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The sun was beginning to set again as the helicopter continued its path through the cloudy skies. They were all asleep, regaining their energy from their unbelievable struggle just to stay alive. All except for one, Colt. He stayed up all night not feeling the slightest bit tired. He wanted to go to sleep, but his mind would not let him. But then again, how could he sleep after what he and the others had just witnessed?

The helicopter landed on the long dirt path that led to the cabin of the boys' grandfather. As the propellers slowly came to a stop, the boys quickly exited the chopper and made their way across the bridge hoping that the worst had not happened.

Tum Tum: "Grandpa! Grandpa! It's us!" He shouted excitedly while running towards the home.

Rocky: "Hold up Tum." He called catching Tum by his shirt collar

Feeling the firm pull of Rocky's hand on his shirt, Tum Tum's sprint came to a complete halt. Rocky knew Tum wanted to just see his grandfather, and he wanted to see him just as bad, but he had to play it safe. They weren't sure if this infection hadn't gone out further than anticipated. Even in a somewhat isolated area like this they still needed to be careful. Better safe than sorry right? Colt made his way next to the two of them and stopped.

Colt: "Hey slowpokes, whydah stop?" He grinned at Rocky

Rocky gently rolled his eyes.

Rocky: "We should just be careful Colt. That's all."

Colt: "Rocky."

He takes a few steps ahead of the two and makes a slow spinning movement with his arms out showing them the clear area.

Colt: "Look around man. Not a single zombie in sight. Do you really think we have anything to worry about here?"

Taking a quick scan of the area himself, Rocky was getting what Colt was saying to him. He finally let go of Tum Tum's shirt collar.

Rocky: "Okay, okay, but can you blame me though?"

Colt: "Nah." He grinned patting his shoulder. "I'm just saying relax now. We'll be fine, and things will be even better when we see Grandpa for ourselves."

Rocky managed to get out a quick and soft laugh before responding.

Rocky: "Yeah okay Mr. Positive." He joked

Colt: "Well then…"

Colt gives the cabin a quick glance from the corner of his eye and Rocky caught it. He knew all too well what would happen next. Next thing he knew Colt bolted.

Colt: "Last one there's a rotten egg!" He laughed as he left Rocky in the dust.

Rocky: "Oh no you don't!" He said giving pursuit

Tum Tum: "Hey guys wait up!"

Colt was in the lead of his 2 brothers while Rocky was slowly closing the gap between them both, but after a few seconds of sprinting, Rocky noticed something odd when Colt began to slowly come to a stop before reaching the cabin.

When Rocky caught up, he stopped next to him.

Rocky: "Haha. Hey what was that? You don't usually stop in a race, especially against me." He said while trying to catch his breath.

Tum Tum finally caught up with both of them.

Tum Tum: "Guys!" He panted. "Why didn't you tell me you were gonna race?"

Colt: "Rocky…" He said nearly feeling his heart skip a beat.

Rocky and Tum looked at their brother to see that he was staring at the front door…it was opened. The three stood there silent not knowing what to say or even what to think. Maybe Grandpa left it open on accident, or maybe someone or something forced their way in. There was no other way to tell for sure. Looking over his 2 younger brothers' facial expressions and glancing back at the helicopter to see Meg, Gracy, and Aaron peering through the helicopter window as they patiently waited for them to see their grandfather, Rocky is ready to make a decision. Tum Tum looks up and notices the expression on oldest brother's face. It was all too familiar. He knew that Rocky was up to something.

Tum Tum: "Rocky?" He said as if he were reading his mind

Rocky: "Wait here." He said cautiously as he drew the gun that was wedged between his belt and pants.

Colt: "What do you mean wait here? I want to see if Grandpa is okay." His voice getting louder.

Rocky: "I know you do Colt, but I'm just going to see Grandpa for myself before letting anyone else in. Just wait here and watch Tum for me."

Patting Colt on his shoulder for reassurance, Rocky turned towards the cabin and began to slowly approach it. Colt and Tum watched him walk off and saw him turn around to say something else.

