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Colt continued to follow Wade through the woods with Aaron tagging closely behind him. He could only watch Wade silently as he followed him and tried to figure him out. He thought back about what Rocky had mentioned earlier that day about his suspicions, about this supposed rescue squad. Now he was beginning to think the same way about them.

"Hey Wade…"

"What is it?" He said dryly as they were walking

Colt sighed. The subject he was going to bring up was a touchy one and probably not the best time to mention it, but he had to know.

"Are you guys really stranded out here?"

Wade continued walking and did not answer. Colt waited a little longer for a response but never got one.

"Wade…" He said a little more sternly

"Of course we're stranded out here..."

Colt paused shortly before speaking again.

"No offense, but it doesn't seem that way to me."

Wade stopped in his tracks causing Colt and Aaron to stop a few feet behind him.

"You know what? I don't really care what it seems like to you. If you don't want to be here, don't follow me."

"I'm not saying that, and you know good and well that isn't what I want right now. I just want to know why you get such kicks out of the situation we're in."

Wade remained silent with his back still facing them. Colt continued on.

"My brothers and I barely escaped the city where this whole thing started with our lives and our sanity. It was a freaking nightmare, so I don't see how anyone could find pleasure in killing these. I also don't get why you would bring a six year old out here to shoot infected either. This isn't a video game you know."

Colt felt his anger begin to slowly rise within him when he said that but was able to keep it in to the point where it wasn't noticeable.

"You wouldn't even understand." Wade responded

Colt didn't care to know at this point. Now he was just beginning to vent.

"Why should I need to understand? I just want to live. Nothing more and nothing less. The sooner you understand that the better."

Wade turned to face him with eyes full of annoyance and anger.

"Look. The moment we get back to the camp, you can just stay inside a tent for all I care. Just stay out of my way."

"We don't want to stay in a tent while all you guys do is goof off. We want rescue!"

"Well you're not getting it here!" He yelled back

Colt remained silent and a bit taken back by Wade's outburst, but at the same time saw it coming.

"The moment we get back to camp, you grab your little friends and leave. If you want rescue, look elsewhere…I have better things to do."

With that Wade continued on walking.

"Come on Aaron…" He instructed continuing to follow the angered teen

Hearing the shout of his youngest brother, Rocky rushed back into camp with Gracy trailing behind him. The first thing they noticed was a crowd of men gathered in the middle of the camp. They were all gathered around the tent where Tum was left sleeping.

"Tum?" Rocky called out while running towards the crowd.

A few of the men turned around and gave the both the teens a small opening which they used to squeeze through the tight crowd. They pushed their way through till they came out front.

"Tum?" He called again as soon as he broke the crowd.

"You sneaky bastards!" An angry voice called from inside the tent.

It was Ben coming out of the tent almost dragging a struggling Tum Tum out of it.

"Let go!" Tum Tum demanded trying to pry Ben's strong grip from his arm but to no avail.

"Stop! What did he do? What is this?" Rocky said in a confused tone.

Ben's glare soon met Rocky's look of confusion.

"Just what were you all trying to pull anyway?" Ben shouted

Rocky and Gracy both exchanged looks not sure what he was talking about.

"I don't get it. What did Tum Tum do? He was just sleeping." He tried explaining

"So you're telling me that you didn't have any idea at all…"

Ben began pulling up Tum Tum's tattered sleeve to show a familiar sight.

"…about this?" He finished

Rocky felt as if his stomach began to sink in. It was the bite mark that Tum Tum had gotten back in the city before Marcus got a hold of him as a test subject. A few of the men gasped while others shook their heads in disgust. It was almost like to them, Tum Tum wasn't even being counted as a person anymore.

"That's…" Rocky hesitated…

"A bite mark?" He jerked Tum a little. "Is that what you were gonna say?"

Rocky looked away and Marcus walked up to him as if he were an overbearing shadow.

"…Is it?" He asked again in a deeper tone.

Rocky remained silent

"And how long did you plan on withholding this information from us? You planned on waiting until after he decides to go after me and my men while we slept?"

"No!" Rocky quickly protested. "It's not like that at all!"

Ben scoffed.

"Well it doesn't matter now."

Ben threw Tum Tum to his knees and jammed the gun to the back of the boy's neck and was ready to fire.

"Rocky. Help!" Tum nearly cried

"Wait a minute! Stop!" Rocky yelled "He's not infected anymore!"

Ben froze for a moment and looked at Rocky raising a brow of curiosity.

"Anymore?" He restated

Rocky knew at that moment he blabbed, but he managed to save Tum Tum. Ben pulled Tum Tum back up holding by the back of his shirt. Tum was looking at his brother near tears from the ordeal speechless and obviously really shaken.

