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"Happy birthday, Severus," Hermione whispered. He smiled slightly, looking down upon her. She was on her side in bed, facing him, and they were both curled up under the blankets to keep warm. It was a cold January night, and Severus looked past his wife and out the window. It was snowing outside, blanketing the trees on the mountainside in fine, white powder. Thankfully, they had a fireplace in their bedroom to keep them warm.

It had been over five years since they had left Hogwarts, and since then they had built a house of their own in the mountains of Scotland. Hermione had joked that because Severus had spent so much of his life living underground, he should spend some time above it. He, however, took her wording literally, and they had ordered the construction of a veritable treehouse. It was held off the ground by magic, every room circular and separated from the others, as they were built around different trees, but connected to each other by stairs and thin hallways. The main staircase began on the ground level and led straight upwards into a large living room with many windows, offering a beautiful view of the forest and sloping hills towards the north. As the house was at the foot of a large hill, right at the edge of the woods, there was a large meadow in front of it. Branching off of the living room was the entrance into a large hallway which split three ways, leading into the kitchen and dining area as well as a guest bedroom, Lucan's bedroom, and their bedroom.

They enjoyed living a quiet but busy life, Severus retaining his position as Potions Master while Hermione homeschooled Lucan, who would be six years old in a month. He was bright, independent, and curious about the world, scrawny with youth, his hair and eyes black as his father's, but with a friendly disposition more like his mother's. He was everything they could have wanted in a son, and more.

They often had the Potters over for play dates, and likewise the Snapes visited them often. Harry and Severus had never learned to be completely amicable towards each other, but instead were simply respectful. The tension had eventually left the room after several visits, and they were able to find common ground to stand on when talking about their children.

Shortly after the battle at Malfoy Manor, Hermione had also tracked down her parents in Australia, restored their memories, and brought them back home. They were slightly shocked to find their daughter older, married, and with a son, but they eventually were able to understand why she did what she did, and fell back into their normal lives with ease.

"We've been together for nearly 12 years," Hermione remarked, quietly. "I think we've done well." She nestled her head into her pillow, her eyes not leaving his face.

His head was also resting against his pillow, his hands taking its familiar course along her brow, down her chin, finally resting upon her cheekbone. How many times had they lain together as they did now? When had it stopped being a novelty and become so ordinary?

"It would have been impossible to do any better," he murmured.

Hermione closed her eyes, listening to his breathing intently. "Do you… do you remember the first time we kissed?" she asked, giggling to herself at the thought.

"Of course," he whispered, and she could hear that he was grinning.

"Did… did you put that Amortentia on the table on purpose?"

"No, of course not. But why would that matter?"

Her hand slipped across his chest, and she squeezed his collarbone ever so slightly. "Because… it made me confess my feelings. If I hadn't smelled you in it… I don't know if we ever would have resolved anything."

"Perhaps we should simply be thankful that it was there." She smiled to herself, and then felt Severus slip his hand under her short nightgown, his fingers caressing her knee, her thigh, and her hip, before resting upon the long scar which ran across her middle, the one she had received from the curse Lucius had cast upon her. She flinched - even after five years, the scar was still sensitive. "Perhaps we should also be thankful that you survived this."

"And you, this," she said, opening her eyes and moving her hand to lightly press upon his shoulder, referring to the wound he had sustained. "I often think about what could have happened that night. If it had gone wrong, Lucan would not have had us, or remembered us. And you know… you know how we live for him."

Severus ran his tongue over his lips, before retracting it back into his mouth and looking down upon her nervously. "I have been meaning to ask you something," he began, withdrawing his hand and propping himself up with his left elbow. "I was wondering if we could try for another."

"Another what?" she asked, unsure if he meant what she thought he did.

"Another child, of course," he said, pressing his nose to hers and running his fingers across her jaw.

"Severus," she taunted, gently, "you never wanted a baby in the first place and now you want another?" She began running her hand along his chest unconsciously, petting him slowly with her palm before drumming her fingers.

"Well," he said quietly, "I didn't think I would be able to take care of a child. I didn't think I'd be much of a father."

