Disclaimer: Neither Kaze to Ki No Uta nor its character belong to me. They belong to the manga authoress, Keiko Takemiya.

Summary: Two young men whose lives change forever when they meet and develop feelings for each other during a time when society would scorn them and publicly humiliate them were they to ever found out about their relationship.

For generations the Mamoru family has travelled the world listening and learning by heart different types of legends. Their sole aim has always been to gather the legends and write them down to preserve them and protect them from being forgotten. For if they are forgotten, the lessons they carry embedded in them will be forgotten and history will repeat itself. That's why I, as the last direct living descendant of this glorious family sworn to protect and preserve legends, will continue with that legacy until the time comes for me to choose an heir to pass the legends to. For now, all the legends that my family has gathered and learned for generations, the ones that I've been learning since I was a kid, remain to the world as nothing more than simple 'fairytales'.

And, this 'fairytale' that I'm about to tell you is in fact only one of the very few legends actually witnessed by one of my ancestors many, many generations ago. This tale takes place in France, during the 19th century. More precisely, during the autumn of 1887, in the small town of too far from this small town,in St. Croisalle, there is an academy quite well known for its students: the Laconblade Academy. It is in this place, where the legend has its beginning and its protagonists are two young men, both belonging to the nobility. Yet, for all they share, they are as different as the moon and the sun in every aspect you could think of. Gilbert, abandoned son of a noble, was known as the tramp of the school. He had no friends and, though he had been raised by a relative just like Serge, his education had been completely different. For Gilbert had been raised without inhibitions, like an animal. Serge, son of a female gypsy and a vizcount, had been raised by his aunt who just treated him coldly but educated him according to his position in life. This, however, was not the only difference. Both Gilbert and Serge were also complete opposites in looks. Whereas Gilbert had blonde wavy hair, sapphire eyes and red luscious lips, Serge had dark ebony wavy hair, dark brown eyes and peach plump lips.

Now that we know a little about where and who, we can go on with the story-telling. And so, on a rainy night of autumn in room 17, the life of our two protagonists was forever changed.