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Part Four; A Sight For Sore Eyes

Eragon wanted to die. This just wasn't possible. He was in Surda, for fucks sake! Murtagh and Tornac were supposed to be in Alagaësia and far away from him!

But of course the Gods were laughing at him and decided to play with him a little. Of course he couldn't take a vacation and get away from the couple.

He barely contained the urge to slam his head against the table as Tornac and Murtagh closed the distance between them.

"Why, hello," Tornac smiled. "I didn't know you two would be here."

"The four of us, actually," Saphira corrected. "Aksel and Vanir are here too."

Apparently they took this as a sign to sit down and get comfortable, because that was just what Murtagh and Tornac did. Eragon suddenly found himself with Saphira seated to his left and Murtagh to his right. Even with the distance between them, Eragon could feel the heat radiating off of Murtagh's body. He forced himself not to shiver.

"Aksel won the summer contest at the youth centre," Saphira explained. "He won four tickets to the hotel next door plus some expenses. We drove down here yesterday."

Eragon felt himself freeze when Tornac and Murtagh both looked at him. He just knew they both wondered why Eragon hadn't mentioned that during their earlier meetings.

"That was nice of him," Tornac said and looked back at Saphira.

She nodded.

Eragon really wanted to ask what the two were doing there, but he didn't dare to open his mouth in fear of what he might say.

"So, what brings you two to Reavstone?" Thankfully Saphira seemed perfectly willing to ask for him.

"We make this journey every year," Murtagh explained. "It's our anniversary. Tacky maybe," he shrugged, "but it works for us."

"Aww," Saphira smiled.

Tornac's grin took on a slightly predatory tilt. "We got together here a couple of years ago. We were down here with a few mutual friends when we suddenly woke up in bed together. We decided to try a repeat of the previous night's obvious events and here we are."

Murtagh rolled his eyes. "Thank you so much for not oversharing," he drawled.

Tornac gave a slight pout. "Can I do nothing right? At least I didn't tell them who bott-"

Tornac promptly found himself with a hand over his mouth. "That's quite enough out of you," Murtagh said firmly.

Eragon found himself thinking that, if he judged the slight blush on Murtagh's cheeks, it was Murtagh that had bottomed. He quickly blushed himself and forced those thoughts -and memories- away.

"So, where are the other two?" Murtagh said when he finally deemed it safe enough to remove his hand.

"Upstairs. Aksel's a techno freak and Vanir's whipped," Eragon found himself responding.

Both males looked at him then. Eragon couldn't stop the shiver from running through him when he saw the glimmer in their eyes.

He wanted the floor to swallow him. Why was it that every time he was around those two, things tended to take on a sexual note? Never mind that they had had sex. It seemed impossible to have a conversation with Murtagh and Tornac without sex coming up and without them looking at him at least once like they wanted to eat him.

Again, that was.

"The things men do for love," Tornac chuckled.

"Personal experience?" Saphira asked a little too eagerly in Eragon's opinion. He knew enough about Tornac and Murtagh's sex life, thank you very much.

Tornac just smirked.

"Any reason why you're just sitting around? The music is actually decent here," Tornac commented.

"Eragon hates dancing," Saphira said instantly, like it somehow explained everything.

Well, fine, it did, but Eragon really didn't want to be reminded of dancing around those two. If his mind strayed far enough, Eragon could still remember Murtagh's hands cupping his behind through his trousers. Behind him, he could almost feel Tornac ghosting his hands up his sides as he breathed on his ear.

Eragon killed the shiver that had been running up a spine – a fine feat indeed. He usually couldn't stop them. However, his dick had hardened happily at the memory. There was no stopping that.

Murtagh and Tornac shared a private chuckle. Eragon really hoped they weren't remembering the same thing he was.

Saphira crocked an eyebrow. Eragon was suddenly reminded of what she knew – too much. "What am I missing?"

Murtagh smirked. "Eragon does have that look, doesn't he?"

"Like he hates dancing and everything associated with it? Oh yeah."

Eragon pouted at Saphira. She was supposed to be on his side, dammit!

"I feel for you," Tornac said and put a hand on her shoulder. "You have to babysit him all night so he doesn't get molested."

"Hey! I'm babysitting her too, you know!" Eragon protested.

He was met by laughter. Eragon suddenly felt like leaving and going back to his hotel room to sulk. Some friends he had.

"Thank you for the compliment, Eragon, but I can take care of myself better than you can," Saphira said with a smile that said she meant no harm.

"I do not get targeted that easily!"

There was a sudden and collective silence around the table. He really hoped the couple thought Saphira was being silent because she had other altercations on her mind than the one they had to be remembering now. They were never to know that he had told her.

"I'm sorry, 'Agon, but you do," Saphira smiled apologetically.