She just bit her lip and smiled at him. "You're wonderful," she said, barely able to contain her happiness. "Let's have another."

"Just… one. And then that's it, no more; I'm getting too old to be a father."

"No you're not," she whispered, excited nonetheless. He was getting older, though. His hair was graying slightly, and when she ran her fingers through it there were thin streaks of silver. He reciprocated before kissing her deeply, leaning over her and cupping her cheek with his palm. Their lips were pressed tightly together, and she suddenly felt his tongue searching for entry into her mouth.

She accepted it and felt his hands rushing over her body again as though wanting to feel every part of her. They broke apart only for a moment, to pull off their respective nightclothes, and then found each other again. His right hand slowly explored the area between her thighs, causing her to gasp and quiver as he teased her with his fingers.

Hermione pulled away, gently pushing him onto his back and straddling him, both still underneath the thick layer of blankets. She laid on his stomach, which rose and fell from his deep breathing, and she felt his hands running up and down the smooth skin of her back. Their noses touched, her lips met his again, and she smiled, looking at him through eyes half closed as though she could never love anyone more, propped up on her elbows and her hands twisting through his hair.

"Hermione," he said thickly, squeezing her shoulders in anticipation. "Oh, oh…" he moaned as she, on her knees, moved back and held his hard member in her hand before positioning it beneath her. She sat down upon it, and he moaned again as they connected. Her hands went to his shoulders to lean upon, and she moved up and down slowly. They gasped together from the sheer pleasure of it, and Severus's hands moved from Hermione's soft breasts to her smooth bottom to her strong thighs, and then up along her arms again. Hermione bent her head towards Severus's, her hair dangling over his face, as she panted heavily. His hair was spread out on the pillow behind him, his eyes closed and his mouth open as incredible sensations coursed through his body. "Oh, Hermione," he muttered, his body shaking as she continued to move up and down, grinding herself against him in earnest, the friction between their bodies almost overwhelming. To see Severus Snape in complete pleasure, completely unwound and raw and naked before her, still surprised and delighted her more than anything else imaginable.

Suddenly, she felt him shift under her. He swung his legs over the side of the bed and sat up, his chest hot and sweaty, his lips against her ear as he took a momentary rest. Hermione wrapped her legs around his torso and her arms around his neck as he strained and lifted her from their bed. "Severus!" she exclaimed, surprised and thrilled. He strode across the room with her in his arms and pressed her back against the wall, beginning to penetrate her deeply, passionately, thrusting with long, full strokes which drove her to the edge as she held on around his neck.

There was only him. She had lost sensation and thought concerning everything else, and was completely at his mercy, completely lost in the movement of their bodies coming together. She leaned forward, moaning his name into his ear as she felt a great pressure within her preparing to be released. She cried out as she came, Severus's arms clasped firmly around her buttocks, and he let out short, deep gasps as he did too. He turned around and laid her back down in the middle of the bed, stroking in and out several times before finally collapsing beside her, all his energy spent. They both panted until they had caught their breath, the sheen of their sweat making their skin appear golden in the firelight.

Hermione turned on her side, pulling the covers down so she could slide back underneath them, and looked up at her husband. He was looking at her as well, just studying her face as she studied his, and she felt a rush of adoration for him - for his deep, grey, introspective eyes, his slick black hair, the light black fuzz which covered his legs and reached up towards his navel, his slightly yellowed skin that looked years younger since leaving the dungeons, his thin but soft lips, and not least of all his delightfully large, unique nose. She tangled her legs with his, resting her hand upon the hot skin of his chest and burrowing into his shoulder.

Severus lifted his left arm and Hermione wrapped hers around his chest as she laid on her side, resting her head upon his shoulder. She felt completely content, fulfilled, and safe. "I love you," she whispered, feeling his fingers thread through her hair.

He looked down at her, and the emotion that his eyes conveyed caused her throat to tighten. His lips touched her forehead, and he then murmured, "Oh, how I love you."




