Chapter 1:

The drive home was. . . strange. I decided that I needed to tell Edward what I was. I had to. He trusted me enough, I can trust him.

"Bella, can we take a walk?" Edward asked as soon as I got out of my truck. This would be the perfect time to fulfill my duty and please him.

"Yeah, sure." We started to walk into the trees and two steps in, he spun around and faced me. I spoke first.

"Edward, I'm a wit-"

"Bella, we're leaving." Edward said.

I looked at him. "I'm coming with?" I had to make sure. I didn't really want to, but maybe he wanted me to. I could get more information for him.

"No. When I say we, I mean my family and myself."

I laughed, "It's bloody time!"

Edward looked confused. "Bella are you okay?"

"Yeah, I am just peachy. I mean, honestly. Can you possibly expect me to love you!?" Edward looked so hurt when I said this. I smiled and started to walk toward the house. He caught my wrist.

"Bella, what is wrong with you? Did you hit your head on the way home?"

I laughed, "The only time I ever tripped on accident was when I was three, Edward."

My British accent was starting to slip through. I looked at his hand on my arm, the Dark Lord said he wanted one of them. Why not bring Edward? I pulled out my wand, recieving a confused look from Edward, and pointed it toward my room.

"Pack." I heard things in my room shift into my trunk. "Accio trunk." My trunk flew out of the house and came barreling toward me. Edward was about to hit it when I reached and got it. I clutched it to my chest and apparated, still aware of Edward holding my arm. After a few seconds in the crushing blackness, I was in the living room of my fiancee, Draco Malfoy's, house.

Edward looked scared. "Imperio." I muttered, looking at him. "Dobby!" A loud crack appeared right in front of me.

"What can Dobby do for Miss Lestrange?" the house elf said, voice shaky. I don't know how many times I tortured him.

"Take my trunk to my room. Notify Narcissa of my arrival."

Dobby nodded, grabbed my trunk, and apparated with a pop. I controlled Edward to follow after me as I walked toward where the Dark Lord was currently living. I knocked lightly.

"Come in!" I heard his chilling voice sound.

I opened the door and bowed. "My Lord, I have retrieved the vampire that you wanted."

"Right on time. Excelled work, Bellatrix." He said.

I smiled and bowed again. "My Lord, I have currently put him under the imperious curse, so as he doesn't escape. Should I take it off?"

"That would be wise. Please, take it off."

I pointed my wand at Edward and muttered the counter-jinx. He blinked and looked at me.

"Bella, what is going on?"

"You will bow to the Dark Lord." I growled. He seemed shocked, then noticed Lord Voldemort.

He didn't bow. "My Lord, if I may use force, or shall you?"

"You may. He seems to have grown a liking to you. It would be even more torturous for him."

I smiled and nodded. I pointed my wand at Edward. "CRUCIO!"

Edward fell to the ground. Thrashing but not screaming. I concentrated. "He is no screamer, My Lord."

Voldemort seemed thoughtful, "No matter. A few nights in the celler might change his actions."

I nodded and released the curse. Edward looked at me with wide eyes. "My Lord, his family may come. What shall we do to them, if I may ask?"

"I will summon a meeting. Dolohov! Greyback! Take him to the celler."

Dolohov and Greyback came out of the corners and grabbed Edward's arms.

"Love, why are you doing this?" Edward pleaded.

"I am not your love, and I never will be, you filthy Mudblood." I smirked. Edward looked confused, and slightly annoyed he couldn't read anyones mind.

"My Lord, if I may speak with Draco. I have yet to see him."

The Dark Lord nodded, "Yes, of course. He has been worried about you."

I smiled, bowing before leaving. I saw Edward thrash, but he was no match for Dolohov and Greyback's magical enhanced strength. I ran to Draco's room, knocking lightly.

"Come in!" Draco's musical voice sounded. Oh, how I've missed it.

I opened it and Draco looked up, smiling widely. "Bella!" He ran up and kissed me on the lips. His kisses were so much better than Edwards. He pulled away after a few minutes, so we could catch our breath.

"Babe, I'm so sorry." I whispered.

"Bella, what is going on?" He was worried.