"You said he isn't infected anymore. What does that mean?"

Rocky remained silent. He knew that if they found out he had the cure with him, they'd destroy it quicker than he say his own name. Losing the two vials that he held in his pocket would mean an end to everything and everyone. He couldn't just tell them about the cure.

Ben studied Rocky careful as he didn't respond trying to avoid his eyes. Cliff finally figured it out.

"There's a cure isn't there…"

Rocky was beyond baffled about how Ben figured it out so quickly, but then again it was kind of obvious.

"Give it to me…" His hand reached out expecting it.

"I…I don't have it."

Ben chuckled at that.

"No…That doesn't make sense."

"What do you mean?" Gracy came in

Ben looked up at her.

"Because little missy. If I was a frightened survivor, and I came across the one thing that could stop this epidemic, I would have grabbed whatever I could." He looked back down at Rocky. "Especially if I knew it worked." He finished in a low tone.

"Well I don't have it…" He responded trying to avoid Ben's stabbing eyes.

"He's lying sir." A voice called out.

One of the men stepped out from the crowd as all eyes shifted towards him.

"Go on." Ben ordered the soldier.

"Earlier today I saw the boy messing around with a vial filled with a purple substance. He kept staring at it. He keeps it in his pocket."

Rocky was completely shocked. He never knew all this time that some of the soldiers may have actually seen him pull out the vials to actually look at them.

A smirk creeped across Ben's face as he looked back at Rocky.

"Now you were saying?" He said as he clicked his gun which made Tum flinch

There was no point in fighting it now. He couldn't hide it, and if he tried, he risked losing Tum. Rocky found himself reaching into his pants pocket and felt the two vials until a thought struck him. He grabbed one of the vials and pulled it out slowly. Seeing the vial with the purple liquid made Ben's smirk grow. Rocky held it out for Ben to take, and he did not hesitate in slapping it from the boy's hand and immediately stomping the vial into the dirt breaking it.

The sun was beginning to set soon as Colt, Aaron, and Wade were still trying to find their way back to the camp. The tension between the two teens could still be felt but for the sake of their own survival, they decided that their cooperation was the better option. Only one problem…

"Damn. There's even more of them." Wade said quietly

"God. How many of these are out here?" Colt whispered

"A lot more than there used to be. I'll tell you that. This is the fifth group we've come across in the last hour."

The boys were hidden behind some bushes as they watched a large group of about 25-30 infected just wander around aimlessly in an open area of the forest. Even Wade knew when to keep his hand off the trigger this time.

"I don't get it." Colt whispered shaking his head. "It's like they are all just…leaving the city. Why?"

"Probably because nothing is there…, and when the food is gone in one place…you simply hunt for it elsewhere…" Wade responded.

"So it's only a matter of time before they reach the camp site…" Colt shot a look at Wade.

Wade did not respond nor did he look back at him. He was focused on the movements of the infected, planning on what needed to be done next.

Colt then felt a tug on his shirt.

"What now?" Aaron said to the ninja.

Colt turned around to face Aaron.

"Don't worry. We're going to leave soon. Just gotta figure out where okay?"

Aaron responded with a small nod and stood up. Unfortunately for them he stood up and snapped a thick branch behind him in two making a loud noise. In almost an instant, the infected had their attention turned toward the source of the noise instantly spotting the three boys.

"Shit…" Colt groaned

"Let's get the hell out of here." Wade said getting up quickly and running.

Colt and Aaron did not skip a beat and followed.

The bloodshot eyes of the infected locked on to them and soon gave chase. These infected were not very fast, at least not very fast compared to the wolves that chased them earlier. At least the boys could hear that they were gaining distance quickly on the mob. The growls and snarls of the infected were getting lower and lower. Why were they so slow now? Lack of food or energy? Whatever the reason, they were fine with it. It allowed them time to get into an open clearing.

"Think we lost them?" Colt said almost out of breath

"For the most part…" Wade answered quickly with certainty. ", but if we stay here they'll only catch up to us."

Colt felt another tug on his shirt. He knew it was Aaron, and he grew quite accustomed to the small boy always sort of clinging onto him as if Colt was his older brother. In a way he kind of was now. Losing his entire family to this disaster, Colt and the others were the only ones the young six year old had left.

"What's up Aaron?" still out of breath

"When all of this is over will I be able finally help all of those people?"

Both Colt and Wade shared puzzled expressions.

"Wait squirt. I'm not following you. What do you mean?"

"I mean when the good guys come rescue us, I can finally cure everyone of what caused this to happen. Right?"