Eragon glared at her.

"Well, why don't I remedy that a bit, m'lady," Tornac said and got up. He held out his hand

Saphira blinked owlishly at him.

"Would you honour me with a dance?"

Saphira crocked an eyebrow. She looked at Murtagh.

"He's gayer than a Maypole. You're safe," Murtagh assured her with a slight smirk.

She giggled. "Well, then I'd love to," she said and took his hand.

"Lovely," he grinned. "We'll be right back," he said, winked at them and pulled Saphira to the dance floor.

Eragon watched them blend into the mass. Suddenly he felt nervous. Murtagh had always been able to get a greater reaction out of him than Tornac – though they both made him feel like a nervous wreck. And right now he felt like a very huge nervous wreck.

"She knows."

Eragon jumped a bit. He looked over at Murtagh and hoped the guilt wasn't visible on his face.

Murtagh took a sip of his beer. Eragon tried hard not to stare at his Adam's apple as he swallowed. Murtagh lowered the bottle and let it dangle between his fingers. He gave Eragon a very pointed look.

Oh, right. He was still waiting for Eragon to answer.

"...She's my best friend," he said like it explained everything.

Murtagh let out a soft chuckle. "Yeah, I know how that is."

Eragon looked at him a little curiously.

"Of course, there's only so much I can tell my best friend," Murtagh smirked. "Thorn's not very big on getting details when it comes to gay sex."

Eragon choked a bit. No, something told him Thorn wasn't really into knowing every detail about Murtagh and Tornac's very active sex life.

"I imagine it's different with a girl."

The brunet nodded. "She wanted every detail. I refused," he said sheepishly.

The other chuckled. "She seemed the type. I'm surprised she let you out of there without spilling."

"Me too," Eragon admitted. True, he had been forced to part with a few details, but clearly not as many as Saphira had wanted. Eragon had always said that Saphira liked gay men too much.

"Is she the only one?" Murtagh asked.

Eragon bit his lip. He nodded. And if he had anything to say about it, Saphira was the only one that was ever going to know about it.

Murtagh looked at him closely. Eragon felt like squirming.

"Are you sure you aren't ashamed of what happened?" the older male asked very softly. Eragon had to strain himself to hear him over the music.

He looked down. It was true he might act like he was ashamed, but...that wasn't it. He was probably going to treasure the experience in a few years or maybe even look back and laugh at it, but now, so close after the fact...it did feel a bit weird to interact with them so often.

"...It's not that I'm ashamed," Eragon tried to explain. "It's just...weird to see you two so often after...that."

Murtagh gave a small smirk. "I understand."

Eragon blinked. "Y-you do? Because you two seem awfully comfortable fraternizing with me."

Murtagh laughed heartily. "You make it sound so scandalous!"

Eragon felt himself blush a bit. Well, it wasn't like he was off having threesomes every other night. It was a really big deal to him.

Murtagh's chuckles slowly died down. He took another sip of his beer, though the spark was still there in his eyes.

Eragon had to remind himself not to blush or get hard, no matter how good looking the other was right then.

"We don't do it as often as it may seem," the darker one said and put the bottle down on the table. "We've only done it two times so far."

Well, that was one time more than Eragon had.

"Of course, that guy stuck around afterwards," Murtagh said and smirked.

Eragon hated himself a bit when he blushed again.

"I really am sorry about that," he mumbled and looked down at the table. Oh look, a stain! He could stare at that! "...I thought you'd be ok with it."

A hand cupped his chin and lifted it. Eragon felt his cheeks flush when he noticed that Murtagh had scooted a little closer. And despite his blush, he could still feel the warmth from Murtagh's hand.

"We know that you didn't mean any harm by it," Murtagh said softly. "Though it would have been nice to have been there and see you stumbling around all cute and embarrassed afterwards."

Eragon felt his blush deepen. "Gee, thanks."

Murtagh chuckled and let him go.

The brunet looked away when Murtagh went back to his bottle. He managed to catch a glimpse of Saphira and Tornac in the crowd.

Saphira wasn't that much shorter than Eragon, but she was still obviously shorter than Tornac. But that didn't look to be hindering them much. Saphira was laughing and Tornac was smiling. Unlike the others, they were moving to the music goofily. They were obviously not dancing together as a prelude to sex, unlike most of the other couples.

"They look like they're having fun."

Murtagh hummed. "Yes, it is amazing how much fun dancing can be when you're not being groped all the time."

Eragon blushed. He wouldn't know anything about that, and he wasn't about to admit that either.

"Do you want to join them?"

"No!" Murtagh crocked an eyebrow at him. Eragon blushed and tried again. "No, I'm good."

A slow smirk spread on Murtagh's lips. Eragon forced himself not to stare at them.

