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Cleric Susan Vandom felt her arm vibrate as the drows sword slammed against her shield. Twisting hard, she slammed her own blade into the other woman's chest. To her right, she saw her husband, Thomas Vandom getting steadily pushed back by another drow warrior, this one a huge brute of a man.

Spinning on her heel, she spun towards the drow man and rammed her blade into the drows side. Thomas frowned at her.

"I could've taken him." He snapped.

"You're welcome!" Susan replied sarcastically. Her marriage to Thomas had slowly fallen apart over the course of the past few months. After the birth of their daughter Will, their marriage had steadily fallen apart.

The fighting was fierce, but by the end of the day, the drow were driven out of the village. After two months of occupation by the drow, the village was theirs once more.

As Susan entered one of the buildings, she heard a cry in the corner. Turning to face the origin point of the cry, she saw an overturned cradle with the name Taranee on the end. Carefully she lifted it up.

Underneath the cradle lay a drow baby, a year old at most. Tossing the cradle aside, Susan bent down and picked up the crying child.

"Shh little one." Susan whispered to the crying child as she cradled her in her arms. As she rocked the baby in her arms, the child steadily dropped off to sleep. Susan smiled to herself. In that moment, Susan silently promised this little drow girl that she would raise her as if she was her own.

Turning, she walked outside, the drow baby in her arms, she was approached by none other than her husband Thomas.

"Where are you taking that thing?" he asked, his voice dripping with contempt.

"That 'thing' as you call it, is a baby girl." Susan snarled in reply. "And I'm taking her back home with us."

"Just kill it and be done with!" Thomas snapped back. "If you're going to bring that thing into our home, then don't expect me to live under the same roof with it. And I'll take Will with me as well."

The words were barely out of his mouth, when suddenly, Susan smashed her shield into Thomas's face, knocking him out cold.

"Don't ever threaten me like that ever again." She growled. Twisting on her heel, Susan ran for home. When Thomas came to several hours later, Susan had left their home village of Fadden Hills and well beyond his influence. Letting out a roar, he swore vengeance on Susan Vandom.

Twelve years later.

"C'mon T, just a little higher." A little redheaded girl called down to a drow girl of roughly the same age.

"I dunno Will. I don't like it this high up." Taranee replied timidly. "I think it has to do with the fact that us drow are meant to be BELOW ground, not hundreds of feet above it."

"Come on, I'll help you up." Will said as she stretched her hand down. Grabbing it, Taranee pulled herself up.

"Remind me why we're up here again." Taranee asked Will.

"There's a nest of dragons up here T. I just want to take a look, that's all." Will replied in a voice so pleading, Taranee almost laughed. For as long as Taranee could recall, Will had always been a real animal lover. She was also Taranee's best friend and Taranee knew that she would follow Will to the ends of the Earth if need be.

Steadily climbing to the mouth of the cave, the two girls peered in at the nest of dragons in front of them.

"Aren't they cute?" Will asked Taranee in a quiet voice, a look of pure ecstasy on her face. And Taranee had to admit they were certainly beautiful. She still didn't want to be around when mummy returned though. A fully-grown dragon was not something she wanted to annoy, not by a long shot.

A huge shadow passed over them and Taranee slipped. For a few seconds she was rolling down the mountainside and then there was nothing as Taranee flew off the edge of mountainside.

"Taranee!" Will screamed.

Taranee flailed about as she fell. She knew that the fall would certainly kill her and that flailing her hands would do nothing to change that, but that didn't stop her subconscious mind from not trying to stop her descent. Suddenly, she felt herself land on something relatively soft that slowed her down. Sitting up, she saw that she was sitting on the back of a dragon. A black dragon. Blinking twice, Taranee rubbed her eyes, convinced that what she was seeing was not possible.

"You're welcome." The dragon said snootily, jerking Taranee out of her shock.

"You can talk!" Taranee exclaimed and then let out a small mental groan. He was a dragon, of course he could talk!

The dragon chuckled. "The name's Peter." He said in a laid back voice. "And I believe that you have great potential as a dragon disciple. You called to me and I responded."

"I called to you?" Taranee asked, puzzled.

"Yes you called me." Peter replied and although Taranee couldn't see his face, she felt sure that he was rolling his eyes. "Are all humanoid children so ignorant?"

"No…you surprised me, that's all. I wasn't even aware I called you." Taranee replied, still feeling a little uncertain.

"Where do you live little drow?" Peter asked in a laid back voice. "I need to know where to put you."

