pThat night, as Serge was sound asleep in his bed, a seriously injured Gilbert opened the door to their room and quite noisily stumbled in. Serge, who had been woken up by all the noise, looked at him for a second without comprehending what was happening. However, as soon as he became aware of what was happening, he rushed to help Gilbert. Unfortunately, due to the way he had been raised since he was a child, Gilbert didn't believe in kindness. Nor did he believe that there could be anyone who would want to help him or even associate with him without receiving something in return. So, with that thought in mind -and believing Serge was just like any of the other guys he had met-, he tried to kiss Serge in exchange for help. Needless to say, Serge was horrified and immediately rejected him./p

p Through the haze that his injuries caused him, Gilbert understood that he had been rejected and he immediately lost what little hope he had had of receiving help. Yet, it wasn't like that. For Serge who, not even noticing the dying hope, had stood up and ran out of the room in search of the only person he had met that day that could help him: Karl. As the Hall director for students in B dorm, Serge thought that Karl might know what to do. But luck was not on his side. Indeed, even though Karl was the Hall director, he didn't live at the school like the rest of the students. So, everyday after taking care of his responsibilities and duties, he would leave and make his way to the small apartment he had rented in the town nearby the academy. Of course, Serge didn't know any of this and when he was rudely told by the student in the dorm where he thought he would find Karl, he got worried. The adults had their rooms in another building separate from this one. And Serge, who didn't know where it was located, started feeling panic. That is, until Pascal -another teenager that he had met that day - came to his rescue./p

pOnce Pascal had grabbed his first-aid kit, he and Serge made their way back to Serge's room. On the way, Serge told him all he could about what had happened, which -most unfortunately- was not much to begin with. A few minutes later they arrived to their destination and Pascal -quite calm, for this had not been the first time that he did something like this - walked towards Gilbert, assessed his injuries and began the gruesome task of patching him up. It took quite a while as first he had to clean all the wounds and sew shut some of them. Fortunately, none of them would scar. Once he was done, he gave Serge some medicine to give Gilbert to bring down his fever. Last of all, Pascal suggested Serge to let Gilbert rest as much as possible so that he could get better. Serge nodded, and thanked him for his help. Moments after Pascal had gone back to his room, Serge helped Gilbert sallow some of the medicine and went back to sleep/p

pThe next morning dawned bright and clear, if a bit chilly. And both Serge and Gilbert met properly for the first time. Of course, Gilbert showed his cynical side to Serge and treated him , Serge had no problem with it. He felt that Gilbert was like a wounded animal that needed to be handled with great care and affection, so he didn't let Gilbert's behaviour affect him in the least. That's how our two protagonists began their rocky relationship, which would turn -as time passed-into something completely different and forbidden. Especially, because both of them were keeping secrets -not only from each other, but also from the society and the world in general./p