"I - I had to get romantically involved with my assignment. I had to kiss him, and I'm sorry."

"Bella, it doesn't matter. As long as your here, I don't care."

I smiled and I felt the burn in my arm. The meeting was to start soon. Draco noticed it too, and he looked at my Dark Mark that I kept hidden under long sleeves.

I grabbed Draco's hand and we apparated from his room, landing in the Dining Room. Edward was there, under a body-bind curse. I smirked and sat next to Draco, near the head of the table, next to my mother, Bellatrix Lestrange. I was the daughter of her and Rodolphus. I was sorted into Slytherin six years ago, and this was going to be my seventh year. (The time schedule is a little messed up for the story to work, so I will tell you how it is at the end.)

Draco and I were inseperable since first year. We would always hang out, and in fourth year, he asked me out. Right before I left, he asked me to marry him. I agreed, and then I had to leave that night. I disguised my ring to look like an opal ring that you can find anywhere, but I immediately took that charm off whenever I could.

"Ah, it is good to see everyone still here. No Aurors still around, I presume?"

No one dared speak.

"Yes, well, numbers are still multiplying. Now, I have a new addition to our prisoners. This is a vampire, who's family is close friends to Dumbledore. His family should be coming here any day, thanks to Miss Lestrange." My mother smiled and wrapped her arms around my shoulders, clearly proud I had accomplished my first task. "No one is to take to him lightly, for he can read minds. He will anticipate your every move, so I suggest that when in a fight with him, should any of you ever fail me, put up your Occulmens. Now, Miss Lestrange, is there anything about the family that we should know?"

I nodded, standing up and bowing slightly. "My Lord, his sister can see the future and his brother can control emotions. Another one of his brothers is incredibly strong, more so than any other that we have encountered. The one that can control emotions is an experienced fighter, as I could tell by his many scars."

"Is that all?" The Dark Lord asked. I shook my head.

"They have many alliances, one coven in Alaska, Denali is their name. They also have a very large coven that Carlisle, their leader, once worked for. It was called the Volturi. Many members, including a guard to protect the royalty, as they called themselves. They may have more, but I could never pressure it out of them, unless I were to reveal myself, ruining the mission." I looked at Edward and saw the pained expression in his eyes. I smirked and bowed before sitting down.

Voldemort nodded. He pointed his wand at Edward, lifting the body-bind curse. "Where is your family now?"

Edward refused to answer. My mother spoke, "You dare defy the Dark Lord?"

Her baby-like voice make Edward flinch. I laughed a little, patting my mothers leg. "No need to scare the vampire, mother."

She turned to me and grinned. Voldemort pointed his wand at Edward, "Where are they?"

Edward still refused. "Crucio!" The pain was far worse than what I had caused, for I am still not as strong as my mother. Edward screamed in pain, and I smiled, enjoying this prick that thinks he was better than anyone else was in pain. Voldemort releases the curse.

"Answer me again, or the pain will be worse."

Edward answered after another Cruciatus curse. "They are a mile away. Alice figured it out right when it was about to happen."

Voldemort looked to me for an answer. "His future-seeing sister." The Dark Lord nodded and looked at Edward, then to the rest of the group.

"Do not kill them. Bind them and bring them to me."

We all nodded and Voldemort bound Edward again, before heading out to cover each room. Some of the rooms on the first floor had two Death Eaters per room, but most had just one. We waited for them to enter, and when they did, I was shocked - to say the least.

Alright, here is a break down by years:

1. All events in the first dies.
2. Azkaban, Sirius comes back and reunites with Harry.
3. Lockheart, a combination of the Chamber of Secrets and Azkaban.
4. Triwizard tournament, B/D start to go out.
5. HBP, Bella and Draco are engaged. Dumbledore is still alive.
6. Order of the Phoenix, Sirius doesn't die, Mad-eye dies instead.
7. Order of the Phoenix and Deathly Hollows combination. Harry is still getting dreams. Voldemort is planning on controlling Hogwarts and the ministry. Dumbledore is still alive and is still in Voldy's way.

I hope that clears things up, and I know it is a little confusing, but I will post it on every chapter, should you ever get confused.