5 years later (2016)




"Mummy, what's a 'three-quarters?'" Whilom asked, his brown eyes bright with excitement as they stepped through onto the platform. Before waiting for an answer, he exclaimed, "Look, there's owls!"

"Come this way, Whil," Hermione said, taking her younger son's hand in her own clammy palm. He had straight brown hair, a full, round face, and took after Hermione completely except for the rather large nose he possessed that would most likely grow to resemble his father's. Lucan was beside his mother, pushing his school trunk on a trolley, and he looked sick with anxiety. "Severus," Hermione called behind her, through the crowd of wizarding families and owls and trolleys.

Severus strode through the barrier, holding his daughter, Antigone, in his arms, her head leaning against his shoulder. She looked a bit frightened from all the commotion, not used to so many people, and had wrapped her thin arms around her father's neck to gain a sense of safety. She was wearing a purple dress, her long black hair French braided down her back and her cheeks pink and rosy. She was the image of Eileen, possessing a true but understated beauty.

If Hermione had been in a calm, nostalgic mood, she would have taken a moment to fondly think of her daughter and Severus and what a strong bond they had. Hermione often referred to Antigone as her greatest surprise, for when she and Severus had gone to the hospital nearly five years ago to deliver one baby, they had come home with two. However, Hermione was in no such mood. Despite all of her careful planning, her attempt to get to London half an hour early was futile. Lucan's owl had refused to settle into her cage, Whilom didn't want to put his shoes on, and Antigone, not usually troublesome but taking a cue from her twin brother, had decided to be difficult and refused to brush her teeth after a late breakfast. Now, they had less than fifteen minutes to spare.

"Severus, get Lucan's trunk onto the train," she ordered. He obliged, taking the trolley from his son and heading towards the edge of the platform, his daughter still in his arms. "Are you nervous?" she asked, standing with Lucan in the midst of several other families while his father ensured his trunk and owl found their way onto the Hogwarts Express.

He nodded his head.

"Why?" she asked, quietly.

"Well," he began, as though he had thought it through beforehand, "I want to be in Slytherin and Gryffindor... I want both you and Dad to be happy. But I don't know if they'll let me."

Hermione found herself on the verge of tears. She loved her son so much, and was taken aback by his wishes. She wrapped an arm around him - he only came up to her shoulder - and said, "You'll make both of us proud no matter what house you're in. And we mean it. Besides," she said, leaning her head towards him as Whilom tugged at her hand, too enthralled with the adventure of being around so many people to pay attention to what his mother was saying, "your House doesn't define who you are. You'd think I was rather clever, wouldn't you?" Lucan nodded, and she said, "Many have told me I was a very bright witch; some said the brightest witch of my age. I still wasn't put in Ravenclaw. You never can tell what the Sorting Hat will think of you. But it will put you where you will do best, and that's all we hope for. We hope you do your best," she said, pulling him in close and ruffling his hair, planting a doting kiss on his forehead.

Severus had returned, and Hermione could tell from the way he looked at her that he was requesting a moment alone with Lucan before they said their last goodbyes. Hermione took a reluctant Antigone into her arms and stepped back into the crowd, looking around for Harry and Ginny who would surely be on the platform as well to send James to school for his third year at Hogwarts, but was also listening carefully to her husband.

Severus knelt down on one knee, and wrapped his arms around his eldest, who quickly reciprocated. Hermione knew that it had to be incredibly emotional for him to see his son start his years at Hogwarts. She knew that this would also be a day Lucan would probably remember his entire life.

Severus drew away, placing his large hands upon his son's tiny shoulders. Hermione wondered if she had seemed that small and young and worried that many years ago. She thought of how alike they looked; Lucan had grown his hair long to emulate his father, for he revered him so much. Severus probably felt as though he was staring into his own grey eyes - he and his son looked almost identical.

"What if I don't belong there," Lucan blurted out, his pale face turning red. The last thing he wanted to do was display weakness in front of his father.

Severus squeezed his son's arm. He searched his eyes, and asked, "Did your mother ever tell you that you were born in the castle?"

