It hade been nearly 2 days since Wolfenstine had escaped the castle and defenteed the germans. His life was back to the way it was before when there where no evil nazo who killed Jews. He was sleep at he home when the ringed phonr which he had stole from lady. He picled it up an talk "Hello" voice ays back "we has your daughter" but it was the wrong number so he said "I do no have child so go ahead rape and kill her" he hung up and then could note get tosleep becuse he wanted food so he went to Mcdoanlds and go a BIG MAC that he didn't pay for but instead tild the man "I dont pay" but the man was a german and knew who Wolfenstien guy was. "you you are wolfenstien the gut who away got" then he pressed the red button on his belt that was made of telephones and then more germans showered up. he then pulled heavy gun out from pocket where it had been hidden to not show locate "Bring ti ons" and the battle timer started so they could fight. he walked up to the firts german and stabbed himin balls which made he cry and no longer fight because pain was hospital quality and not good to live. then two germans ran and pucnched eacho other because they where blind soldiers and then everyone laughed and they died of embrassmeat. then while they where laugh he pulled his gun from floor and shoot some enemies faces right off because everyone know that the heavy gun is good. then he was stabert in back by an german but it was okay because he ate some dead soldier to get health and make himself healed again like befor he was hurt and then he took the knife out of his back and stabbed the german it the tongue and cut it out pouring red liquid onto ground killing the german but then outof the mist came a german who was big anf have 2 HEAVY GUNS. Wolfenstien went to hid behind a pole and so german was not able to see him but at that moment a stalite fell from the sky and landed on the german making Wolfenstein Yell "Yeah I win" and then he cut the germans ear off. He then went to find how the grman had survived and then he found that they wheere being made by the people who wrote the song 99 Luft Balloons which was just a cover up for they are rwal plans whoch where to kill wolfenstein. Now thsr Wolfenstein kne theyr planes he went attack went to their castle which was not the same castkle that he had been in in the wolfenstein game because this is real and not a game. He when find Nena in castle who was in get back that did not used gas but instead was like a hot air balloon 99 but Wolfenstein saw this and chucked semtek at here which exploded the 99 balloons casing to her fall from up on high and almost but as we know almost die and die are not the same remember guy from Prince Brides. She jumped and kicked Wolfensteein in face and he stum. He then looked at her while she landed anotehr attack which was stron g and hurt him alot but then Rocky fight song played and he was rocky so he no was stronger but Nena like music so she dance and then Wolfenstein stabbed he eyes off winning the fight. He then went home hungry and maybe now he could finish his nap but not really because he had work to do which was to make burgers because while he was fighting MacDonalds said 'we need worked how bout that fight guy".