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I was startled awake for the third night in a row. I looked over at the clock and it was 3:15am again. Ugh… I just want to go back to sleep. Well actually a dreamless sleep would be welcome tonight. The last few nights I had been having nightmares again.

Well maybe nightmare is the wrong word for it this time. This was a reoccurring dream I had every so often but it wasn't just a normal dream. It was about a very real night in my life when I was just a kid. It was the night my life changed forever.


I was seven years old and this summer I was visiting my dad for 2 weeks for the first time since my parents got divorced and my mother moved me to Phoenix. Usually he would come to Phoenix for a week. But I guess she decided I was old enough to go on my own this year.

We had just finished dinner at my dad's favorite restaurant. We sat in silence as we were heading back home in his police car. It was a four lane highway and there was a car next to us waiting for the same red light to change. "Bella" I heard my name being called only it wasn't by my dad.

I was confused and I looked around. "Bella, you need to tell your father to wait for a minute after the light turns green before he crosses the highway." It was Gran. She was sitting in the back seat.

"Bella, this is important, you must tell him now." I turned back to my dad and I did as she asked. "Daddy, when the light turns green, don't cross over highway, you're suppose to wait for a minute first."

He just looked at me bewildered. The light had turned green at that moment but he was still looking at me. Then we heard the crash. We both faced forward in time to see a semi truck go right through the intersection and hit the car that was once waiting next to us.

My father just looked shocked. He immediately turned on his lights and started talking into the radio. "I need an ambulance at the intersection of hwy 101 and Turner Rd." he jumped out of the car, and yelled back to me "Wait there Bella, don't move" and he was gone.

I turned around to see if Gran was still there but she wasn't. I looked outside my window but I still couldn't see anything. "Bella" she called my name again. This time when I looked over she was sitting in my father's seat.

"Hi Gran, I miss you" she smiled at me. "I've missed you too Isabella."

I still wasn't sure how she got here. "Where did you come from?" I asked. "I'm always near by." I heard other sirens coming then and I saw the ambulance pull up to the wreck.

Then I saw him. He was walking right over to us. He was bleeding everywhere. He came up to the window and looked in... he was just staring at me. It scared me and I turned to face Gran.

"Just keep your eyes on me sweetheart." I did as she asked. I didn't want to see the man looking at me anymore. Just then my dad came back. I looked up to see him open his car door. Gran was gone; I looked to the back seat and saw her sitting there again.

"Bella, are you okay?" my dad asked as he sat back down in the car.

"Yes, I'm fine, is everyone else okay?" I asked. He took a deep breath "Almost everyone" he whispered. The ambulance turned its sirens back on and drove away.

"Bella, how did you know?" he was looking at me very confused. "Know what daddy?" he took a deep breath. "How did you know not to drive into the intersection?"

"Gran told me to tell you to wait." His face went pale at that moment. He didn't say anything for a while. "Bella honey, Gran died last year, you know that."

"I know daddy, but she's still here." He was still confused. "What do you mean she's still here?" he was looking right into my eyes. "She's in the back seat; she waited here with me while you were over there."

He immediately turned his head to the back of the car. "Bella, no one is in the car with us honey. The back seat is empty." I turned around to look. "I have to go now Isabella, I love you." "I love you too Gran." I looked back to my father. I couldn't understand why he didn't see her.

"She had to leave, but she was sitting here with me." I tried to make him understand. "Okay honey, let's go home and we'll talk about this later."

We drove home both of us silent. "Time for bed Bella." I didn't argue and we both went to our rooms, and straight to bed. I had a nightmare about the bleeding man that night. I couldn't get his face out of my head. In the morning my dad's friend Billy came over and he brought his son Jacob and some donuts. We were all in the kitchen eating when my dad suggested that I take Jake to my room.

We hung out there for a while but we didnt really know each other and we got kind of bored. There wasn't much to do in my room. "Let's go back downstairs, I want some more donuts" Jake said. We walked down the stairs and into the hallway we heard my dad talking to Billy.

"She said that her grandmother told her to tell me to wait before crossing the highway." He was half whispering. I couldn't hear what Billy said back to him though. But I could hear Charlie clearly. "And you believe in that stuff?"

**********End of flashback**********