of the face and ears, dull grey eyes with several rings around the pupil. Pallid skin was mostly covered by a black cloak with red clouds imprinted at certain points. To top it off were three things; An Ame Hitaite with a scar horizontally through the centre, fiery orange hair that spiked in all directions, and purple nail-polish.

Naruto quirked a brow before grinning at the newcomer, gaining an emotionless stare in response from the stranger, and a briefly freaked out look from Kokoro. Skipping forward, Naruto then sat beside Kokoro and opposite the cloaked man. Giving a two finger salute, "Yo!" Was his impolite greeting.

Kokoro averted his attention back to the man, "Forgive me Pein-sama, Naruto! What in Kamis' name did you do?" He yelled at the youth with a tick bulging on his forehead.

Naruto shrugged before leaning back in his chair, folding his arms behind his head, "Needed to let go, I was getting to dull."

"DULL?" Kokoro clenched his fist, until he was halted by Pein.

"It is quite alright, Kokoro-san. Leave the boy be." His aristocratic tone straight to the point.

But this failed to quell the Bounty-nin, "But, Pein-sama-"

"I said leave him be, Kokoro-san." His tone left no room for argument as his eyes then focused on Naruto, "Greetings, Trickster-san. I have heard many rumours of your exploits in Konohagakure no Sato."

Narutos' grin grew wider, "Ah, so you're a fan of my work." His smug attitude making Kokoro clench his teeth.

"If that is how you view it, then yes, I am indeed a 'fan' of your 'deeds', so to speak."

Naruto chuckled before leaning forward, "Want an autograph? I won't charge ya for it." He pulled out one of the many WANTED posters in his coat and a pen, "So who's it out to?"

"I do not require a signed piece of paper, Trickster-san. What I do require are your services."

Naruto ignored him entirely, "C'mon, a name? Family? Club? Group? Even a company name for Kamis' sake?"

"Trickster-san, I will repeat that I do not require your signature on anything, what I require is for you to accompany me on a mission."

"Fine then," He cleared his throat and placed pen to paper, "'To... My... Orange... Headed... Freak... Of... An... Acquaintance-"

Kokoro couldn't hold back anymore and slugged the blonde directly unto his cheek, "You insolent little FUCK! How DARE you speak to Pein-sama like that! I oughta-" He was stopped by a colossal wave of Killing Intent that froze him dead, he turned to look at Pein. Whom kept his blank face and yet exuded a black aura that crept up the back of the Nins' spine.

"Kokoro-san, restrain yourself in front of guests." And the Killing Intent dissipated in an instant.

Naruto then flipped up off the floor and dusted off his coat, "Kukuku, did you wake up on the wrong side of your wife this morning." He chuckled before sitting again, "All kidding aside, what is this favour you want me to do? And what's in it for me anyways? I would probably burn all the money in the world for fun."

Pein reached into his cloak and pulled out a folded note, "This," He gestured with the note, "Is an official pardon of Ame with the guarantee of protection from all of the other nations and the Daimyo controlling them." He placed it in the centre for Naruto to grasp with his gloved hands, "Is this sufficient payment, Trickster-san?"

Naruto hummed after looking over the document, closing his eyes for a moment. He opened them up with a giggle and pulled out his lighter, flicking the flame on, he then set the lower half of the paper in flames.

Kokoro was in shock, "Why in Kamis' name did you do that? That pretty much kept you in the safe zone for the rest of your life?"

Naruto turned off the lighter before malevolently smirking towards Kokoro, "That's just how I roll, Ko-san. Besides, where's the fun without a little danger? There'll be no adrenaline rush! No fear creeping up your spine, urging you to do the opposite." He then turned his smirk into a devils grin as he looked at Pein, "I'm perfectly fine how I am, I don't need a home." He leant back into his chair, "All I need is my Tricks and Audience, to sustain my slice of life..."

Pein stood and turned to walk away, "I see... Well, it appears further actions would prove fruitless here, I bid you farewell, Kokoro-san, Trickster-san."

Kokoro stood to protest, only for Narutos' voice to precede his own, "I never said I wasn't going to do it, ya know." Pein stopped and turned, the blonde grinned ruefully at the man, "Here's what I want in return..."

About Two Kilometres Away From Kokoros' Mansion – Kakashi...

With his black travelling robe concealing his form, Kakashi crouched next to Shun and the woman whose name he later discovered was Junko. It was quite fitting, in his opinion, her name did mean 'obedient child', from what he had seen, she was very compliant with her masters wishes.

He was knocked out of his thoughts by Junko, "I can detect there to be nine people dwelling within the household, seven adults and two children. How do you suggest we proceed, Hatake-san?" Her calculating voice irked him so, but he had gotten used to it.

He rubbed his masked chin, "We spread out into a perfect circle and proceed slowly towards the house as a single unit." He furrowed his one visible brow, "At least, that way, he has no above ground chance of escaping past us."

