A fanfiction by Emma.

Chapter Twenty

Sam and Freddie broke through into Freddie's house with fits of giggles and laughter.

The rest of the prom was amazing – other than the fact that Sam had to push Freddie everywhere, and her arms were aching! There was punch, food, really good food! Like chicken, and potatoes. Dancing, fast dancing, which Sam gave into, slow dancing, which Sam mostly didn't give into. It was just . . . amazing.

"Where's your Mom?" Sam asked, stopping in the living room.

"On a date."

Sam's eyes grew insanely huge, "Are you frikin' serious? Your Mom has a date?"

Freddie laughed, "Yeah, it's this lawyer she met at some coffee shop."

"You're Mom drinks coffee?"

"No, she drinks Herbal tea." Freddie said with a laugh, "Now could you help me out of this? It's starting to hurt my sides." he said, tugging at the straps across his body.

"Sure." Sam said, going over to him, and loosening the straps. When they were all done, his weight fell, and crashed into Sam, sending the two teens onto the ground.

They broke out into more fits of laughter.

"That was smooth." Freddie said sarcastically.

"Hey, it's not my fault you're getting heavier.

"Yeah, 'cause of all that muscle I'm building up." Freddie said, flexing his arms.

"Hah, no. It's all the fat you're gaining, fatso." Sam laughed.

"Oh, thanks."

"Sure thing."

Freddie turned and looked at Sam with a smile.

"So did you have fun?" Sam asked, placing a hand on his cheek.

"Naw, it was sort of boring." Freddie said, jokingly.

Sam laughed, and slapped him on the thigh, "Jerk!"

"Ow. . . ." Freddie laughed.

Sam's smile dropped as she looked at Freddie. She slapped his thigh again.

"Ow!" Freddie cried, this time serious.

Sam slapped his thigh again.

"OW! – Sam! What the hell are you . . . oh my god."

"Do you need me to slap your leg again?" Sam asked.

"No . . . oh my god."

"Freddie . . . you can feel your thigh."

"I know . . . oh my . . . god." Freddie whispered, "Feel my leg."

Sam sat up, and squeezed Freddie's knee.

"Can you feel this?"

"Well, sort of. It's there, then it's not . . . it's weird."

"This?" Sam asked, squeezing his calf.

"Another sort of. But I feel it less than on my knee."

"This?" Sam asked, squeezing his ankle.

"No, can't feel that." Freddie said, "Help me sit up please." he asked.

Sam pulled Freddie up and leaned him against the end of the couch.

"Freddie, do you know what this means?" Sam started, "You can learn to walk, we can start all over, it won't be so hard!"

"No." Freddie whispered.


"No, I-I . . . I don't want to learn to walk."

"Why not?" Sam asked, confused.

"When Anne was here – you know, Molly's Mom – she said to me 'Thank you, you're the reason Molly can live with herself in a wheelchair.' And . . . it's true. Poor little Molly, if I wasn't in her life, she would still be sulking in her home, feeling guilty about herself, sad for herself. Like I felt. If I learnt to walk, she would be alone again. She'll never walk. Ever. A zero percent chance. I can't do that to her. It would make me feel so . . . horrible."

Sam crashed her lips into Freddie's wrapping her arms around his neck, deepening in the kiss by slipping her tongue into his mouth.

The two parted soon after, breathing heavily.

"You're a pretty amazing guy, Freddie Benson." Sam whispered.

"You're not mad? Sad? Anything?" Freddie questioned her.

"How could I be mad at you for wanting to be happy?" Sam said.

"I don't know."

"That question really didn't need an answer." Sam said with a roll to her eyes.

"So . . . you're fine with me staying like this? Unable to move. Immobilized."

"If you're fine with it, I'm fine with it." Sam promised him.

Freddie smiled, "Want to watch some TV?" Freddie asked, reaching for the remote.

"Yeah, sure." Sam said, snuggling up into the crook of his arm, and resting her head on his shoulder.

"I love you." Sam said to him.

"I love you too."

"Our love is indescribable." Sam reminded him.

Freddie nodded with a smile, "Indescribable." he agreed.

So the two watched TV. Thinking, this was perfect. They were perfect. Nothing could go wrong, and they would be together, forever. Because they, were indescribable.

The End

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