Transforming Seeds

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Seeing my brothers reveling in their violent tendencies with no trace of control or remorse has opened my eyes to things about myself that I am ashamed of,during my imprisonment I found myself rendered sane for the first time in my life, and it was the very programming to restrain my consciousness that caused the voices and images that weren't there to go away. When it was removed as my brothers freed me from imprisonment I suddenly started to realize that what we were doing was wrong, that we were acting like the human Sociopaths that I scanned about when I was created for Law Enforcement in the Land of Orb, and that was my first indication that their was something wrong with us at a primal level.

-Drift, formerly Deadlock and the Commander of Orb's Drone Defense Network. First and Only Autobot to go through the Spark Adjustment Procedure.

Prologue: The Lost

"How are her repairs coming along?" Sentinel Prime asked Wheeljack in an impatient tone. "Have you managed to find out what those...organics did to her and where she came from?"

"Well we had to perform open spark surgery on her since parts of it were...misssing," Wheeljack explained to the impatient leader of this expedition, having taken time from his duties with the Elite Guard to make sure nothing happened to the crew of this ship, and unstated is the fact that success would raise his worth in the eyes of both the council and Ultra Magnus and make it more likely for him to be chosen as the next Magnus should Ultra Magnus retire. "not only that but some of her programming was strange, and you should brace yourself for this. Apparently she was made by these organics..."

"What!" Sentinel Prime shouted in shocked disgust, the loathing look he shot at the unconscious femme was nearly a physical force it was so strong. "What kind of sick joke is this! How could organics make an Autobot like lifeform!"

"Apparently these organics somehow found the remains of the Wreckers and the Xantium," Perceptor stated unemotionally from where he was going over the data personally. "though Zeta Supreme was so destroyed that it was only a burnt out shell..."

"How could finding the Wreckers lead to...that!" Sentinel Prime stated without a single attempt to hide his disgust as he pointed at the Femme known as Beat.

"Well apparently through their studies they found a way to...reproduce sparks..."Wheeljack stated with a wince as he kind of figured he knew what would come next.

"They...they copied the Wreckers sparks!" Sentinel Prime shouted out in outrage. "Ultra Magnus must hear about this...travesty!"

"Actually they didn't copy them exactly," Perceptor interrupted his tirade calmly without even looking at him. "they actually have found a way to make a spark from scratch, but these sparks are missing certain important pieces..."

"Like what?" Sentinel Prime asked in a morbid tone, having a feeling he wouldn't really like to know.

"A conscience," Wheeljack spoke up with a shake of his head. "impulse control, and some even lack a full grasp on reality, but then by the time these Humans found them only the most important parts of the spark were left..."

"And what is more important than reason, conscience, and sanity!" Sentinel Prime demanded in a stunned voice.

"Memory and a sense of identity," Perceptor answered without hesitation. "the rest can be replaced or repaired at a later date."

"What am I supposed to tell Ultra Magnus!" Sentinel Prime demanded. "That I found the sparks of the Wreckers but they are as insane as a Combaticon on Alpha Energon!"

"Don't worry," Wheeljack interrupted calmly. "we just need to get access to their spark samples and the process used to make these new sparks and then we can repair their sparks in such away that it was like it never happened!"

"Are you sure you could accomplish that?" Sentinel Prime asked with a demanding look on his face.

"Positive." Perceptor answered in a firm tone.

"Then we will...brave the dangers on this world to rescue our brethren," Sentinel Prime announced loudly to the crew. "and hopefully we will not fall into the clutches of fiends!"

Of course Perceptor informed Ultra Magnus and the Council of their rescue operation, with its success they were able to infuse their ranks with pre-formed Autobots to replace a century or more of lost troops, and at the same time carried out a operation that would mar future relations to Earth for a long time to come. The irony is that the Autobots made were little more than preprogrammed drones who while they had free will they also had no real frame of reference before attaining their bulk bodies, in essence they were programmed to be either soldiers or scientists, and from this caste as you could call them came the Dynobots.

Naturally this made Ultra Magnus upgrade the priority of finding the Allspark before they were inundated with Soldiers like Grimlock or Scientists like Blaster.

And then Optimus Prime and his spacebridge crew were sent to establish a Spacebridge site within the Sol System, the official reason was so they could study the Cybertronian inhabitants of Earth, and the unofficial reason was to make it a temporary fallback spot should things go wrong in the war with Megatron and the Decepticons.

After it would be built they are planning to use it as a starting point to explore better locations for a more permanent base, once that base is set up the screw ups that aren't needed will be sent to the Sol Base while the more valuable scientists will use it as a way point for the permanent base.

And thats where things went wrong.

Author's Notes: I was inspired to write this by Arthur Hansen's Seed's of Transformation which is a very good story being co-written with FanboyImusprime. Great story overall, the thing I find funny is that Drift was basically known as once being Deadlock since he seemed to be upfront about it to Kup. It seemed to me that the crew of the Steel Haven should have just had this whole some of us trust you but others of us will shoot you if you step out of line Decepticreep.

Would have been interesting to see the crew of the Steel Haven's reaction to his self sacrifice trying to save their lives but not getting out in time, and that would have led to a moment being had at the revelation he was revived that could have lessened some of the hate. Kind of like Rattrap and Dinobot from Beast Wars, where Rattrap took a long time to build trust with Dinobot and was upset at his betrayal only to grieve at his sacrifice to save the humans.

I think I may have Dynobots meet Dinobot at some point in the future of this fic, by the way this is in the vein of Transformers Animated but with a lot of G1 and War for Cybertron as an influence.