Junko took a few moments to respond, "Shun-sama would like a small detachment to stay a further ways back, as a secondary precaution measure. Also, he will be slightly ahead of the circling group so as to perceive any situation as it appears and deal with it accordingly."

Kakashi nodded before continuing, "We need him alive on orders of Hokage-sama, do your people understand this?"

Junko replied after a few more seconds, "Hai, they will comply to our agreement to their fullest extent."

Kakashi turned to the infamous assassin, "Be wary around him, he's a walking armoury with the amount of knives and explosives he's been seen using. But, from what we can tell, he is inept at using Jutsu without a cover." He stood and let his hood fall back exposing his serious face. "The ANBU Intel Bureau have linked the fugitive to an apparently random set of robberies. The thefts involved many explosive tags and Jutsu scrolls, meaning he may be more prepared than ever for an ambush."

Kakashi then turned to give one final serious glance at Shun, "In his crazed state his intelligence at adaptation, or, improvisation are extremely high, to the point where performing the same trick twice never works." He paused before cracking his neck joints, "That's all I have to say. It's your call now..."

Naruto twitched before clapping his hands suddenly for no apparent reason. Kokoro and Pein directing their fullest attention on the youth, whom chuckled darkly, "It seems there will be more guests than you need, Ko-san." His sadistically cryptic voice raising alarm to the Bounty-Nin.

"How many?" His voice giving way to traces of panic.

Naruto tapped his chin before responding, "A few..."

"... Meaning?"

Naruto shrugged, "Dunno. What do you define as; 'A few'?"

Kokoro had a tick bulging in his forehead while he responded, "Less than a dozen."

Naruto laughed before standing up and stretching, "Well then... I'd say multiply that by at least five, possibly six."

Kokoro lost his temper, "You can't tell! Can you!"

Naruto shrugged again with his bloody grin widening, "My detection seals only alert me if someone bigger than a squirrel enters. It's not good enough to tell me the exact number, although all of the seals were disturbed at once."

His lecture raising Peins' brow, "Why isn't it better then?"

Naruto merely pointed at Kokoro, "Ask his wife."

Kokoro growled before briskly turning around, "I'll kill you later, now I have to go tell my wife to go to the bunker for awhile... Joy." He feigned bliss before jogging up the stairs.

Naruto watched him go before calling out, "You want me to tell the minio- I mean followers to get out front?"

Kokoro responded by yelling back, "DO I NEED TO BE SPECIFIC?"

"... Hai..?"


"Hai! Just let me get my paint ready... "

"HURRY THE FUCK UP!" That comment was soon followed with a loud smacking sound, followed by a thump.

Naruto was about to leave before turning to Pein, "... Oh! Yeah! The whole bargain thing." He flipped out a notebook and quill, "Could we postpone this conversation until say... Tomorrow morning?"

Out Front of the Mansion – Kokoro, Aiko, Akira, Nanashi...

Nanashi leaned back against the wall, "Where the hell is the Gaki?" He whined, having discarded his coat. It was quite expensive after all, "And where are these so called 'intruders'."

Aiko groaned before smacking her forehead, "Urgh! This is so damn annoying!"

Akira patted her back with a nervous eye-smile, "This isn't so bad, think of it as practical training."

Aiko glared at her brother before smacking his hand away, "You know damn well that's not what I meant!"

He backed off and instead stood next to Kokoro, whom was wearing his old Bounty-Nin attire. Pretty much the same design as ANBU gear, only everything was in either black or dark blue. An example being the steel bracers and shin-guards were blue, with the leather vest a black.

A whistling sound was heard before all three standing Nin ducked, whereas Nanashi merely tilted his head to the left. Several Shuriken embedded into the wall with one mere millimetres from Nanashis' ear, he groaned, "Great, now I needed to exert effort and moved my head." This groan was reward with an elbow to the nose, courtesy of a certain green haired preteen.

Naruto had applied his paint mask with his glasgow grin wider than ever, his entire outfit worn with all weapons adorned. "Looks like my audience has just arrived!" He exaggerated a bow before looking back to Nanashi, whom was nursing a bleeding nose. "Eh? What happened to you? Show hasn't even started and your already bleeding? Lemme see the script!"

"Naruto Uzumaki!" A voice called out from the tree line.

Naruto turned with his insanely wide eyes and grin, "May I ask who's calling?"

Three people landed into the opening, a tall robed man in the centre with two darkened figures trailing behind, "I have been sent on orders from the Sandaime Hokage of Konohagakure no Sato to detain you."

Naruto snorted before waving off the comment, "Are you people still in the dumps? Great gods there really is no smiling there..."

"By Konoha procedures I must ask you at least once to come peacefully."

"And, pray tell, if I don't?"

