I had not read anything properly discussing the possibility of vampires being ticklish. It got me thinking and many hours later…


In spite of Alice's reassurances to the contrary, I could not rid myself of my anxiety. We were almost week into the semester break and time to visit both my parents was growing short.

Though it had eased up substantially, snow was still coming down tonight, just as it had for days, the tail end of yet another winter storm. I had been glaring intently at the weather channel all afternoon in the silly hope that I could somehow psychically influence what I saw on the radar. Things seemed to be improving a bit, but planes out of New England had still been grounded all day.

It's not like it really mattered anyhow. Crappy here, bright and shiny everywhere else. I knew I should expect that in Florida, but Forks too? We couldn't have left even if we were able.

Edward snatched the remote control out of my hand and shut off the TV. "You're staring at that thing like a zombie." he chastised, wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me into his stone chest to nuzzle my hair. "Everything's going to be fine."

"You people already made it perfectly clear zombies don't exist." I muttered, remnants of the embarrassment I had felt when I asked over Halloween bubbling to the surface.

"Now, now." Edward chuckled, spinning me around gently. Long fingers cupped my chin, coaxing it up to look at him and his smiling eyes. "What would Emmett do without you for entertainment?"

My mouth fell open in protest and he swoop in for the kill, kissing me so thoroughly that when he let go, I staggered away drunk from the flavor, my world suddenly a better place.

Clearly my husband wasn't concerned, and as I packed, spent most of the evening trying his best to convince me not to be too. He was right of course. My all knowing sister-in-law guaranteed our lift off tomorrow morning, followed by a overcast and rainy week and a half in both the south and northwest. There would be four wonderfully dreary weather days for Rene, and five for Charlie, Carlisle and Esme before school picked up again. After leaving so abruptly last fall, the good doctor and his wife had decided to stay in Washington until next spring, planning to join us and the rest of the family after classes ended in May.

So carrying the last load of laundry in a basket upstairs to put away or add to our bags before we took off tomorrow, I ignored my worries and walked toward our bedroom, worn out from another busy day as the human wife of a vampire, ready for a nice hot shower. I push myself hard to keep up the best I could with him and his entire family, knowing that it was impossible goal. It must be a pain I thought, having a spouse that gets hungry and tired and trips every other step when you don't.

As lately his habit, Edward was already undressed and in bed under the electric blanket covered up to his chin. He was positively thrilled at this find when I discovered a stack of them at Target while out a couple of weeks ago shopping for new sheets. At the first sign of me voluntarily giving up for the night, to the bedroom he would go, cranking the thing up on high and eagerly tucking himself in.

Stopping at the doorway it was hard not to smile. It wasn't only because since getting past our little hiccup at the beginning of our honeymoon, he didn't feel the need to wear nightclothes to bed... or underwear for that matter. I was fine with that. They probably wouldn't stay on long anyhow. No, mostly it was because he never stopped thinking of ways to make me happy. I wanted to tell him that this whole preheating thing was totally unnecessary. My husband made sure in other much more enjoyable ways that I did not get cold in bed. Nonetheless, I sighed knowing that he would never believe me.

He looked up from the book he was reading, his expression concerned, apparently misreading my external lament as a desire from me for his assistance.

"Why didn't you tell me you needed those brought up?"

Shaking my head, I trudged my way into our room, sat the basket on my side of the bed and began sorting it out into little piles. My hands were busy, matching socks together and separating my panties from his boxers briefs.

"I'm not helpless, you know." I said, holding up two socks that I couldn't tell for sure if they belonged together.

"I never said you were," He smiled indulgently. Though he remained under the blankets, I could see that he was itching to help me sort. "but I still would have been happy to take care of that for you."

Happy? Just to carry a laundry basket? Good Lord. Yawning, I tossed what we needed for our trip in the suitcase lying open on top the cedar chest at the foot of the bed and threw the rest back in the basket. I'd deal with them in the morning.

"Enjoying my new book?" I asked, moving my clean clothes to the floor so I could pull the blankets back to scoot in beside him.

"A bit more than you've been," he replied, burying his nose in my hair again as I laid my head on his shoulder. "This thing has been in our bed for days now and you haven't gotten past page five."

Looking up at him, I grinned, "It's not my fault that ever time I start to read it you distract me."

He frowned and began to open his mouth with what was sure to be an apology. I cut him off before he had the chance.