"You get molested often, don't you?"

Eragon ducked his head. He was not answering that. No way in hell.

The other chuckled huskily. "I'm not surprised."

"Seeing as you two did it on me, you bloody well shouldn't be," Eragon muttered.

Murtagh suddenly fell silent.

Eragon blushed again. Oh wow, he really couldn't keep his mouth shut, could he?

"So that was what you were remembering earlier."

The brunet blinked and looked up. Murtagh's deep eyes met his gaze.

"When Saphira mentioned that you hate dancing. I could tell you were remembering something then. You were remembering us."

Eragon did not like the smug smile on Murtagh's face.

"Oh, shut it," he muttered sulkily.

Murtagh chuckled.

::Seen It All::

After the awkward few minutes of chatting with Murtagh, Eragon was surprised to start actually conversing with him. He had talked with Murtagh before, but Tornac had always been there. But it was surprisingly easy to talk to him alone as well.

Eragon wasn't sure how much time passed from when they started to talk more casually and until Saphira and Tornac came back, but it didn't feel very long.

Tornac sat down next to Murtagh and whispered something in his ear. Murtagh chuckled.

Beside him, Saphira flumped down significantly less elegantly than Tornac and drained the rest of her drink.

"...I can get you some water," Eragon volunteered. Otherwise he had a feeling that Saphira was facing a massive headache the next morning.

"I'll get it for you," Murtagh said before Saphira could say anything.

She smiled at him. "Thank you."

"Darling, could you?" Tornac hinted with a pleading smile.

"I can, but not because you called me darling," Murtagh drawled and walked towards the bar-desk.

Saphira giggled.

"He's such a sweetheart," Tornac chuckled.

"If you say so," she said with another giggle.

Tornac turned to Eragon. "I trust he behaved himself?"

Eragon was a loss for what to say for a few seconds. "Exemplary," spilled out from his lips before he was even really aware of having spoken.

Tornac smirked. "That's my babe."

Saphira giggled again.

Eragon blushed and looked away. Oh boy. How was he going to survive this?

Murtagh came back a few minutes later. He handed over a water bottle to Saphira and used the other to whack Tornac over the head.


"I can read lips, Tornac," Murtagh drawled and sat down. "No pet names in public."

Tornac grabbed the bottle and gave Murtagh a look that was definitely the equivalent of a pout. "Why -"

"Are you still with me? I do believe you know the answer to that," Murtagh answered and took a sip of his beer. Eragon couldn't be sure, but it definitely looked like Murtagh swallowed deliberately. The flash of a tongue that came next as it licked the rim of the bottle was definitely unmistakeable.

Eragon looked at Tornac just in time to see the blond man lick his lips. He blushed again and tried not to look in Saphira's direction.

"Are you staying here long?" Saphira asked, thankfully breaking the tension that Eragon could feel all too well.

Tornac and Murtagh looked away from each other.

"We're leaving on Wednesday. That way we'll have been down here almost a week," Tornac explained. "Just like that time we got together," he leered at Murtagh.

Murtagh didn't seem fazed. "How did you four get here?"

"We drove," Saphira told him. "We set out early on Friday and got here around dinner time the same day."

"That is some drive," Tornac commented. "What route did you take?"

Saphira eagerly explained their trip to him, even including a few of their escapades. The brunet found himself sweatdropping when Saphira told them about Aksel's antics.

Tornac laughed heartily. "I remember Aksel. He sounds like my kind of guy."

Murtagh rolled his eyes. "Not mine."

Saphira smiled. "Aksel's definitely unique."

"You mean insane," Eragon corrected her.

Saphira rolled her eyes and swatted him. "You know you love him."

"Doesn't mean I have to like him."

Murtagh chuckled. "I know what that's like."

"What – hey!" Tornac protested.

Murtagh just smirked.

::Seen It All::

It took Aksel and Vanir almost two hours to come back down. Eragon barely noticed the time fly by after Murtagh and Tornac joined their table. Even though he still felt awkward around them, they were easy enough to talk to when there were other people present.

As suspected, Tornac and Aksel hit it off rather well. Vanir was clearly not amused by this until he realised Tornac wasn't doing anything but flirting harmlessly. He then allowed himself to be coaxed into an intelligent banter with Murtagh.

Saphira announced that she was going to the bathroom and suddenly Eragon found himself being dragged along. He was stunned for about ten seconds before he managed to respond.

"Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I'm a girl."

She rolled her eyes. "I know that, silly. But you should never go alone to the bathroom in a place like this. Also, I wanted to talk to you."

She slipped into the bathroom and left Eragon to ponder about those words. He definitely did not like the sound of them.