Colt then caught on and wanted to end the conversation quickly. The cure to the epidemic was fresh in Aaron's blood, but he didn't want to tip information like that off to Wade or his lunatic father.

"We'll talk about this later kiddo." He said grabbing up his hand and walking forward.

"Okay…" He responded in a disappointed tone.

"What's he talking about?" Wade followed still confused

"It's nothing. Let's hurry up. It's starting to get dark, and as you said earlier they'll catch up if we stay here." He said continuing forward with the six year old.

Wade gave the two boys a stare as they walked on then continued on along with them without another word.

Sam Douglas continued to study the wreckage of the crashed helicopter they had found in the forest. While looking at the damages, he sighed after noticing the corpses of the pilot and Meg in the front passenger seats. It wasn't a pretty site. It was definitely something he's glad his wife didn't have to see, however, he let out a sigh of relief when he saw that there were no other passengers in the helicopter. Relieved that his sons weren't dead in the helicopter with them, but disappointed when he just didn't find them there.

"Sam! Anything else here?" His partner Jerry called from behind him.

Sam stood up.

"It's just the pilot and another passenger…They didn't make it."

"Damn." He sighed. "What about the kids?"

"No sign of them. They most likely went on their own by foot."

"Let's get back in the chopper. If they went off on their own by foot, we're not gonna catch up with them this way." He said heading back to their helicopter that waited.

"That's not gonna happen Jer."

Jerry stopped and turned to Sam.

"Why not?"

"The trees around here are way too tall and thick. We'd never be able to spot them from the air. We have to try and find some sort of trail, and we're better off calling for them while we do it. Who knows? We may even get a response."

Jerry didn't like the idea of walking in this forest during a biological epidemic right when it was getting dark, but Sam was right.

"Alright then. I guess we have no other option." He sighed.

"We'll have the chopper stay in the air while we search down here. Grab a few flares out of it, so we can signal it once we found the boys."

Jerry did as his partner asked him and grab a few rescue flares to put in his pouch. After a few more preparations, checks on supplies and ammo, they gave the chopper the okay to take off. Now it was just the two of them as they watch the chopper fly almost out of sight...well until they heard lowly growls that were coming from behind them…Both of them stopped in their tracks to slowly turn around and spot three infected wolves, fangs bared, with foamed mouths, and blood shot eyes locked on both of them.

"Damn…I did not sign up for this shit…" Jerry whispered slowly while pulling out his pistol.

"Take them out quick. These damn things look fast." Sam whispered back reaching for his as well.

Just then, one of the wolves sprang forward toward Sam. He quickly drew his gun quickly and pulled off a clean shot right between the eyes. The wolf went down instantly as it slid towards Sam lifeless. This shot however set the other two wolves off as one lunged for Jerry and the other one for Sam. Jerry was already aiming, but this time the wolf jumped at him and knocked Jerry off balance causing him to drop his gun several feet away from him. The wolf turned around and growled as he missed Jerry's throat from its first attack.

"Shit…" Jerry said as he tried to get up and make a break for his gun.

Sam was tackled down to the forest floor by the other wolf, holding the wolf away from ripping out his throat by mere inches. Not only were they fast, but these fuckers were strong too. It's a miracle Sam was able to keep the wolf from landing its first bite, however at this rate he probably wouldn't last long.

"Jerry!" He yelled for his partner.

"A little busy at the moment!" He answered back.

"Yeah well…" He continued struggling "…So am I…"

Jerry was running towards his gun, and the wolf sprinted towards him as well. The two would collide if Jerry didn't make it to his gun in time. The wolf was fast but so was he. They came closer and closer. Within a few feet of the gun, the wolf lunged and Jerry slid on his side as he was able to grab his pistol. In a short second, the wolf was now in the air above Jerry. He wasted no time putting two bullets right through its stomach right before it made a thud on the forest floor. Still lying on his side, he looked back as he observed the dog twitch a small bit before its low growls finally died out. Suddenly, he heard his partner still struggling…

"Sam!" He said quickly getting to his feet.

Sam couldn't hold out much longer with this thing biting for his neck. He groaned painfully as his muscles began to give in on him. Suddenly he heard three quick gunshots. Its rapid snapping ceased as its body also became limp, and Sam was able to quickly roll the carcass away from him. He saw a hand extend towards him. He saw it was Jerry.

"After this…We're going to need a serious vacation." He joked lightly

Sam let out a small laugh and took his hand that helped him back up. He took another look down at the dead infected wolf once again and almost felt a chill go down his spine.

"If those things are out here, then who knows what else…" In a hopeless tone

"Sam…" Jerry interrupted

He knew right away that he wasn't supposed to think like that and snapped out of it.

"Okay Jer. Let's find the kids."

End Chapter

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