Taranee felt a surge of panic flood through her at the thought of the effects of Peter landing on her doorstep would have. Already widely distrusted because of her drow heritage, Taranee could only imagine what would happen if she landed in the town on the back of a black dragon, a creature that was long associated with evil.

"Land near the town please. I don't want to cause a panic." Taranee said in Peter's ear. Peter nodded.

"A good idea Disciple. Neither your kind, nor mine are exactly noted for getting on with humans." He agreed.

"Yeah and I think that my dear old mum would hate for us to get chased out of town by an angry mob." Taranee added with a grin. Settling down on the north side of Heatherfield, Taranee dismounted.

"I'll see you soon, trust me." She whispered to Peter. "I'll return with my mum and sister. As soon as possible."

"Wouldn't have thought a drow woman would want to settle here." Peter said as he looked at the town. Taranee grinned.

"You'll see, soon enough." She replied and with that she turned and walked into the town.

Will, meanwhile had scaled down the mountain in record time, determined to get to Taranee as soon as possible. It was her fault that T had even come she thought to herself. Reaching the foot of the mountain, Will realised that she couldn't see Taranee at all. Frantically looking around, her mind finally caught up with her.

"The best way for me to find Taranee lies in me coming back with a search party. And the temple's the best place for me to find help." She said to herself. With a plan (of sorts) in mind, Will charged into town.

As Taranee raced into town, she was suddenly tripped and sent sprawling.

"Where do you think you're going, you stupid monster?" asked a girl with a dark hair in a bowl cut.

"Doesn't she realise that her kind aren't welcome here?" a second, slightly taller girl with almost identical hair added.

Taranee groaned to herself. She really didn't need to meet up with the Grumper sister's right about now.

"Courtney, Bess. I'm just trying to get home." Taranee replied, her voice level. While the Grumper's weren't much of a threat by themselves, their cousins, Uriah and his gang, were notoriously vicious.

"Drow filth like you belong in the ground!" Courtney spat at her, kicking Taranee in the ribs.

"Yeah, scum like you shouldn't be allowed to mix with decent folk!" Bess added as she kicked Taranee in her other side.

"What you mean like just about every person who isn't related to you?" Taranee asked sarcastically. Probably not the smartest course of action, given her position, but Taranee always did have a temper.

"HOW DARE YOU!" Courtney screeched at her. "Our bloodline is far superior to yours, you evil creature."

As Bess swung her foot to administer another brutal kick, Taranee grabbed her leg and pulled her over. Courtney let out a screech of rage and was about to throw a punch into Taranee's exposed jaw when someone ran into her and they ended up in a pile.

"Out of my way Grumper's, this is an emergency!" the mystery person practically yelled.

"Will?" Taranee asked as she stood up.

"Taranee?" Will asked in a disbelieving voice, almost afraid to hear the answer.

Taranee grinned. "It's me, alive and in the flesh as it were."

Will pulled Taranee into a tight hug, whispering "I'd thought I'd lost you. How…."

"Let's get mum, there's something I need to show you both." And with that, they both turned and headed towards the temple of Pelor, where their mother Susan Vandom was. The Grumper sisters stared at their retreating backs.

A fast moving staff caught Susan Vandom and knocked her flying across the room.

"Too slow Mrs Vandom, too slow." Her opponent told her in an infuriatingly calm voice. "If this had been a real fight and not a training fight, you'd be dead by now."

Susan looked up and grinned. "Good thing most people aren't as fast as you Luba."

"Be that as it may Mrs Vandom, there's still a chance that you might meet someone with my speed." The tall, elvish woman replied peevishly. Susan was saved a reply by Taranee and Will bursting in.

"Mum there's something we need to show you." Taranee shot out breathlessly. "It's really important."

Susan raised an eyebrow.

"Mum, it's something I'd rather show you." Taranee added, pre-empting Susan's question.

"Then lead on."

Taranee looked nervously at her adoptive mother and sister. She knew that they loved her as family, but would they accept this new facet of her life? Silently, Taranee prayed they would.

Susan looked at Peter with an inscrutable look on her face. "So you're the reason my daughter isn't dead?" she asked in a neutral voice.

Peter snorted. "The child is pure drow. You are clearly not her biological mother. But yes, I am the reason she's still here."

Susan stepped forward and hugged Peter. "Thank you" she whispered. Will on the other hand stared in amazement.

"Wow!" she exclaimed when she finally spoke. "This is..amazing."

Taranee smiled. It was going to be okay.