"Then I will be allow these people to drag you back to the Asylum."

Naruto cackled, "Yeah, stick the insane person with even more psychos'. What a brilliant idea, we'll have tea and crumpets, and then we'll go to the park, and then we'll have photos together, and then-" His little speech was halted when Hibiki no Shun appeared directly in front of the killer clown and slashed at his face with a glittering silver blade.

The clowns' reaction time wasn't fast enough, as he fell backwards into a roll his right cheek christened with a diagonal cut, fresh blood mixing with the paint and old blood. Stopping in a crouch beside Nanashi he felt his cheek before grinning ruefully at Shun, "Well I'll be, there's a guy here who woke up on the wrong side of the coffin, eh mista Goth?" Naruto sneered as he stood up and grasped the hilt his Kodachi in a reverse grip, "Guess you're not a day person. Oh well, time to go to sle-"

Nanashi stood up and walked past Naruto, his face shadowed as his fists were clenched, "... He's mine..." Was all the clown heard as he 'frowned'.

"What? But I wanna fight the strong guy!" He whined before Nanashi tilted his head to look at the youth with a single eye.

In that single eye was pure, untainted, malevolent, unrivalled Anger, "I said he's mine." His tone left no room for argument, this was the first time any of the group had seen him show any anger at all towards a single individual.

Naruto huffed before crossing his arms like a child, "Fine then, he didn't look like much anyway... Don't die bastard." Naruto scowled before he grinned at the brief smirk on Nanashis' face.

Shun stood silently watching the two converse, before he randomly flickered out of existence and reappeared beside Nanashi's left. Launching a stab at the teens' neck, for a split second it looked like it would connect with his bare neck. Until his arm shot up and allowed the blade to go straight through the appendage. Grinning he used his right arm to grasp Shuns' arm and squeezed down, hard.

Shun grunted as he tried to free his arm from the grip, Nanashi sneered as he merely applied chakra and made his grip into a solid vice, "That was your third mistake." He directed his dark smirk towards the masked assassin, exuding a choking killing intent from his form, "The second was trying to kill me." He yanked Shun until their faces were a few centimetres apart, "... And the first mistake..." He delivered a hard knee to, what he assumed, was the abdomen, "... Was murdering my parents."

Nanashi released his grip on Shuns' arm and transferred it to his neck, and squeezed briefly before tossing the robed man across the open area. Crashing, and splintering, a nearby tree. Naruto scoffed before reaching inside his coat, "Heh, I could've done better than that with my eyes closed." A cluster of Explosive notes were produced and thrown in a wide arc at the tree line. Snapping his fingers the notes went off, a myriad of explosions set alight a few concealed assassins.

Naruto shrugged but still grinned, "Alright, so my eyes weren't closed that time."

Kokoro slapped his forehead, "Why did I help him again?"

Akira eye smiled, "Because he knows how to give a good deal." With that he unsheathed his Nodachi in a reverse grip, "Well, from what I've been told."

Aiko groaned before unsheathing her own blade, "All I wanted was to go back to Kiri to Mizukage-sama and enjoy the rest of my days as an ANBU." With a flash of her arm the blade was also held in a reverse grip, the pose adjacent to Akira, both forms a perfect mirror image. "Guess that won't be happening any time soon... Alright Nii-san, let's show them our technique!"

Akira focused on the shadowed opponents, "Hai! Kagami-Ryuu!" They switched their blades into a forward grip held vertically in front of them. "Hatsugo!" The siblings allowed chakra to exude around their bodies and giving their blades an unearthly blue tinge.

"Toshigo!" The chakra auras' grew into intensity and seemed to connect with one another generating a small breeze around their bodies. "Kaiha successful!" Aiko grinned whilst Akira eye smiled as they moved as one towards the tree line.

Nanashi groaned before sprinting forward towards where Shun was slowly getting up, in a flash three robed men were in front with gleaming blades slashing at his form, "Get outta my way!" His arms bulged as he blocked the slashes, before spinning his form and knocking all three away with ease. Applying chakra his scar tissue instantly formed over the wounds. Refocusing on Shun he bulged his arms even more before charging again, catching the assassin off guard he delivered a solid blow to the abdomen before following with a backhand that sent Shun flying further into the trees.

Kokoro and Naruto watched the first three get to work before Naruto began to crack his knuckles and pop his neck in anticipation. "C'mon kids! Lemme show ya'll a new game!" He performed a few handseals before grinning and inhaling deeply. Exhaling a large cloud of what seemed to be pure black smoke expanded into the tree line.

Naruto then clicked his teeth together, igniting the smoke into a massive explosion that took out a large chunk of the trees, along with half a dozen charred bodies. "Katon: Haisekishou no Jutsu!" He laughed out before being struck square in the chest with a bolt of electricity. Being launched backwards and slamming into the wall of the manor,"... Ow."