Lucan shook his head, his jaw dropping. He replied, "Really? At Hogwarts?"

"Yes," Severus explained. "You were born there, and we lived there for almost a year together - you, your mother, and I. If anyone belongs there, it's you."

Lucan looked much happier. "So… Hogwarts is like my home?"

"Yes," Severus said, giving one of his rare grins. "It is very much your home." He looked away, and then said, "Good luck, son. I'll see you in class?" Lucan nodded his head, smiling. Severus felt his wife's hand on his shoulder, and quickly got to his feet.

"We only have a few minutes until the train leaves," Hermione said. She handed Antigone back to her father, turned towards Lucan, and rambled off, "Now, you write me the minute you get into your dormitory and tell me what House you're in and who you met. And then the next day, tell me how your classes went. And then, I want you to write me again so I know you haven't gotten into any trouble."

"All right, Mum," he said, brushing it off, looking as though he was now eager to debark.

More sternly than before, she said, "You know Gran will be there if you need anything - we expect you to visit her often - but please, don't get into trouble."

Severus broke his wife's concentration by asking his daughter, "Tig, don't you want to kiss your brother goodbye?" Severus leaned her over and she planted a small kiss on Lucan's head, a bit embarrassed, burrowing her face into her father's neck afterwards.

"Bye, Whil," Lucan said quietly. His younger brother rushed forward and hugged him around the middle. Despite all of the daily bickering between them, they did truly care about one another. Whil backed away and stood between his parents, and Severus put a hand on his shoulder. "Bye Mum," he said, looking up at them. "Goodbye, Dad." Lucan stepped off of the platform and climbed onto the train, cringing at the sound of the whistle blowing.

"Don't forget to change into your robes before you get there!" Hermione shouted after him. "Oh, Lukie," she said to herself, her eyes filling with tears.

Severus's arm was around her shoulders. They found their son several compartments away, sticking his head out of a window along with James Potter and Warren, Neville's son, as the train began to pull away from the station. All four members of the small Snape family waved at Lucan as he waved back.

Harry and Ginny were standing not too far away with their two younger children. "Albus Severus," he muttered under his breath, shaking his head as he saw the boy standing on the platform. "What a poor choice in name." Hermione smirked, but didn't say anything.

"Daddy, when will Luke be back home?" Antigone asked, playing with the little black buttons along the front of his robes.

"Not until Christmas," he explained, running his hand along her back.

"But… but what about you?" she cried, her lip trembling as she became upset. She placed her hands on his cheeks, and then ran them through his hair, and asked, "Do you have to go too?"

"Don't you remember? I work every year from autumn until spring, and then take a break during the summer." Her face turned red and she began to whine, at which point her father explained, "I'll be home every evening, don't worry. You'll be starting school with your mum, and by the time you're done with schoolwork I'll be home."

"Every day?" she asked, looking up at him with soft grey eyes.

"Every day, I promise." Antigone finally settled down, swinging her legs gently as she stuck her thumb into her mouth and leaned her head on her father's shoulder.

"Where do you think he'll be sorted?" Hermione asked her husband, still focused on the train in the distance.

"Ravenclaw," Severus said confidently, without hesitating.

"I thought so too." They stood together, watching the train disappear from sight. "I wish you would retire," Hermione said quietly, looking up at her husband out of the corner of her eye, before leaning down and picking up Whilom to hold in her arms.

He did not refute her as she expected, but instead responded, "I have to be there for him."

They stood there, letting the realization that their son would no longer be living at home with them sink in, when Antigone suddenly asked, "Daddy, what's this?" She ran her little hand along the white scars across his throat, the ones left by Nagini's fangs.

He sighed, looking down at her after the train had pulled completely out of sight. "I'll tell you when you're older," he explained, readjusting her in his arms and pulling her closer.

"Mummy, let's go home," Whilom whined. All of the remaining families were now shuffling off of the platform, talking between themselves joyously even though the feeling of loss was tangible. It was always a bittersweet moment.

"Yes, Whil," she complied. "I think it's time to go home."

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