Rocky: "Besides, I'm sure everything is fine like you said Colt…, but I just wanna make sure." He said while walking in backwards

With that he proceeded forward.

At this point Colt has had it. He wasn't about to sit there and let Rocky try and play hero while he played babysitter. He wasn't in the mood for the 'stay and wait while I fix everything routine.' Now wasn't the time for him. Before giving it a second thought, Colt dashed towards the cabin without looking back.

Tum Tum: "Colt! Wait!" He yelled after him

Hearing Tum Tum's voice, Rocky turns around only to see Colt zoom past him and towards the cabin.

Rocky: Colt no! What are you doing?!"

Colt ignored him completely. His focus was set on seeing his grandfather alive and well. He never felt like he would be in safer hands. Charging up the steps and entering through the door he stood alone in the kitchen.

Colt: "Grandpa?!" He called throughout the home.

…Nothing. Colt stood still and took notice of the unnerving silence that engulfed the room.

Colt: "Where is he?" He whispered to himself

Rocky caught up next to him.

Rocky: "Colt. What is the matter with you? Can't you just listen to me every once in a while?"

Colt said nothing. He remained motionless trying to figure out what might have happened here. Rocky's words did not reach him. The silence then got to Rocky as well. Not hearing their grandpa call for them, greet them, or even tell them both to quiet down with the racket did make him a tad bit nervous. Turning his attention from Colt, Rocky carefully called through the still cabin.

Rocky: "…Grandpa…?"

Still nothing.

Colt: "Rocky…" He said while shaking his head in disbelief

Rocky sharply turned to face his brother and put his hands firmly on both of Colt's shoulders.

Rocky: "Listen Colt…" He said firmly trying to shake him out of it. "Grandpa's fine. You hear me? You said it yourself that everything would be fine."

This time the words sunk in and he came back to his senses.

Colt: "…Okay. We'll just look around right? I'm sure he's okay."

Rocky: "Right." He said letting out a smile

-Outside the cabin-

Tum Tum stood outside by himself as he nervously waited for Colt and Rocky. Suddenly he felt a pair of hands on his shoulders which made him jump. He turned around to see it was only Meg.

Tum Tum: "Meg?"

Meg: "Yes it's me." She smiled. "Why aren't you inside seeing your Grandpa?"

Tum Tum: "I don't know yet, but I think something is wrong."

Meg: "Wrong? Like what?" She questioned

Tum Tum: "The door…" He pointed. "It was left opened."

Meg: "Where are your brothers?"

Tum Tum: "Colt ran inside, and Rocky followed him. I don't know what could be going on though."

Meg took a quick and observant glance at the house and then looked down at Tum again.

Meg: "Tum Tum. I'm going back to the copter to let the others know what's up. Can you stay right here till I get back?"

Tum Tum: "Sure, but hurry okay?"

Meg: "I will."

-Back inside the cabin-

The two slowly walked through the kitchen as the silence in their grandfather's home continued to make them feel more and more uneasy.

Colt: "Grandpa?" He called again

Rocky: "Grandpa you there?"

Still nothing. Soon the two brothers' paths separated without each other really knowing.

Rocky had the gun now clasped in his hands ready for anything that might happen, and proceeded towards the living room. Colt on the other hand wandered towards his bedroom. Walking towards the room Colt saw that the door was closed which he found odd because he would always leave it opened. His grandpa had a thing that he hated about having closed doors in his home unless you were doing something private, but under these current circumstances he knew something had to be wrong at this point. Soon he heard something beyond the door that sounded like rapid and harsh breathing noises. Colt gently pressed the side of his face with his ear on the door.

Colt: "What's that noise?" He thought

Looking down at the door knob, Colt slowly reached for it and grasped it with a sweaty palm not knowing what to really expect. Turning it slowly, he began to crack the door open and the first things he saw were the top opened dresser drawers with an emergency med-kit opened and rummaged through. Confused, he finally opened the door all the way to see his grandpa sitting on the bed facing the wall with his back towards him.