A young woman draped in a sleeveless Cossack stepped enter view, white electricity arcing around her slim frame. Her upper face covered as she seemed to give a blank expression in the direction of Kokoro, "It is a necessity for myself to detain that fugitive behind you, to get in my way would prove futile and would conclude in your own demise."

Kokoro had finished a set of handseals before she spoke the last word, "Suiton: Mizurappa no Jutsu!" And aimed a highly pressurized stream of water to his opponent, just before the water connected, it was vaporized into mist from the strong electrical current that projected a field around her. "How in the hell-"

"You were warned, now I have deemed you an obstacle that must be overcome, Bakuhatsu!" Multiple bolts of electricity shot towards Kokoro using the stream of water as a guide before also hitting the Nin square in the chest. Groaning, his body slammed itself against the wall next to the clown, grinding his teeth he stood up and grabbed a hold of his dual scythes.

"Kuso... You still alive, gaki?" He queried to the quiet body before getting into his stance, one scythe held vertically in front of his body with the other horizontally behind his back. "Well, dunno if I'll live through this..."

A deep chuckling was heard from Naruto as he seemed to magically stand up without a hassle in the world, "Ah yeah! That sent the adrenaline pumping! Could ya do that one more time for darl? Only this time aim for my back, it's been aching a lot lately and I-" Another bolt was shot at Naruto, but he was way ahead of her this time. Using his left hand to grasp his chain he swung it at the branch of a tree, allowing it to be wrapped around tightly. He then opened his right palm and held it in front of the where the bolt would connect. Grinning he kept his tight grip on his chain as the bolt reached his palm.

With a grunt he allowed the energy to pass through himself and into the tree via the chain, traces of the energy arcing around his slightly charred glove. "Scratch what I just said, THAT made the ol' juices flow!"

"Tajuu Bakuhatsu!" She spoke as well over a dozen bolts were fired in a circular formation towards Naruto, with a grin he held his arms in front of his person in an 'X' formation. "KAI!" He yelled out, activating the seals on his arms, blue lightening arcing wildly for a metre in front of him.

When the white bolts met the blue lightening, the two connected, creating a small orb of energy in the middle that lasted a few seconds before imploding, the small shockwave sending the trio off their feet. With the girl and Kokoro landing in a crouch and Naruto on his buttocks, "Well I'll be, those Seals actually work alright! Test number Three a success!"

Kokoro growled at the killer clown, "You mean to tell me, after I gave you the scroll full of my wife's' Seals, that you didn't even test them beforehand!"

Naruto shrugged before tossing away his purple coat, revealing his muscular arms covered with an array of seals, "Downside is each needs a five minute recharge delay, bummer."

Kokoro restrained he urge to cut off the youths neck and returned to his stance after a dozen of Shuns' followers surrounded the duo with Katana drawn and ready, "Think we can take 'em?" He whispered.

His reply was in the form of a call as Naruto was about twenty metres away from the minions. "You mean can you take them? Sure go ahead!"

Kokoro gaped before becoming fully enraged, "You little bastard! I'll kill you in your sleep!"

"Get in line!" Naruto replied with a cackle, before avoiding an electrified kick, courtesy of his opponent. "Whoa! Easy there babe! No need to rush a good relationship!" He unsheathed his Kodachi in a reverse grip and made a slash for her throat, however she fell backwards into a handstand and began to spin her legs in wide arcs one connected neatly with Narutos' chin.

Falling backwards himself he managed to flick out a few knives in midair which she easily deflected with her electrical field. "Bakuhatsu Shottogan." Opening her palms she sent out a single bolt that shattered into a dozen smaller pieces the second before it hit the clown.

Grunting as the small bolts pierced his skin and searing small parts of his flesh, he rolled to a stop in the foetal position. Groaning as the wounds slowly began to heal, Kakashi walked up behind the woman with a stern look, "That won't stop him for long, Junko-san."

"It will bide sufficient time for Shun-sama to return and deal with the matter personally. I advise that you go and deal with the siblings that are causing havoc to the rest of us."

Kakashi turned to her, "I believe I'm in charge her-" He was cut off as both he and Junko were seemingly pushed backwards into the trees.

"Shinra Tensei." Was all Pein said as he exited the manor, "You are all uninvited Guests of this house, leave."

Naruto struggled to his feet with a giggle, "Things are staring to get interesting..."

Nanashi and Hibiki no Shun

Nanashi delivered another series of punches to the cloaked form of Shun, sending him crashing into a boulder. Panting he let his arms shrink again as he sweated vigorously, only to duck from another volley of Shuns' knives aimed for his neck. Roaring again he expanded his muscles and leapt up to meet Shun in midair punching him in the gut before grabbing hold of the mask and slamming it into his knee, a small crack forming through the centre. Finally he finished by slamming the Assassins' head into the dirt.