"I guess I'm just going to have to find a new place to read" I paused for dramatic effect, pressing the back of my hand to my forehead. "A small sacrifice I will just have to endure…for the replacement activity"

He chuckled low and sexy, taking my hand from my face and kissing the sensitive inside of my wrist. Still fully clothed, the electric blanket had already got me sweating. I pulled the warm covers back considering it an added bonus to look at the rippling swath of stomach muscles I exposed and ran the nails of my free hand across them. He sucked in a quick breath, flinching slightly away from my touch, his abs tightening from the unexpected surprise.

As my hand flattening out on his hard warm stomach, a light bulb flickering on in my head.

How could I have possibly missed this? How many nights had he been in my bed, both here and at Charlie's and I'd never notice? Quite interested in testing my hypothesis, I snuggled in closer to Edward, pretending I hadn't registered his reaction and brushed my lips lightly against his. Catching him once more unaware, I took my index finger and trailed it up his side. Flinching yet again, his eyes widened as he gaped at me. A wicked grin broke over my face.

Yes, Edward was ticklish. Another weapon for my meager arsenal. I did my best to hide my euphoria.

Taking full advantage of his frozen confusion, I rolled up on my knees, my exhaustion vanished. Hmmm... Where else now?

"What are you…" He never got to finish.

I wiggled one finger along the inside of his forearm. He physically jerked away from me with a gasp, but I could see it, in his eyes. Stiff as a board, there was shock, bewilderment and a hint of what looked like fear in his expression, but at the same time his lips twitched. He was trying not to laugh. I, on the other hand, giggled with delight, pouncing on top of him and seeking as many new spots I could find. The electric blanket and the sheets wrinkled up at the bottom of the bed as I attacked. His chin fell slowly to his chest in an odd defense of his throat as I struck there. Lips firmly pressed together, he finally came somewhat to life, twisting and turning slightly underneath me, but unbelievably couldn't appear to get away as I went for his collarbones, and his ribs. It seemed that Edward was ticklish just about everywhere.

He couldn't keep it in any longer as I wormed my way into his armpit. It started as a snort, then a snicker and soon we were both laughing like lunatics.

"Stop… please…. Stop…" he begged, barely audible.

Finally, my new weapon well tested, I took pity on him and let up. I rolled off him and both of us lay flat on the bed, desperate for air, my heart thumping fast and furious in my chest.

"Wow." he panted in wonder, taking me by surprise.

"Didn't you know?"

Edward turned toward me, propping himself up on one elbow and brushed the hair from my face, causing me to shiver with pleasure as his finger caressed the shell of my ear. "I don't know. I don't think anyone has ever tried before."

As he spoke the words, I could hear contemplation in his voice. Was he sifting through what was left of his childhood memories, trying to remember if his statement was true?

"Then it will be my pleasure to make up for lost time." I sat back up on my knees once more, snickering fiendishly and wiggling my fingers in front of his delectable unclothed body.

Unlike moments earlier, Edward moved with lightning speed, taking me by the waist down on to the mattress and pinning me protectively beneath him before I even knew what happened. He looked defenseless, half-afraid and half-defiant, confirming my suspicions. "It was like I lost my strength. I could move, but I couldn't get you off me. You …of all people."

Between his wary gaze and the inflection in his voice, I could tell that he viewed being ticklish not as something necessarily bad, but certainly as a vulnerability. It was extremely rare for Edward to discover any weakness about himself. As if he heard me, Edward flipped around onto my stomach in what most definitely was an extra effort at protecting himself. Clearly he was having a hard time with this.

"Oh, come on." I teased, struggling in vain, my arms trapped against my own sides by his elbows. "I don't ever get to win."1

I took one finger, just able to reach the outside of his unsuspecting hip and he jumped again. Edward flipped me on to my back again and reared up. He snatched both hands and held them close to his face.

"But I like to win." He growled, kissing the offending finger and looking a bit smug.

"I'm quite aware of that fact." I mocked him in a severe tone, giving in... for the moment. "Now, I need a moment or two to be human, then I'm getting in the shower. We have an early start tomorrow."

Frowning, he dropped my hands and rolled away. I hopped off the bed, closing up the suitcase before heading off to the bathroom. I sighed again. In many ways, Edward was far more mature than even his hundred odd years, but that seventeen-year-old boy was still there. It was a sexy combination.

I stopped to pee, pulling off my shirt and aimed it for the open hamper... and of course missing it. I had darn near had an accident I was laughing so hard myself. I stepped out of my jeans and panties, kicking them over toward the shirt, flushed and went to the sink to brush my teeth already planning the next battle in my head. It shouldn't be hard, Edward liked to touch me... a lot, and that required being in striking range. But there was one little problem. Though not to the same extent, Edward didn't seem to realize that I too was a little ticklish. It was a fact that I did not plan to share with him anytime soon.