Saphira came back out. Her hands were busy retying her hair back in a complicated knot. It seemed effortless to her, but it definitely looked complicated to Eragon. "You seem to be handling yourself alright around them," she said and put her arm in Eragon's.

Eragon made sure it was stayed in his grasp. The club had gotten steadily busier since their arrival. They didn't want to lose each other in the crowd.

He shrugged in answer. "It's fine when I'm not alone with them."

Saphira sent him a look.

"...Er, it's better. When we're alone it's all this tension and awkwardness and blargh. I never know what to say."

She laughed softly and pulled him along. "When do you ever, Eragon?"

"Hey, I resent that."

She just looked at him smugly.

Eragon focused on the crowd and tried to find the easiest way back to their table.

"They seem to really like you, though."

Eragon felt a sudden urge to shiver.


Saphira was not amused. "You're not stupid, Eragon. You know what I mean."

He did know what she meant, but that didn't mean he had to acknowledge it or even agree with it. As far as he was concerned, they were happy with having engaged in him a threesome once. The end.

Saphira nudged him, clearly not satisfied by his silence.

"I think you're wrong," Eragon answered.

She shook her head. "Well, just know that my offer still stands."

Eragon was confused. What offer?

There was a glimmer in Saphira's eyes. "We all need to try out new things, and they certainly seem interested in a repeat performance."

And then it clicked in Eragon's head. Saphira had offered to stay out of their room for the night if he got any offers.

"No! Hell no! Once was enough!"

Saphira gave him a look that made Eragon squirm. "Me thinks doth protest too much."

Eragon spluttered his denial all the way back to the table.

"Then again," she said and leaned in close just as they approached the table, "they have a room of their own. I'm sure you can use that."


Eragon immediately regretted his outburst. The four others paused in their respective conversations and looked at the two.

Saphira just batted her eyelashes innocently and sat back down. Eragon felt an urge to flee. Had it been Aksel who had said those things, then Eragon would have hit him. But he was raised to never hit girls, and besides...Saphira scared the crap out of him when she was pissed.

He slowly sank back into his seat and tried to ignore everyone's curious gaze.

"Want to tell us what that was all about?" Tornac asked amusedly.

"Yeah. I haven't heard that kind of squealin' in some time, dude," Aksel said, very unhelpfully. Eragon felt like hitting him.

"Saph just pointed out all the good looking guys here," Eragon mumbled and looked down. It was probably one of his worst lies so far, but it was worth a shot.

Tornac chuckled. "Oh really? Do share."

Eragon looked up just in time to see Murtagh roll his eyes.

"Try to pretend you're in a relationship, would you darlin'?" he drawled.

The other looked at him. Tornac's eyes were sparkling with mischief. "But you hit me every time I try to show my affection in public."

"There's affection and then there's molestation," Murtagh stated dryly.

Saphira hid a giggle behind her hand.

Aksel's eyebrows shot up, though Eragon could detect a bit of admiration in his eyes. Of course the pervert would admire someone doing that to their partner, Eragon thought to himself.

Vanir actually managed to appear unaffected. Eragon admired him a bit for that, because he could feel his own cheeks burning. He knew all too well what Murtagh was talking about.

::Seen It All::

Despite clearly wanting to, Aksel didn't kidnap his boyfriend and pull him back upstairs. Instead Vanir was pulled onto the dance floor as soon as a couple of eighties tunes were played.

Tornac watched them amusedly. He turned to Saphira. "He seems more of a trance person to me."

"Oh, he is," Saphira said, "but Aksel can listen to everything from Lady Gaga to Cyndi Lauper, Disturbed and Beethoven."

Murtagh looked over. "I'm torn between calling him a blaspheme and wondering how the hell his mind is screwed together."

"That's how we all feel," Eragon muttered into his drink.

Tornac laughed. "Oh yeah. He's definitely my kind of guy."

Murtagh snorted and took a sip of his water. Apparently he had consumed enough alcohol for the evening. "Don't get any ideas."

Tornac's eyes were gleaming. "I won't, luv."

Saphira shot Eragon a look which he promptly pretended not to notice.

Saphira put up with it for a total of two minutes before sitting up and demanding that he'd join her on the dance floor.

"But Saph -"

"No buts!" she said and pulled him out there.

Eragon didn't even bother to struggle. Saphira was a lot stronger than she looked.

"If you're going to say something else about Murtagh and Tornac -"

"I'm not," she said, interrupting him. "I am also not going to let you sit there and sulk all evening. We're dancing, and that's final."

Eragon hated to admit it, but he knew he was pouting. "Saph, I hate dancing."

"Suck up, 'Agon. You're not getting out of this," she said and pulled him into the mass. "Just a couple of songs and then we can go back to the table, alright?"

Eragon sighed. He really, really didn't want to dance. He hated dancing. Dancing equalled him being molested in some way or another.