Stepping back he panted again as the strain was too much on his body. He had been at this for the past ten minutes, every time he knocked Shun down the man would recover magically within a matter of seconds. It was like the man had some form of immortality that had a few seconds of delay. Grabbing the neck of the downed man he hefted him up off his feet and began to squeeze tightly.

Shun reacted a few seconds later by using two knives to slash at Nanashis' wrist, giving him instant freedom as he fell down and used the same knives to then stab at the teens' gut. Rolling backwards, Shun followed up by throwing a final knife aimed at the jugular. Nanashi grinded his teeth as he pulled out the knives from his gut and threw them away before sidestepping away from the final blade.

Nanashi wearily smirked as his bloodline roughly healed his wounds, "Heh, looks like we're in a stalemate, damn bastard." Shun was silent as a stare down commenced, "Ya know, the first two years after you killed my parents, I wanted nothing more than to kill you myself." He let the ever present rain run down his features and wash off his blood, "I was power hungry, killing anyone that got in my way. I began to earn my name in the lower pages of the bingo book, that is, until..." He popped his neck and flexed his arms, "I realised that you weren't worth killing if you were still alive, if Kami had allowed you to live this long, killing so many people. I'm not going to kill you out of vengeance..."

Shun shot forth throwing several knives at the youth, Nanashi refocused with a death glare and leapt over the knives gracefully, "I'm going to end you out of pity!" He enlargened his arms and slammed them into the earth, the shockwave knocking Shun off his feet, allowing Nanashi to deliver a reverse roundhouse kick cleanly to the mask. Shattering it entirely and sending Shun into the dirt.

This time Shun struggled to rise up his back to Nanashi, "I have to admit, I was a little curious about what you hid underneath all those clothes." As Shun turned, Nanashis' features morphed into horror...


Things, in Kokoros' mind at least, were going alright, four of his foes had been downed. Two were decapitated, one had been split horizontally, and the final one had been dismembered before having his throat ripped out. The remaining eight had so far kept their distance as he stood in his stance, eyeing his foes with pure concentration.

He took a deep breath before swinging his scythes at his opponents, missing entirely, but providing a distraction so he could perform a set of handseals, "Suiton: Suiryuuben no Jutsu!" Water all around him quickly condensed into a large orb about two metres in diameter, then quickly split into several tentacles that proceeded to lash out at his opponents. One of his foes lacked sufficient speed and had his chest pierced by the manipulated liquid.

Kokoro smirked, "Now you little shits are going to find out why I'm such a feared Shinobi, Suiton: Suiryuudan no Jutsu!" The large orb of water sprouted forth a dragon that shot towards his foes consuming two before ramming them into the ground, "I can string together Jutsu from a single set of handseals, and then fire them in whatever order I want, Suiton: Suikoudan no Jutsu!" The dragon and tentacles were joined by several pillars of water jutting out from the condensed orb of water.

The remaining opposition then attempted to perform their own Jutsu, only to be one of three things; Pierced by tentacles, crushed by a pillar, or the unlucky one whom had their head ripped off by the water dragon. The string of Jutsu held up for a few more seconds before Kokoro fell to his knee and dropped his concentration, the orb of water collapsing onto his person, "... It doesn't last too long though, goddamn it, that hurt like a bitch." He muttered as the pain of chakra over usage spread through his system...

Naruto, Pein, Kakashi and Junko

Both sides were at a standstill as Naruto idly twiddled a knife through his gloved fingertips. His rueful grin sending a chill through Kakashis' spine, with the rain slowly allowing the paint on the youths' face to drip and contort. A crack of thunder in the distance was what set off the tension as Kakashi sped through seals and held out his open palm, "Raikiri!" The lightening enveloped palm emanating the distinct sound of chirping birds.

Naruto then threw the knife at Junko before holding an open palm out to each of his foes, "KAI!" The Shuriken speeding towards their targets in a hail of sharpened steel. Junko and Kakashi acted at the same time, the crackle of electricity and lightening deflecting metal was heard as both charged forward.

Pein then stepped forward with his own opened palm, "Shinra Tensei." Junko flew backwards into Kakashi who cautiously trailed behind her, both falling into the dirt again.

Kakashi hefted them both onto their feet, "See what I mean. Nothing works on him twice, even head on attacks appear useless. Any ideas?"

Junko stood on her own and seemed to focus onto the sky, where darker clouds than usual seemed to be focusing on the field of battle, "... I'll need ten more minutes before I can detain the fugitive."

Kakashi, sceptical, but compliant as always, nodded before reaching for his hitaite and revealing a crimson eye with three tomoe. "Hai, I need to get serious then... " He flashed through handseals, "Katon: Karyuu Endan no Jutsu!" He spewed forth an expanding torrent of flames aimed to consume the targets.