I turned the shower on, waiting a couple of seconds for it to get warm. I expected to hear a knock on the open door as soon as the water started to run. I only shut it when I was doing less pleasant smelling things, but ever the gentleman that he is, Edward still tapped, still asked permission to come in. As the seconds dragged on to minutes with no sign of him, I started to wonder what he was doing. I was joking , but my last words to him in the bedroom were of a slightly patronizing tone, maybe even had a little bit of a sharp edge.

Had I hurt his feelings?

I walked over to the bathroom door and peaked around the corner into the bedroom. The laundry basket empty, our suitcase was now by the bedroom door and he was back in the remade bed, my book in his hands once more.

"Aren't you joining me?"

He looked up from under his eyelashes guiltily. "I didn't know if you wanted me too."

My mouth dropped open in realization. Edward thought I was mad at him. I walked undressed over to our bed and threw the blankets off him, snatching the book out of his hands and tossed it on the nightstand.

"There is not one thing about you I would want different." I said bending over the bed and kissed his nose.


"But nothing. It's sweet and endearing and sometimes… very enjoyable." My voice shook slightly on the last word.

I pulled myself together, climbing on top of him and took his face in my hands, putting on as stern an expression as I could muster. "I need you out of this bed Mr. Cullen, right now and in the bathroom."

"Ordering your husband around?" The one side of his face curved upward.

"Yes, I am."

"Your every command is my fondest wish Mrs. Cullen."

With one fluid move, he swung his legs off the bed and stood up, taking me along for the ride. Warm skin against warm skin, my legs wrapped around his waist as he kissed my throat carrying me off to the tub.


I sat her back down on her feet in the middle of the bathtub. Extra wide and built for two people, it was heated, but we didn't get jets in it. Neither of us liked the intrusive sound they made. Instead water sprayed from a long oval shaped head directly above us in a patter that felt like a soaking rain.

I had not chilled down from my bake in the bed and the water registered cooler than it would have normally. I knew she thought my new practice of preheating was unnecessary. Maybe it was, but I liked to touch her and not feel the difference in our skin temperatures. It made me feel more human.

Inhaling her intoxicating scent rising from the steam, I was relieved that she was not angry with me. There was a small integral aspect of this new discovery that was deliciously fun. It was intimate, its was... joyous, and the experience had a strangely natural feel. However, it overwhelming concerned me. It wasn't safe. My brain was having a hard time dealing with the sensory overload and the involuntary actions that might have resulted in something as simple as her fingernails scraping across my ribs. My body had reacted defensively. It had instinctively locked down, too afraid to move. There was no doubt that she was the fundamental core of my survival. And of course she had taken full advantage of my predicament. With a little time, I was arrogantly confident that I could overcome this feeling of vulnerability, but my first foray into something that was so foreign to me had been unnerving. Beyond my concerns for her welfare, my nature as a predator did not like the idea of being disarmed so easily. I hated the idea of anyone, even her, having that kind of control over me.

As the ridiculous thoughts sprang into my head, I laughed to myself. She already had total control over me, she just didn't know it. I was putty in her all too capable hands.

Still smiling from my absurdity, I popped the cap off the shampoo and proceeded with one of my favorite tasks. Admittedly, any job that required me touching her naked body was on the favorite's list. I ignored my stirring erection as she stepped out of the direct stream and began where her scalp framed her heart shaped face. She also had shampoo in her hands, reaching up high to get to the top of my head, and I ducked down happy to oblige. It was a dual pleasure. Her fingers ran through my wet hair, the pulses on their tips beating throughout me, compounding the current that throbbed up my arms from my own hands touching her. She kept her eyes closed and a content smile adorned her lips filling me with the joy of knowing she was as pleased as I was to please her.

I pulled us both back into the water and she lifted her face to it. A frothy white river flowed down her dark tresses, the foam sliding down between her legs and pooling at our feet. She must have still been amused from our earlier foray, giggling lightly as we both reached for the liquid soap at the same time. I squirted a small mound into her waiting palm, helping myself to some as well.

It was a sensual duet, our fingers on the same places, just on each other. We caressed the others neck, slid down to our shoulders. As I rubbed my palms over her breasts, she was at my chest, her fingers playing with the nipples. Her nails grazed across my ribs again, just below my armpits and I jerked, then froze once more from the sensation.

"I'm sorry." She whispered into my shoulder. Her nose traced patterns on my arm and the hair on the back of my neck stood up, just as it did in the bedroom, minutes before. Fear gripped me as I shuddered, actually shuddered. I turned to stone and she took a step back from me. What the fuck was going on?

"I don't know what it is." I whispered to her questioning face, forcing my lips to move. "You seem to have awakened something in me that does not want to got back to sleep."