Of course Saphira had to ruin it all by giving him her 'look'. She looked so cute and vulnerable that Eragon didn't have the heart to leave her. She could be so manipulative sometimes, he thought to himself.

"Fine," he groaned. "But when I say stop, it's over, alright?"

Saphira grinned. "Of course."

She started to dance to a pop song Eragon vaguely remembered being from the late nineties. He grimaced. It had never been one of his favourites. Then again, Eragon didn't have any favourite pop songs. There were the songs he could tolerate and then there were the ones he despised. He really despised this one.

"Come on, silly," Saphira said and grabbed Eragon's hands. "Or do I have to guide you?" she teased. She pulled on one hand after another, making him start to move a little involuntarily.

He grimaced again. "Fine, fine. God, I hate you."

Saphira just smirked.

Eragon stayed close to her during the course of the song. He was all-too aware of the single men around them. If they weren't looking at him, they were looking at Saphira. He wasn't sure which part he liked the least.

A couple of songs passed without anyone trying to openly molest him. Eragon didn't feel any safer from that, though. He knew it was only a matter of time. Such was his luck, after all.

He looked at Saphira and was surprised when he noticed a mischievous glimmer in her eyes.

He felt someone pat his shoulder a second later and jumped. "May I have this dance?"

Eragon turned around and found himself looking up into Tornac's face. He looked around for Murtagh but couldn't find him.

"Where's -"

"He's around," Tornac said simply. "So, may I?"

"Be my guest," Saphira said and winked.

Eragon could only splutter as she hummed and walked away. He tried to speak but whatever he said was swallowed up by the new song that started to play.

Tornac held out his hand. "Well?"

Eragon wanted to run. No matter what Tornac said, he had a feeling Murtagh was lurking around somewhere, just waiting for the right moment to attack.

Well, not attack attack, but...

For reasons unknown to himself, Eragon found himself taking Tornac's hand. His mind hissed that he was just being polite and that Tornac knew that. There was nothing more going on. It was just dancing.

Tornac put his hands on Eragon's waist. Not knowing what to do with his hands, Eragon put them on Tornac's shoulders.

The older man chuckled. "We look like a couple at their prom."

"We're not making out," Eragon said awkwardly and hated himself for doing so a second later.

Tornac smirked. "Nope, but we look awkward enough."

Eragon had to agree to that.

He suddenly realised that he knew the song that was playing. It was one of Saphira's favourites, if he wasn't mistaken.

"Hey, what's this song called?"

Tornac hummed. "I'm not sure, but I like it."

"You would," someone said behind Eragon. Eragon felt the other's breath fan over his ear and shivered.

"Oh, there you are," Tornac purred. "I wondered where you went off to."

He knew it. Eragon had an urge to slam his forehead into his palm.

"Dork," Murtagh said and stepped even closer.

It almost felt like he was moulded against Eragon's back. All that was missing was – nope, there they were. Murtagh's hands settled themselves over Tornac's on Eragon's waist.

"You know this song, right?" Tornac asked Murtagh.

"I might," Murtagh drawled. "And I'm not singing it."

Eragon blinked. What was he missing?

"Aww, please?" Tornac asked and leaned in closer.

Eragon was hit with a startling sense of déjà vu. Tornac leaning closer to Murtagh meant that he was practically plastered against Eragon's front. The only difference now was that Murtagh was behind him and Tornac was in front of him.

"No," Murtagh said simply.

Eragon jolted when he felt two thumbs start to stroke his sides through his t-shirt. It felt oddly...intimate.

"Eragon would like you to sing, wouldn't he?" Tornac said and looked down at Eragon intensely.

He froze. There was no point in denying it any longer. There was sex in Tornac's eyes, and probably in Murtagh's too. They were interested alright.

Tornac leaned in and pressed his cheek against Eragon's. "Right?" he said into Eragon's ear.

Eragon shivered.

"Down boy," Murtagh said and Eragon felt Tornac being pushed back a bit.

Eragon's gaze was starting to get a little blurry for some reason, but he could clearly see the gleeful look on Tornac's face. He was stumped for two seconds before he realised what was going on.

"Oh, do you know what you got into? Can you handle what I'm about to do? 'Cause it's about to get rough for you. I'm here for your entertainment."

The voice that slid into Eragon's ear was unmistakably Murtagh's. It was slightly deeper and huskier than that of the performing artist's. If he hadn't been so close, Eragon wouldn't have been able to hear him over the music. He wasn't sure if Murtagh's close proximity was a good thing or not.

"Oh, I bet you thought that I was soft and sweet. You thought an angel swept ya off your feet. Well, I'm about to turn up the heat. I'm here for your entertainment."