Pein stood behind Naruto and held out his palms again, "Shinra Tensei." Thus the flames consumed everything except the metre around the duo. The fire Jutsu only lasted a few seconds as Kakashi dropped it to conserve chakra and pulled out a Kunai.

Pein dropped his own technique, allowing Naruto to leap upwards with his Kodachi unsheathed in its usual reverse grip. Kakashi leapt up to meet the preteen where tempered metal met Tamahagane steel in a small series of blue sparks. Naruto grinned as he leant forward even more before pushing his form backwards and sheathing his Kodachi, performing a few seals and breathed out, "Katon: Endan no Jutsu!"

The flames didn't travel very far, but they did reach Kakashi before he dodged and softly singed the back of his vest. He spun before he landed and responded, "Katon: Endan no Jutsu!" Flames came from his own mouth, only his had more chakra pumped into it so it went further.

Narutos' insane grin seemed to widen as he opened his arms as if to welcome the flames. Pein spoke through the brief silence, "Shinra Tensei." And the clown was pulled backwards from the flames down to the ground in front of Pein.

Naruto turned to his current partner with an even wider grin, "Quite a handy Jutsu ya have there." But his grin turned into a scowl, "I'm guessing only you can use it though?" His response was a silent nod.

Kakashi mentally cursed, 'I can't read that technique! Must be a damn bloodline!' He turned to Junko before sighing as she seemed to focus on the brewing storm overhead. He flashed through some more seals before charging forward again, "Fuuton: Reppushou no Jutsu!" He cried whilst throwing several Shuriken before clapping his hands together, a gale of pressurized wind pushing the blades into incredible speeds.

Naruto responded by also flashing through some seals, "Doton: Doryuu Heki no Jutsu!" He then vomited a neat line of mud which quickly grew into a thick rock wall that stopped the Shuriken mid flight.

Kakashi felt a tint of rage, "Where did you learn these techniques? Are your followers showing you?"

Naruto jumped onto the top of the wall in a crouch, "Nah, I nicked a couple o' dozen of the Jutsu scrolls from the library and Shinobi Archives, no biggie. 'Sides, none of these bakes' have any techniques worth learning." Naruto began going through some more seals.

Kakashi mimicked the seals by the second, both then cried out, "Doton: Doryuudan no Jutsu!" Dragons of Mud appeared beside the two Shinobi and opened their large maws, blasting out projectiles of mud at high speeds towards their opponents. The techniques were conducted well enough that each projectile connected with its opposite in mid air.

This standstill continued for forty five seconds, when Pein intervened by moving towards Junko, Kakashi dropped his technique and then redirected his focus unto the robed man, "Fuuton: Daitoppa no Jutsu!" The compressed air was aimed perfectly at Pein, and would have connected, if Pein wasn't mysteriously pulled backwards, away from the blast radius and directly beside a grinning Naruto.

Kakashi eyed the fugitive with a glare before noticing the twine he held in his gloved hand, which was also wrapped around his partners robed waist. "... Kuso..." He cursed, he was already down to half his reserves, even with his clans' Howaido Chakra. And, by the looks of it, his two opponents had barely broken a sweat, that was grave news for him. Even worse, was that Junko still needed at least eight more minutes...

Aiko and Akira

Their movements were fluid, not wasting a single stretch of muscle, working as a duo they swathed through the robed people that had followed Shun. The total body count they had collected as a team was just over two dozen, fairly good considering that they were out of practice in this technique. Their chakra, although in unison, was not a perfect synchronisation of their minds, a few years ago they wouldn't even need to pronounce their attacks. That was before Akira left on missions and was befallen by leprosy.

"Hyaku Kusaba!" Their blades focused more of the unearthly blue aura and hummed more violently as several more foes leaped towards them. In a flash the duo swung their weapons in a wide arc, for a second the area was still, before their bodies began to bleed from an indistinct number of slashes that spread through their clothes.

The duo began to pant as their combined aura slowly weakened, "Heh... We're... Really... Out of... Practice... Eh, Nii-san?" Aiko breathed out as sweat beaded down her face, mixing with the water of the rain.

Akira eye smiled as he was also visibly sweating as his grip shook slightly, "Maa... A few... Years'll... Do that... To you..."

As one they sheathed their blades, "Reiten." And the aura dissipated, flowing back into their respective bodies.

A few seconds later the siblings fell to their knees, Akira clutching his chest, coughed lightly. "Kuso, I detest that backlash."

Aiko struggled to her feet, "Urgh... Amend to that, Nii-san. Let's take a breather..." She wobbled to a nearby tree and fell back onto it, her breathing erratic but not life threatening.

Akira shrugged before falling unto his back unto the muddy ground, trying to calm his own breathing. Their bodies ached from their overexertion of their muscle systems, being stretched and flexed repeatedly without warming up was a serious toll. That, and the fact that they hadn't practiced in awhile lead to their current states.