Colt: 'What's he doing?' He thought to himself

He seemed to be completely out of it. He wasn't responding to anything that was happening inside the house, but he seemed okay to Colt. At least from what he could see so far. Colt finally called for him.

Colt: "…Grandpa…?"

Straightening up suddenly, he places his hand on the bed revealing his arm. Colt's eyes went wide as he saw the bandages that were sloppily put on over a large bloody spot.

Colt: "No…"

He began to slowly stand.

Rocky seeing that the living room was empty hears a desperate call from his brother.

Colt: "Rocky! Come in here quick!"

Feeling a shock of heart pumping adrenaline, he bolted towards where Colt's voice came from and saw him standing outside their grandpa's bedroom. Puzzled, Rocky runs over to see what was wrong.

Rocky: "What is it?!" He asked slightly startled

Colt: "Rocky…It's…It's Grandpa…" He finally pointed.

Looking away from his brother, Rocky finally spotted him turning to face both of them. It was now a fact as seeing the blood red eyes and saliva and spit falling out the mouth with pale skin…, he was infected.

Colt: "Grandpa…Grandpa what happened to you!" He said near tears.

As Colt tried to approach him, Rocky forcefully pulled him back behind him and aimed his gun…

Colt: "Rocky what are you doing?!"

Rocky was silent. He couldn't bring himself to even say what he was going to do.

Colt: "You're gonna kill him!?"

Rocky: "…" Tears began to form in his eyes to the point till it blurred his vision.

Colt: "Rocky!" He yelled demanding an answer

Their grandpa stood there no longer. The bloodlust in his eyes was growing to an uncontrollable point.

Rocky: "I…I can't!" He said lowering his gun

That moment he attacked bolting towards the both of them. Not knowing what to do, Colt tried to slam the door shut but it was too late. He had bust the door open knocking Colt to the ground and tackled Rocky. His gun fell from his grip and slid across the floor.

Rocky: "No Grandpa! Please!" He screamed trying to reach him

He continued to try and bite and scratch at Rocky, but Rocky was keeping him at a good arm distance away from him but with a great struggle. He continued snapping at him. The young ninja tried not to look into his grandfather's eyes because those were what truly scared him the most. The man that believed in him, taught him and his brothers so much, and cared for them would never have such eyes of hatred and rage. He continued to try and bite him, and Rocky's energy was giving out.

Rocky: "Aaaaah! Stop!" He screamed again

Colt: "HEY!"

Hearing Colt's voice, the deranged killer looked up to see a gun aimed dead at his forehead. Then there was a sudden gunshot…The bullet when clean through the middle of his forehead and he fell back and finally died. Looking at his brother for a moment in absolute shock, Rocky finally came to most of his senses and scooted away from the corpse of his grandfather until his back bumped into the wall of the hallway.

Colt: "What…what did I just do?" He dropped the gun to the floor and fell to his knees

Rocky didn't answer. He didn't know what to do or what to say this time. So many emotions flowed through him so fast he became confused. Next thing they knew everyone else came charging in to see what was wrong.

Meg: "What was that noise?!" She quickly asked

Tum Tum spotted his dead grandfather immediately.

Tum Tum: "Grandpa!" His voice cracked on the verge of tears

Meg and Gracy noticed what Tum had finally saw.

Gracy: "My God…"

Tum Tum: "NO!"

Tum tried to get to him, but Gracy began holding him back.

Tum Tum: "No! NO! Let go! He can't be! He can't be gone!" He yelled struggling to break her grip.

Gracy: "I'm so sorry Tum." She was still struggling to hold Tum Tum still and then notices Rocky again. "Rocky what happened?"

He didn't answer, and Colt was out of it too. All 3 of the ninjas were in their own world of despair and both Meg and Gracy were powerless to bring them out of it.

As Colt sat in his seat of the helicopter he looked over and noticed everyone else peacefully sleeping. He didn't understand it. How could they sleep after witnessing something like that? Then again Colt wanted to sleep, but he was afraid of the nightmares that might haunt him forever. He's got to do it sometime though…sometime…

End of Chapter!

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