It was over as quickly as it had begun. Even though it had only lasted for a few seconds, it had felt very intimate. Eragon just knew he was blushing.

"You have a really nice voice," Eragon forced himself to say.

Tornac beamed. "See, Tag?"

Murtagh just snorted. "Even so, thank you, Eragon."

"No problem," he answered, cursing himself for not being able to stop himself from stuttering.

"Do we make you uncomfortable?" Murtagh asked.

Eragon swallowed. "A little."

"Do you want us to stop?" Tornac asked and stopped moving. Behind them, Eragon felt Murtagh stop as well.

Eragon tried to speak, but found that he couldn't. He couldn't focus on anything other than the pounding of his heart. It was definitely racing.

"I think we need to talk," Eragon finally managed to say.

Tornac lifted his eyes and seemed to be silently communicating with Murtagh. He gave a short nod and looked down at Eragon again. "Then let's talk."

::Seen It All::

It was surprisingly easy to say goodbye to the others. Aksel had just pouted at their departure while Vanir remained unchanged. Eragon didn't want to know which one Aksel was going to miss the most – him or Tornac.

Saphira was a completely different subject. While she didn't appear out of the ordinary, Eragon could see the glimmer in her eyes. She knew what was going on, alright. Outwardly she just expressed her relief that the couple had said themselves willing to walk Eragon back to the room, claiming that she would have worried for him otherwise.

Eragon didn't allow himself to think on the way back.

"So, our room or yours?" Tornac asked as they waited for the elevator.

"While he's rooming with someone who knows, I suggest ours," Murtagh answered.

"Saphira knows? Damn. I should have guessed. She looked way too smug."

Eragon blushed and looked down. "Your room is fine."

Tornac and Murtagh had a room on the floor above Eragon. Almost exactly above the room, if each floor was mapped out identically. Eragon hoped not, or if it was, that the rooms were soundproof.

Of course, they had already been there a day, and he hadn't heard anything from the room above. Knowing the couple and the fact that this was their anniversary, then they had most likely not been very quiet at night.

Murtagh unlocked the door and let the other two enter. Unlike Saphira and Eragon's room, this one had a king-sized bed.

"Murtagh was not happy when they actually asked if we wanted two queens or a king," Tornac said and smirked.

Murtagh rolled his eyes. "You all-but had your hands down my pants. The girl must have been blind if she had to ask."

Eragon quickly made a bee-line for the desk and the chair behind it. He pulled the chair out and sat down. There was no way he was sitting on that bed.

Murtagh and Tornac obviously did not have the same restraints. Then again, it was their bed.

"So, you wanted to talk?" Tornac prompted.

"Are you seriously still interested in me?" Eragon blurted and blushed.

The two looked stumped.

"I mean, if Saphira hadn't known, she would have guessed. You aren't really being subtle."

"Ouch," Tornac said and leaned back. "What does that say about us, hm?" he said pointedly and crocked an eyebrow at Murtagh.

"Tornac, you are incapable of being subtle," Murtagh answered. "You just flirt with everybody. How was I supposed to know you were being sincere?"

"Well, if someone hadn't been so damn good at hiding their emotions."

Murtagh just rolled his eyes.

Eragon bit at his lower lip.

"We know that we can be a little blunt," Murtagh answered. "We had issues with not being forward before, hence why we needed to get drunk to actually move forward with our relationship. After that, we've basically just stopped even trying to be subtle."

"It wasn't working out for us," Tornac said and nudged Murtagh.

"Or what I just said," Murtagh drawled and shook his head.

"So..." Eragon trailed off.

"We are interested," Tornac answered.

Eragon looked down at his hands. "...Why?"

"You're cute, and while we have no problems in our relationship, it's always fun to try out something new every now and then," the blond said.

Eragon looked at them through his bangs. "But you've done this before."

"That is true, but we didn't connect as well with that guy as we do with you," Tornac explained and smiled. "The other guy was basically a drunken thing. I mean, we weren't drunk out of our minds. We knew we wanted to give it a try. The alcohol helped to get the courage to ask."

Eragon fiddled with his hands. There was a question burning on his tongue, but he really didn't have the courage to ask it.

"You can ask us," Murtagh said suddenly.

He jumped and looked up at the other two. Apparently he was about as subtle as they were.

"Um..." Eragon licked his lips. "We're just talking some fun, right? Nothing...nothing, um, permanent?"

Murtagh and Tornac shared a look. "Nothing permanent," Murtagh answered for them both. "At least, not yet. Taking the step of actually adding another person to a relationship is not something that should be taken lightly. And as much as we like you, we're not sure we're ready for anything like that. Or if we ever will be."

Eragon nodded. He felt relieved. While he had been in two short and slightly disastrous relationships, he was definitely not ready for anything like that either.