The Kagami-Ryuu technique was a Kiri form of swordplay that requires two siblings to have almost twin-like chakra systems. With this symmetry, the two uses could sync their bodies to a state of what would be considered cloning. The chakra of the users would multiply and form a spherical connection, which was to enhance their senses for a short distance. Useful in close quarters, such as defending a village client, as an example.

Akira and Aiko were part of a small clan that specialised in the Kagami-Ryuu, due to a perk in their chakra composition. From generations of experimentation and alignment, every system in the family was symmetrical from birth. As such, the parents could teach their children the Kagami-Ryuu with no difficulty whatsoever.

When the civil war erupted in Kiri over normal Shinobi and clans, the siblings family was one of the first to go. They submitted willingly, with all of their assets seized by the Mizukage, even with this show of loyalty, every adult was executed. Well over twenty masters, felled in one swoop, finally, there were only three children of the clan left...

Nanashi and Shun

Shun, or, what Nanashi assumed was the assassin, stood in the open area. A body with gray skin that clung to the bones that made up his lean form. A large, metallic breathing apparatus comprised the lower half of the skeletal jaw the tube jutting into the left side of his throat. Small, silver spikes jutted out at random points in his body, with what appeared to be his silver blades jutting out just below his wrists and into his skin.

His eyes, or rather, the yellow glowing orbs that occupied his sockets, appeared to steam as water fell upon them. The final thing that scared Nanashi, was the intricate tattoo of the Shinigami that stretched all over his visible body. Shuns' breathing was no longer faint, it was now a large rattling gurgle through the breathing apparatus.

Nanashi could only stare, this was not a man, this was a demon, a demon that had walked the planet by a machine through its body. A loud hissing was heard as the spikes in his body extended and curved into a myriad of horns. Shortly after he flashed out of existence, Nanashi knew what was coming next, but failed to defend himself as Shun rapidly slashed across the body of the teen. The lacerations exuding blood instantaneously, Nanashi still heard the same wondrous noise from all those years ago. Singing that beautiful melody as his body exploded with pain.

Falling backwards as Shun reappeared a short distance away, his metallic horns retracting back to their original length. But it was not long before Shun fell onto one knee, his apparatus producing a rough grunts as his body shook uncontrollably for a few seconds. He soon recovered and returned to his full height. Staring at the downed Nanashi, he slowly walked forward, flicking out a new blade from his wrist and poising to strike.

Nanashi stared blankly at the gray sky, his bloodline neglecting to generate scar tissue. As the rain ran down his face, a small smile tugged at his lips, which developed into a full blown grin. "Just as clown-boy said... Life's' a big..." Shun began to let his arm go forward, "... Fucking..." The blade became airborne, "... Joke..." His arm shot up, two fingers grabbing the blade in midair.

Scar tissue now worked fast to cover his lacerations as his arms began to bulge larger than before as he stood up. That same small smile on his lips as he flicked away the blade and looked Shun dead in the eye, "You like music so much? Here's a tune of mine!" Reeling both arms back he brought them forth in a large clap. The shockwaves tearing up the ground and boulders, Shun was caught in the destruction, his arms and legs snapped, his ribcage crushed and finally his apparatus dented all over.

Nanashi then fell to his knees again, his arms reverting back to normal, "... Sound... Good... Bastard?" He got no response from the downed assassin, "... Well... I'll... Take that... As a... Yes, then..."

"Quite the opposite... Actually." The deep undertone of his voice sent a shiver up Nanashis' spine, "Such a noise was unprecedented, yet still accepted nonetheless... I wonder..." Shun slowly rose his head, "How is it, that a human can survive my melody twice? Revenge?"

"I gave up on thoughts of revenge awhile ago."

"Pity, perhaps pity was the reason?"

Nanashi snorted, "Kami must have a real sense of humour then."


Nanashi let out a laugh, "What drugs have you been taking, bastard. No one has ever really loved me after you, and I don't intend to share no such emotion to anyone else... Not ever."

"Well then you must have been fated to end my existence." What could have been a laugh was heard from the downed man. "Still, out of the many hundreds of Shinobi, Samurai and fighters. You were the one person that would not die, it is only fair then..." He had a brief coughing fit, "That you inherit my legacy."

"What would that be? What's' left of your followers, a secret will that no one knows about?" He didn't know why he was being so sarcastic, or why he was still smiling. "From what I can tell you have nothing left, you're just a relic of a demon."

"My legacy is something that cannot be taken, it is given through a suitable victory. In fact, you have it right now."


"You can hear me."

"And what has that got to do with anything?"

He heard Shun chuckle, "You will understand in a few days, for now all I can tell you is the one name you need to remember."

"You aren't making any sense, bastard."

"... Keigan."

"'Insightfulness'? Start making sense, bastard, or else-" An explosion of pain erupted around Nanashis' eyes and cranium, within seconds, the pain was so bad he fell unconscious...

