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Chapter 3: The Enemy is Coming and Familiarity

Third POV

A man could be seen running with a red headed woman following him. They stopped at a gas station and the only one there were three guys, a girl and the cashier.

"Come on we'll stop here first I'm thirsty." The man said to the woman. "Sure John, I'm kinda thirsty too." The woman replied to the blonde man named John.

"You just fed Veronica." He retorted back "I got to be strong and well fed at all times, you know that." Then she pounced on one of the guys there.

John just watched her go through the three boys. After she finished with the boys she grabbed the girl and cashier (which was a girl as well).She was panting when she spoke to John

"Here feed I saved them for you, Victoria once told me that James used to love torturing, thought you might like it too."

John took the two girls by the hair and pulled them back he dragged them towards the back room then he threw them inside. The girls just screamed. John then turned to Veronica and said

"I'm the reason why James loved to torture women, I taught him everything he knew." He smirked at her and entered the back room then closed the door.

Screaming could be heard from the other room, clothes being shred to pieces and the red headed woman named Veronica just took a magazine and started reading it. Not that she paid attention to what she was reading. She was more focused on the fact that she had wasted her time with her sister and her mate when she could've just gone after the brother.

'Hmm, I need him to be my new mate. He's powerful, more so than James was, after we avenge his and Victoria's death, he's going to be mine.' Veronica thought

After hours of screaming, terror, tearing of clothes and skin, sadism and feeding John stepped out of the room with an evil smirk on his face. Veronica looked up from the magazine she was reading and stared at John. He was looking at her with an evil smirk and a knowing twinkle in his eyes.

"Did you enjoy your feeding?" Veronica asked

"Obviously." John answered "We must get a move on then I want to kill that human bitch now as well as his traitorous mate." Veronica replied. John gestured for Veronica and she stood up and ran.


Edward, Alexandra, Victor and I were out of the cafeteria but Emmett and Alice were still inside. I looked at my two new friends and saw that Alexandra was in a staring match with Edward. I shook Edward and ask the both of them.

"What's wrong with you two?" Edward looked at me and smiled.

"Nothing's wrong love." He said and kissed my head "I think it would be better if we went home now love don't you think?"

"Yeah that would be nice. Well it was nice meeting you two. Here's my number call me if you need anything." I told Alexandra and Victor

"This is very much appreciated Bella, thank you. Oh here's my number call me if you need any help whatsoever." Alexandra replied "Well we'll see you tomorrow then." They then walked off to a red convertible. I didn't know the exact model and brand but I was sure it was an amazing car because Edward whistled when he saw Victor help Alexandra in the car.

"Now that is one hot ride." I suddenly heard Emmett's voice behind me. I turned around and there I saw him with spaghetti sauce smeared all over his face. Me and Edward laughed at him and then we went to Edward's Volvo. We all drove back home (Cullen Mansion) Edward parked the car in the garage next to his Vanquish.

When we entered we saw that mom was back from her shopping trip.

"Hello kids. It's nice to see you guys again." She said, we all said 'hi' to her and pecked her cheeks and then we headed to the living room. We all started on our assignment. It was already six o'clock when we finished. Around seven dad returned from work, then that night we all talked about our day.

The following morning I spoke to Edward. "Love, I'm thinking about officially moving in the mansion now." Edward turned towards me and asked

"What made you change your mind?" I pushed his face so that he would face the road and then I told him

"Well seeing my old classmates from Phoenix gave me a wake up call. I'm different now and one of the reasons is because my dad's dead and though I'll never forget him I think it's time for me to move on now." I looked at him and saw that he was smirking.

"What's wrong?" I asked

"Nothing's wrong love, I'm just glad you're finally moving on." He answered

"Me too." I replied

We finally arrived at school and saw that all of our siblings were already there as well as Alexandra but Victor and Jasper were nowhere to be found.

"Hey Alexandra!" I greeted her

"Good morning Alexandra." Edward greeted her

"Hi Bella, Edward." She replied. I then asked her

"Where's Victor?" she scoffed and rolled her eyes and Alice just gave an irritated sigh, then answered

"Jasper and him are out racing." My eyebrows shot upward

"Racing? With what?" I asked but all of a sudden two motorbikes parked beside Emmett's jeep. One was like my old motorcycle a dirt bike but it had a more modern look and the other was like the one Edward bought, a sports bike or big bike I think. I blinked a few times and looked closely, there removing their helmets were Jasper and Victor and they were laughing.

"Are you done?" Alexandra asked. Victor then frowned and Jasper frowned also when he looked at Alice's glare. Victor walked up to Alexandra and placed his arm around her waist then asked.

"What's wrong baby-girl?" Alexandra glared at Victor and he flinched. I let out a small chuckle and they all turned their heads to me. I blushed so hard and bowed my head and mumbled an apology.

"You know why I'm mad." Alexandra then spoke.

"Come on baby-girl, it was just one race." Victor replied.

"You could've gotten hurt. . . or worse" She replied and narrowed her eyes

"I'm fine, see." He then did a 360 degree turn and held his arms up. "See no scratch." He then smirked and pointed to the sports bike "No scratch too."

"Fine, I'll let you off the hook this one time." She answered. Victor then smiled and kissed her and said "I love you baby-girl" Edward then spoke

"If you're scared of him getting hurt then why did you let him have a bike?"

"I'm not actually against motorbikes, I only hate them when they are used for racing in places with small roads such as this one. Besides my baby could have gotten hurt." She then grabbed mine and Rosalie's hand and waved for Alice to follow, and we walked towards the entrance.

"Oh come on!" Jasper yelled "Victor drives like a pro you shouldn't be scared!" then Alexandra turned around and replied "He's not actually my baby you know." Then stormed away. I followed her, when I turned back to look at the guys I saw Emmett and Edward were laughing and Victor and Jasper were pouting.

The day dragged on and finally it was lunch time. Thankfully I didn't encounter the idiotic gang today and so far my day was alright. We all sat down and ate our lunch, well I did the rest of them did not touch their food.

Edward made light conversation with Alexandra and Victor, he asked them what model and brand was the car they brought yesterday and also about their motorcycle. Alexandra was the one who talked more about the bikes and car while Victor just stared at her.

The red convertible car was hers and it was a 2010 Aston Martin DBS Volante. The two bikes were BMWs, Victor's was a 2010 G650 GS and Alexandra's was a 2010 K1300 S. She spoke about her babies (her car and motorbike) with pride, honour and intelligence that would make Rosalie looked like she knew nothing about cars.

We were all laughing together when suddenly Alice had that distant look again, Edward tensed and looked at her. When Alice snapped out of it she just smiled faintly and continued conversing with the others.

I wonder what was that all about, I didn't really give a damn. All I knew was life was going on smoothly. . . .

I think

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