"We're not going to pressure you into anything," Tornac assured him.

Eragon gave a weak smile. "I know that."

"You can leave whenever you want," the blond continued. "If you want us to stop, you just say the word and we will. If you want us to stay away from you, just let us know."

"God, you make it sound so dramatic," Eragon said and tried to laugh, but found that he couldn't. He was too nervous.

"We respect you," Murtagh said and leaned forward, his hands clasped and dangling between his legs. "We just want you to know that."

"But we won't deny that we're sexually attracted to you," Tornac said and put an arm around Murtagh's shoulders. Eragon saw Murtagh unconsciously lean closer to his boyfriend.

Eragon envied them that closeness. He had never felt that close to anyone, especially not the two he had been in a 'relationship' with. He was closer to his friends than he had been to any lover.

He wondered silently if the reason for their closeness was that they had been friends before they were lovers, or if they simply were that perfect for each other.

"Whatever happens next is up to you," Murtagh said.

Eragon was struck by a sense of déjà vu. When they had first invited him to join them, he had thought that he could walk away and they wouldn't miss him that much. He still believed that. He could tell without asking that they didn't have any problems with their sex life.

But the same feeling struck him. He didn't want to leave. Something about them pulled him in.

"How about we talk a bit?" Murtagh suggested.

Eragon could do that. He nodded. "I'd like that."

Murtagh smiled.

Eragon felt the air leave his lungs. He had seen Murtagh smirk, but he had never seen him smile genuinely. He had never seen anything so captivating before.

"Come on, then. Before you stun him into permanent silence with your smoulder," Tornac said and poked Murtagh.

Murtagh rolled his eyes and bopped Tornac over the head. And even though Tornac covered the area and mock-glared at Murtagh, Eragon could see there hadn't been any force behind the blow.

Eragon found himself wishing that he managed to find someone he clicked with half as well as Murtagh and Tornac did with each other, then he would be more than happy.

::Seen It All::

Despite having clarified the, ah, circumstances with the couple and even though nothing seemed to be happening, Eragon didn't feel like leaving. So once Tornac started to talk, Eragon quickly found himself captivated.

He wasn't sure how long he spent there talking to the couple, and he didn't really care either. He had a key to the room. Saphira would probably tease him fiercely when he came back, but so be it. He was actually enjoying himself.

"I tell you, you haven't seen everything until you have seen Murtagh first thing in the morning," Tornac was saying. "For instance, let's look at the fatal day we woke up here in Surda, completely hungover."

"Tornac -"

"Murtagh can be one moody bitch, especially when he's dealing with a hangover. Sorry, love," he added and patted Murtagh's leg. "I still love you."

"I swear, if you tell this story -" Murtagh began again, but Tornac cut him off once more.

"So I wake up to Murtagh swearing. And when Murtagh curses, he could make a sailor blush," Tornac said and winked.

Murtagh hid his face in his hands and grunted.

"We're both hungover and disoriented. Murtagh, being his charming self, says 'what the fuck are you fucking doing here?' and I say that 'hey, it's my room too'. Murtagh quickly corrects himself and says 'no, I mean what. the. fuck. are. you. doing. in my bed?'," he said, mimicking Murtagh's voice almost perfectly.

Eragon felt the urge to laugh at Tornac's impersonation. He could practically hear Murtagh saying those things.

"Then Murtagh tries to move, and cue more swearing," Tornac continued, looking almost proud. "Let's just say we had been very busy the night before."

Murtagh promptly elbowed him in the side, causing the other to yelp.

"And then let's just say he continued to cuss and growl at me for the better part of an hour before leaving. Then he promptly tried to avoid me," he said and all-but pouted at Murtagh. Murtagh ignored him. "I still can't believe you did that."


Eragon couldn't stop himself from laughing. He sent Tornac a sheepish smile. "Sorry."

"It's ok," Tornac assured him. "Anyway, so I had to corner the guy. Of course, Murtagh being the escapist that he is, somehow managed to avoid me until the very last night here. A little bit of liquid courage on my side, a lot of cursing on his side and then we ended up in the sack again. We have scarcely left it since."

Murtagh elbowed him again.

"Ow! What did I do?"

"TMI," Murtagh stated dryly.

"He's seen us naked," Tornac pointed out.

"Not the same, Tornac," the other said and sighed. "You'll have to excuse him. He overshares."

Eragon shook his head and pretended he wasn't blushing. "It's ok."

"Awww, look, Murtagh. He's blushing. How cute."

Eragon felt his blush deepen.

Murtagh rolled his eyes and nudged Tornac. "Stop it, already. I know you're horny, but there are limits."

"Sky's the limit," Tornac said and winked.

"Don't listen to him," Murtagh said and shoved Tornac backwards. "He's a little demented. Doesn't know what he's saying half of the time."