Kakashi, Junko, Pein and Naruto

Naruto charged forward, laughing as he and Kakashi entered a fistfight. Though Kakashi had clearer speed and strength, the killer-clowns' reflexes allowed him to match the Jounin blow for blow. Very soon Pein headed towards Junko, his palm held out and at the ready, as he was about to speak, Junko beat him to it.

"Chakra levels at ninety-nine percent, Build up time successful, Initiating stage 'Z' of technique..." Kakashi took this as his hint and delivered a knee to the youths' gut before leaping backwards, behind Junko. "Initiation complete, now proceeding to charge for final strike, total four seconds remaining... 3... 2... 1... Tenkei no Mugai."

All sound stopped as even the rain became deathly still, in one instant black lightening sprung from the earth around Naruto and wrapped around his body. The raw energy crackling and thrashing wildly as it burnt through his clothes and seared his skin, all through that he said nor even screamed a single word. All he did was stare at Junko with his bloody grin and wide eyes, the final blast cam from the sky as a black bolt shaped like a trident came straight down.

Kakashi watched in still wonder as the intensity of the technique bore down and pierced the fugitives upper chest. The attack lasted for what felt an eternity, in reality, it was six seconds. Pein had reverted to using his Shinra Tensei to mere avert the nearby shockwave, still he was forced backwards into a tree, which was now splintered and broken.

Kakashi was almost speechless, "W-What incredible energy..."

Junko wavered side to side slowly, before finally falling backwards, until the Jounin caught her, her mask fell off to expose her entire face. Kakashi was bewildered to discover she was a very attractive young lady. With her looks he was surprised she was even following Shun at all. "Junko-san... Junko-san..." He shook her briefly before searching for a pulse.

With a sigh of relief he found it, it was weak, but still there. He looked over at Naruto and saw that the clown was still breathing as well. Although it was harsh and erratic, his wounds were healing slowly and he was alive. Kakashi was about to go and retrieve the clown when a pair of blades came near his throat.

"Don't move." Came the combined voices of both Akira and Aiko...

To be Continued...


I gave in to
The stress in life
I can't escape
The pressure seems to get me down

It's like a needle in my spine
It stings inside
Poisons me with time
I can't deal with your lies

I wish I could watch you drown and die
And take my time
It's always been a problem, can't you see?
I don't get
(Your lies)

People have said (They have said)
I'm not okay (I'm not okay)
I lost my mind, numb me 'til I won't feel pain again

It's like a needle in my spine
It stings inside
Poisons me with time
I won't deal with your lies

I wish I could watch you drown and die
And take my time
It's always been a problem, can't you see?
I don't get
(Your lies)

Life is gone
I have no one
Life is good
I am no one

Life is gone
I have no one
Life is scarred
I am no one

Life is gone
I have a lie

Something, something inside of my mind
Let it all go and tie me to your fight
Nothing is real inside, just the lies
Something keeps building you high with lies

I wish I could watch you drown and die
And take my time
It's always been a problem, can't you see?
I don't bend
(The lies)

I wish I could watch you drown and die
And take my time
It's always been a problem, can't you see?
I don't bend

Song: Drowning
Artist: Adema


Sasuke twitched as he met up with Jin and Shichigoro in a pub in the middle of the night, loud techno music blaring with many young men and women melding into the groove. Shichigoro wore his usual attire, whereas Jin had opted for a dark blue suit, Sasuke had instead gone for a pair of pants with a chain along with sleeveless gloves and a sleeveless blue shirt.

Shichigoro greeted him first, "Yo Yo! What's forshizzlin' my hiz-sizzling bro-fizzle?"

Sasuke turned immediately to Jin for a translation, "He asked how you were."

Sasuke grunted in return with a shrug. This did not deter Shichigoro, "Come on man! This pad is a buzzing with some fine ass pussy! Don't tell a brother you ain't wantin' to smack any of that?"

Sasuke slapped his forehead before turning to Jin, "Did he seriously bring us out here to get laid?"

Jin begrudgingly nodded, "As he says; 'Old enough to bust a cap! Old enough to tap that!'"

"You two do realize I'm twelve."

Jin nodded then motioned to Shichigoro, "Remember, numb-nuts is over here."

Before Sasuke could respond, two teenage girls slightly taller than himself snaked their hands around his body and began whispering stuff into his ear. Before long he was blushing as they lead him off to an unknown location.

Shichigoro was flabbergasted, "Man that shit be wack Yo!"

Not long after, three girls quickly walked over to Jin and repeated the same thing only this time they kinda dragged him off. Now the final teenager stood there agape as he was left alone, snapping himself out of it he hightailed it after his teammates.

"C'mon guys! Help a brother out here! Don't leave me a hangin' while your a swangin'!"

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