Her face lit up like she was six years old and it was Christmas Day. I apparently was playing the part of the tree with presents at the bottom.

"Be nice." I instructed.

Her bottom lip went out, but she dropped her hands to her sides. As I managed to thaw, I too felt deprived. In an effort to appear unfazed, I squirted more soap into my hands and continued down her wet body. I almost asked her to resume… almost. I had to maintain control. I could hurt her so easily.

It bothered me that she had ceased to touch me, I could tell she was itching to resume. I needed to make it up to her. Hell, I needed to make it up to me. My hands gingerly descended lower, to her stomach, her hips, then turned her around to washed her back. Curving myself to her slight frame, I caressed her wet shoulder with my lips, wrapping my left arm around her waist. Her body trembled as I ran the fingers of my free hand down her spine, reaching her round backside and cupping it in my hand. She let out a soft moan and reached out to the wall for support. I slid my right hand further down, past her soft thigh to her knee, lifting her foot up and onto the rim of the tub.

"I want to make sure this gets good and clean." I murmured.

"Yes..." she half moaned "good hygiene is important."

I smiled at her joke as I watch the red blush spread across the side of her cheek, felt her heart skip in the fingers that had retreated back up her leg and were making their way to the opening in the center of her body.

"Edward..." she whispered

There is was, the sound of my name through her lips... it did things to me. My manhood began to bob under its own weight and I drew her closer, pressing against her, seeking relief from the achy desire. My fingers caressed and played, thrilled for the honor, registering that as warm as we both were standing under the hot shower, the throbbing point between her legs was still hotter.

My erection lay between the soft cheeks of her heart shaped behind, gently stroking and teasing. Back arching, her response to my touch fueled my own needs and I sought to taste her. The warm water ran across my face as my tongue licked at the pulse in her neck. Surrounded in the new mouthwatering scent, different but quite familiar now coming off her aroused skin, my throat burned happily, considering it well worth the cost. My free hand was at her breast working in unison with the hand below, both pulsing with the electricity from our vibrant heart. My fingers moved in time with the beat. As it accelerated, so did I, her moans of pleasure urging me on. Need for release made her squirm in my arms, rubbing herself against my hand in front and my cock in back. It was time to up my pace. Fingers now vibrating against her clit, her legs began to tremble, finally giving way and I held her up with one arm as she came, crying out in pleasure. The satisfaction and pride settled into every pore of my body as the shower flooded with the aroma of her orgasm. I inhaled deeply, doing my best to take it all in, holding her up at her waist as she had not yet found her footing.

"Spaghetti legs." I snickered teasing, still high from getting her off, thoughts of bending her over in the shower and taking her from behind swirling in my head.

"It's not funny," She groaned. I only chuckled louder.

She reached back and gripped me and began to stroke. My amusement abruptly ended. Purring like a cat and still holding me in her fist, she turned to face me, knocking the soap off the bathtub shelf. It bounced to the floor behind her. I went to reach for it, but she cut me off.

"I'll get it, it's closer to me." she said, licking my chest before releasing me from her grasp.

My eyes closed in concentration, knowing that her mouth would be so close to my nearly painful erection. I assumed she had crouched down to retrieve the plastic bottle, but her hand didn't reach back to grab it. Instead, her finger nails clawed up the backs of my knees. Eyes flying open, I buckled like I had been tackled by Emmett. I would have fell right on top of her if I hadn't caught myself, putting my hand through the tile wall… well, it wasn't the first time our showering together resulted in a trip to the home improvement store. She howled and howled at the sight, falling over and landing on her backside. I snarled in disapproval.

"I'm sorry," she choked out.

"You don't sound very sorry."

"Really," she snorted, "I am."

I began to straighten myself up, shaking off the dark thought of how easily I could have hurt her, my sexual urges abating slightly. I wasn't paying attention, not thinking she would strike again. Scrambling on to her knees her nails went right back to mine. I began to fall backwards this time and she leaped on top of me, knocking us both into the empty tub. My arms were frozen around her, certainly not in the best of places to save me from her assault on my ribs. Then it started and I couldn't make it stop. As the water spayed down on us, we both laughed and I wondered why she was cackling so much when I was the one being tickled. This heady feeling made my head spin as I struggled to get what should have been unneeded air back into my lungs. Finally, with all the concentration I could gather, my hand reached out in desperation to the shower curtain. The rod that held it crashed to the ground and water began to rain out onto the floor.

"We are flooding the bathroom."

She paused in her battery to absorb that information just long enough. I sprung to my feet, throwing her wet body over my shoulder.

"You are in such trouble."

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