"Oi!" the other protested. "Seriously, why do I stay with you? You insult me more than you're nice to me."

"Pick your reason," Murtagh stated simply. "I'm sure you have a list somewhere, and for your sake it better not be just filled with sexual points."

Tornac gave Murtagh an innocent look.

Eragon once again thought that they really had a weird relationship. Murtagh was constantly insulting Tornac, though clearly he didn't mean it, and Tornac flirted with just about anyone though he clearly didn't mean it either.

Eragon checked the time and noted that it was getting a little late. While he was enjoying talking to them, he was getting tired.

"I think I'm going to head to bed, guys," he said sheepishly and stood up.

Tornac almost pouted. Eragon recognised the look. Aksel performed it religiously if he someone tried to deprive him of candy, music or his video games.

"We're still going to be here for a few days. I'm sure I'll see you guys around."

"Why don't we make some plans?" Tornac suggested eagerly. "Tomorrow is Sunday. Some things are bound to be closed. Why don't we all meet up around lunch and go somewhere? See some of the things this place has to offer?"

"You want to go sight-seeing?" Murtagh drawled in disbelief.

"It's not like I've seen a lot of Reavstone outside of this hotel and the beach," the blond answered and looked at Murtagh pointedly. Eragon could see the hint of lust in his eyes.

"And whose fault is that, hm?" Murtagh answered easily.

Tornac just smirked.

"Uh, sure. I'll tell the others at breakfast," Eragon agreed.

"Lovely," Tornac said and stood as well.

Eragon blanked for a moment when Tornac hugged him. He thankfully managed to pull himself back to the present in time to hug him back. Honestly, sometimes Eragon really hated his mind and how it would just freeze.

Murtagh got up and gave him a hug as well.

Eragon was surprised that he didn't automatically respond sexually to them even from a hug, but he was also relieved by it. Maybe they really could be friends, then.

The brunet let himself out of the room and managed to walk down the hall without looking back.

::Seen It All::

"Tell me everything!" Saphira said the instant Eragon walked into their room.

Eragon blinked. Saphira had changed into her pyjamas and removed her make-up, but everything else said that she wasn't nearly ready to go to bed. The TV was on and she wasn't even lying under the covers. Clearly she had been waiting for him.

Eragon sighed. "Can I change at least?"

Saphira's entire face lit up. Eragon then quickly realised what that sounded like. He blushed.

"We didn't have sex!" he spluttered.

Saphira's face fell slightly. "No?"

Eragon shook his head and headed for his suitcase.

"Then what happened?"

He grabbed his sleep-wear and headed for the bathroom. "One minute, ok?" he said and closed the door before she could answer.

As he got ready for bed, Eragon had to wince. Saphira was most likely going to make him tell her everything that had happened, even if they had only talked. It truly was in his best interest to play along.

This was one of those times Eragon wished Saphira wasn't so interested in gay sex and/or his sex life.

It took him more than a minute, but apparently Saphira was feeling generous as she didn't plough down his door when the minute was up. Eragon padded out in his loose t-shirt and pyjama pants. He didn't get under the covers as he was sure they would be up for at least another thirty minutes.

Saphira muted the TV and looked at him pointedly.

He sighed. "We just talked."


Eragon did. He told her the stories that Tornac had told him and the other topics they had touched on. He told her about his bold questions last.

Saphira's eyes widened. "I'm proud of you, Eragon. I know it must have taken a lot of courage for you to ask that questions."

The brunet blushed. "Well, sure, but I felt I had to ask."

She nodded. "And what did they say?"

Eragon hesitated. "They're still sexually attracted to me, but they're just interested in some fun. Nothing serious," he forced himself to say. His cheeks burned softly as he did so. He had never been very good at talking about his sex life, even to Saphira who he usually told everything to.

She nodded sagely. "I figured. You are too cute to resist, after all," she said and giggled.

He blushed darker. "Saph!"

Saphira winked at him. "I'm surprised they let you go after that bomb."

Eragon licked his bottom lip. "Actually, I asked that at the very beginning. The story Tornac told me about the beginning of their relationship was the last thing we talked about before I left."

She crocked an eyebrow. "Left the piècede résistance for last, hm?"

Eragon shrugged sheepishly.

"Well, I will be happy to spend the afternoon with them tomorrow," she said and finally got under the covers. Eragon copied her. "I can't wait to see them ogle you some more."

Eragon spluttered and nearly fell out of the bed when he pulled too hard at the covers. "Saphira!"

She laughed and turned off the lights. "Good night, Eragon," she said teasingly.

Eragon muttered darkly and pulled the covers over himself. "Night yourself."

She giggled again before falling silent.

Eragon fell asleep wondering what the next day would have in store.

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