I realized something very important today. I have been taking the easy way out. This story, when I originally wrote it was supposes to be about Roxas. About him and what he was going through. I realize now by writing this in Axel's point of view, I made it more about him. And that was wrong of me.

I took the easy way out in writing this because at the time I was afraid to admit that I was in Roxas's position. Well, I never got to the point where I was cutting or anything, but I feel like he felt. And I still do. And I don't think that I am going to feel any better about myself unless I write this story from Roxas's point of view.

So to make it up to all you readers, and myself, because I feel like I have been holding out on the true core of this story, I am going to make this a two-shot, and the second chapter is going to be this day from Roxas's point of view.

I should have the second chapter up within the next few days.

I apologize again for putting this authors note up, but I'll get rid of it when I post up the new chapter. Thanks for dealing with me!

All my love,


By the way, after I post up the second chapter, I am going to continue this as a series of oneshots. My brain has been going a mile a minute with ideas.