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"Were you with Mr. Shue that whole time?" the question was loaded and laced with innuendo, topped off with a sizable dose of contempt.

Rachel turned to face her captor, "Quinn? What are you doing here?"…

"Puck forgot he was supposed to take me home," she answered flippantly, staring at Rachel with new found interest, "he's not answering his cell," she added as a follow up. "What were you doing with him?" she asked, with a sly look that almost looked like a smile.

"Noah and I haven't done anything together for months" Rachel replied, feigning misunderstanding.

Quinn rolled her eyes, seeing right through her bullshit, "with Mr. Shue," she repeated, "for almost two hours!" she pointed out, "in his car?" she seemed almost giddy with scandal as she uttered the last part of her question.

Rachel took an internal moment to debate the best answer, "that wasn't Mr. Shue," she said matter of factly, before turning back towards her car.

Quinn scoffed behind her, "that wasn't Mr. Shue? Really? You think I'm going to buy that?" she answered as she followed Rachel to her car, "I have two eyes, and I saw him, and his car, you were with Mr. Shue!" she yelled gleefully, "this is just the most awesome dirt I could ever have against you, you're screwing a teacher!"

At that Rachel whirled around angrily, "I am not screwing Mr. Shue," she yelled and then she stomped away.

"So just heavy petting then?" Quinn couldn't even hide the laugh that came out with the question.

Rachel huffed, "he was just helping me with my vocals," she said as she climbed into her car and slammed the door.

"In his car?" Quinn asked as she opened the other door and climbed into the passenger seat.

"Cars have fantastic acoustics," she retaliated, "what are you doing?" she asked impetuously as she watched Quinn close the door and buckle herself in.

"What? Like you're really going to leave me here? It's cold, and I'm 16 and pregnant" Quinn said as she waved for Rachel to start driving.

Rachel rolled her eyes at the blonde's complete lack of etiquette, but chose to stay silent, praying that maybe Quinn would buy her story, she knew the likelihood was almost non-existent, but she had to hope.

"I am an excellent secret keeper you know, I won't tell anyone your getting it on with a teacher," it wasn't said kindly per say but it also wasn't said with malice, and Rachel couldn't quite work out if Quinn was being honest, or just trying to get a confession.

"Well I'm not, so you probably shouldn't," she said quietly, not really knowing how she had allowed herself to get stuck in a car with Quinn Fabray.

Quinn rolled her eyes, "you so are, and whether you admit it or not I could still spread it around the school, tell principle Figgins, and all that, so maybe you should make a decision now about how much you want to annoy me by lying," and there was the threat Rachel had been waiting for.

She took a moment to get her emotions in check before replying, "you love Mr. Shue, just like the rest of us, why would you do that to him, he'd lose his job," she pointed out.

"Well firstly, I don't love him quite like you do," she said with innuendo, "and secondly, hmm, why would I tell people? Gee, I don't know, maybe because he's pedo-ing a student? And that's a bit, what's the word?" she said with mock confusion, "Oh right, illegal!"

As Rachel pulled up at a stop sign she just turned and glared at Quinn, "what do you want?" she asked before taking off again.

"So you admit it?" Quinn asked, brimming with energy.

"No, I just want to know what it will take for you to not spread a malicious rumour?" she asked, "especially one that isn't true!"She added as an afterthought.

Quinn seemed to accept the offer and stopped to consider her request, a look of uneasiness crossed her features, one which Rachel missed, as she had turned back to look at the road while she kept driving.

"What do you do on Thursday nights?" the cheerio asked, a waiver of hesitation still in her voice.

"Nothing, I used to have a dance class, but now that's on a Tuesday," she answered automatically before considering the question, and then asked "why?" with suspicion.

"Puck has fight club, and he won't come to my teen mom Lamaze classes, I went by myself once, it was embarrassing," Quinn tried to act cavalier, rolling her eyes to disguise her discomfort, "I mean, women have been having babies forever, and they never used to have birth classes, so it's not really a big deal if I don't go, but the teacher lady keeps calling me telling me I should come again even if I'm alone," she left the comment hanging in the air, it had taken all of her courage just to tell Rachel, she couldn't ask her straight out.

She didn't need to, oblivious as she was to social normality, Rachel wasn't an idiot, "you want me to go with you?" is was asked with great unease, not even entirely sure that's what Quinn was getting at, maybe all she wanted was for Rachel to try to convince Noah to change his mind.

"I dunno," Quinn shrugged, "if you wanted to, you could," wow, she berated herself, try harder to sound pathetic.

Rachel pondered the thought for a moment, trying her best not to sound offensive she asked, "won't that be a bit weird? Going with…" she considered saying 'a friend' but it was pretty far from the truth, instead she went with, "another girl?"

Quinn started to feel very awkward, that sounded like a no, it was veiled, but still, "maybe," she admitted, feeling a bit defeated, but she was going to give it her best shot. She knew what outcome she wanted, well needed, she needed someone to go to these classes with, she wanted to go to the classes, and she certainly wasn't ever setting foot in that room of hormonal teenagers again without having someone in her corner, "most of the girls are just there with their parents, or their friends, because their baby daddies are all drop kicks, it wouldn't be that weird," she assured the man handed midget.

"Oh," Rachel responded, "so you're asking me to go, because you'd like a friend there?" she clarified, she had picked up on the 'f' bomb.

"Well…" 'No, I'm asking you to go because I'm too embarrassed to ask anyone else, and now that I have the best gossip on you I know you won't dare tell anyone about it,' seemed like a poor choice if she wanted company, "yeah," she simply replied.

"Umm, ok," Rachel agreed hesitantly, pulling up in front of Noahs house to let Quinn out, she wondered silently if she was making a huge mistake letting Quinn any closer to her considering what she seemed to know. She was panicking internally while Quinn climbed out of the car, wondering what she should tell Mr. Shue, or even if she should tell him at all, maybe if she did this for Quinn, the blonde really would keep her silence, although that seemed like a offer to good to be true, because honestly, when was Quinn ever good, or kind, or merciful. Never, that's when.

"Great, pick me up from here on Thursday at 5, ok, I wanna go and get dinner first, I'm dying for anything with bacon!" she said, before slamming the door shut and stalking off towards the house.

Ears still reverberating from the sound of the door closing, Rachel's thoughts turned to one simple fact, "I'm so screwed!" she muttered out loud.

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