Chapter One: Flight

A/N: This is another version of Breathe No More but all the things that happened in that story will not happen here. It's completely different from the BNM universe it kept bothering me so I decided to write it. Harry is a musician here. Hope you like it.


"I don't love you, Potter. How does it feel to be my whore during these past three years? "The Dark Lord snarled out at his lover. He knew that he's going to regret this decision later but this is the only way he could think of in order that Harry would not be involve in the war he was instigating.

"It never made sense for you to love me. I always knew that. I guess I assumed so highly for a man with a heart of stone." His lion said sadly while smiling bitterly at him. His heart clenched as he saw the emerald green eyes darken in pain.

His love lowered his head before disappearing with a loud pop! He saw a single tear shining on the stone floor where his angel was standing moments ago.

"I'm sorry, love. But this is the only way for you to be safe." The emotionless Dark Lord whispered into the silence.


Harry appeared in his small room then he collapsed in his bed and let the tears that was pooling in his eyes to cascade like a waterfall in his cheeks. The Wizarding world rejected him when they found out that he was having a whirl wind love affair with the Dark Lord. They label him as a Dark Wizard and he was the no. 1 undesirable in their list. His friends abandoned him and they called him a slut and a traitor and even his honorary godfather; Remus Lupin turned his back on him. Of course love is like drinking beer, once you get too much of it you begin to act stupid.

He suddenly remembered his favourite line in the sonnet no. 28 of Gitanjali by Rabindranath Tagore.

"I bared my life before his eyes in end to end with nothing hidden or held back that is why he knew me not."

He told Tom his deepest secrets and his dreams. He also gave the man his heart, soul and his very being but the evil wizard crushed his heart into tiny million pieces that cannot be put together. In the end the happy ending that he always hoped for turned out as a tragedy Aeschylus wrote. He bet that the bastard had a great time and enjoyed toying with his feelings. He just can't take this new emotional blow in his life after all his only ally Professor Dumbledore just died last month. He was the only one who forgave him for falling in love with the evil prick and he understood his predicament because the headmaster fell in love with the Dark Lord Grindelwald. All thanks to Severus Snape his mentor, ally, and only confidant moved on to his next great adventure.

He didn't want to kill Tom and the only thing is to flee away from the wizarding world so that the Order of the Roasted Chickens won't know that the Dark Lord finally rejected him and they won't convince him to take revenge on the one he truly loved. Being an idiot was just a facade so that his enemies will underestimate him and he can always use the element of surprise. It was a pity that his ex-lover never saw through his mask and never got to meet the true Harry. He was smarter than Hermione but he's not too interested in academics. The only thing that made him go to Hogwarts was to find out if he can use magic to musical instruments to make them produce the most beautiful sound.

Ever since he was a kid, Harry wanted to be a pianist and flutist. He was a kindergarten student when he first heard the beautiful sound the piano produced. He begged the music teacher, Ms Alyssah Greene to teach him how to play the piano. The teacher readily agreed because it was a long time since she saw a five-year old so ecstatic to learn about music. She taught him how to read the musical sheets and how to play the flute and piano but when his relatives found out about those secret lessons they immediately transferred him to another school. Before he left, Ms Greene whispered to his ear that he can visit her house if he wanted to learn more and she didn't want his talent to go to waste.

He sneaked out every time so that he can continue his lessons and this time his relatives never found out where he was going to. His teacher taught him how to play the easiest and up to the hardest musical piece and those lessons stopped when he entered Hogwarts. Albus found out his hidden talent when he played the flute he sneaked out of Professor McGonagall's classroom. He was so caught up in his own music world and he didn't even notice the headmaster smiling down on him. Professor Dumbledore gave him a magical flute as a gift for his 12th birthday.

He joined a musical competition last month and he won the first prize and a scholarship to the conservatory of music in France and he already filed the emancipation letters his relatives gladly signed when he told them that he's not going to bother their normal life again.

All he needed to do is to packed all of his things, withdraw all of his money, buy a train ticket and forged the documents. He wondered why Lady Fate was so cruel to him but it doesn't matter. He's going to be a world renowned flutist and pianist and the world will know him as Mikhail Nikolayevich.


In the following morning, Harry started to pack his things excluding his wand, marauders map, invisibility cloak, and the flute Albus gave him. He won't need it after all he was an ordinary muggle now. The Ministry immediately granted his emancipation papers and they were glad to know that he's going to another country not to fight against them. He was removed from the undesirable list and he's free to roam Diagon alley.

After shrinking his trunk he apparated to Gringgots and he's lucky to shake the paranoid members of the Order of the Roasted Chicken that followed him like a pack of wolves Ever since they knew about the love affair they were watching him very closely as if he was a loose cannon that was about to kill someone every minute. It may sound crazy but he was ready to give up his magical powers and have his memories obliviated to forget about the world that caused him too much pain and misery.

The head goblin was shocked to see him because he was here all alone without the nosy Order following him and he was here a month ago to receive the key to his ancestral family vault and to claim his title as the new Lord of the Potter family

"What can I do for you, Mr Potter?" the head goblin asked.

"I want to withdraw all of my accounts and change it to pounds. Also." He lifted the box containing his most prized possessions and placed it at the counter. "I want that package to be placed at the Potter's ancestral vault. If you don't mind sir will you keep this transaction as confidential?"

The goblin nodded and clapped his hand and a fellow goblin appeared and he gave him his instructions and he appeared moments later carrying a leather case which was handed to him. He opened it and couldn't stifle the gasp as he saw the case full of bundles of British pounds this money will be sufficient enough to last him for a lifetime. He closed the case and stood up and shook the goblin's hand.

"Thank you very much for helping me."

"Good luck, Mr Potter to whatever you plan to do."

He just smiled and turns around to apparate to his next stop, Hogwarts.

(^_^) v (^_^) v (^_^) v (^_^) v

Harry stood in front of Professor Dumbledore's tomb. He was expelled from the school because he was an ally of the Dark Lord. It was his first time to visit the place he once called home since his expulsion. He laid down bouquet of lilies at the tomb.

"What are you doing here, traitor?" a voice asked. He turned around and saw Professor Mcgonagall glaring at him.

"I just came here to say goodbye." Harry said quietly. "Don't worry I'll never show my traitor face ever again."

He turned away walking towards the village of Hogsmeade to apparate to the train station in order to catch the train going to France.