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Misha pulled Castiel away from the computer.

"Okay, Cabob, my absolutely mortal brother, let us now go to the set and start filming so I can hopefully wake up from this strange, apocalyptic nightmare."

"But that person was asking me if I had horns..."

"Er.. Horn - what?"

"They asked if I was -"

"Oh my god! I don't have to hear this."

"But he might think I'm a demon!"

"Cas, in this context, I think hor- erm, that word means, uh, y'know ... god, why do I feel so uncomfortable discussing this?"

"Maybe because you're not familiar with Demons"

"Alright, let's go feather brains, we're going to be late."

Misha dragged Castiel to the studio. When they arrived, Misha accompanied Castiel to hair and makeup.

"Err, so, Cas. This place is called a dressing room. This is where they make you all prettied up for the shoot"

Two girls approached the men and forced Castiel to sit.
"You guys hair and makeup?" Misha asked.

"Yeah, we've just started working, actually," one of the girls asked as the other tried (and failed) to hide a familiar sounding giggle.

Castiel looked suspicious

"Oh, really? That's cool." Misha said. "Wonder what happened to the old ones."
"We'd tell you, but then we'd have to kill you, Mr. Collins"

Misha backed away slowly and left.

"Er. Cas-CABOB. I'll leave you with these girls. I'm gonna go feed my pet Unicorn"
"I understand" replied the very confused man.

"Yeah. We all know what that means, right Donna?" Said the girl that was putting on foundation on the angel's neck.
The other girl didn't respond. She had been too busy the past minute chanting a mantra.

"Ohmygod,ohmygod,ohmygod,ohmygod..." she kept on repeating.

"I already tried that," Cas said, sounding very sad. "He still wouldn't come to me."

Castiel suddenly became very still.
"Donna..I remember someone named Donna chasing after me. I also remember someone who was with her."

"Oh my god," the girl whispered. "He remembers us!"
Cas looks up at the one fixing his hair. "Why are you cutting my hair?" He stared as one of the girls put a lock of it in her pocket.

He stared at the girl who's putting makeup on him with scared eyes.
"It's okay, Sir. It's normal. She doesn't get stabby if you stay still."

Suddenly the door opened. Jensen was standing behind it. "Hey, Misha - Kebab, whichever you are, I honestly can't tell - we're about to start shooting. C'mon!"

"Dean!" Cas called out as he rushed towards Jensen. "I am thankful for your company."
After several, and poorly concealed, moments of hesitation, Cas pulled Jensen in for a hug. "I understand this is the human expression for gratefulness."

"Okay," Jensen, clearly uncomfortable, cleared his throat. "So, Kebab, you are."
"Um. Mr. Collins clearly christened me as Cabob-not Kebab."

the two men went to join the set.
"Oh, there you guys are," Eric said, looking at Jensen and Cas. He eyed the knife the angel was holding.
"Yeah," Jensen tried to explain. "He kind of discovered the props room on the way here."
"You're a very strange man, aren't you, Mr. Cabob" Said Kripke, eyeing the man.

"The demons are back," Cas said, sounding grave. "We need to take safety measures."
".. and thank you for saying my name correctly." Cas threw a glance at Jensen.

After a few minutes, Misha joined the rest of the set.

The whole crew went silent.

"Where have you been?" Sera Gamble, furious, came out of nowhere and questioned Misha.

"His pet unicorn was in need of assistance," Cas replied.

"Oh," she replied, calming down.

"Oh my god," Misha stared in horror as he heard Cas' voice. "You do exist. I thought it was just the coffee."

"Hey, man, where've you been?" Jared asked.

"Where have YOU been?" Misha asked back.

"Some fangirl was chasing me. I think her name was Su?"

"Yeah, and I'm a fangirl named Shi." answered the man.

"Get it? Get it? Su-Shi. Haha. Sushi" he joked.

"Okay," Eric announced amidst the chaos. "Let's start filming the episode."

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