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Summary: On Harry's 16th birthday, Harry receives his magical inheritance and finds out his family isn't what it's said to be, when he receives five old tombs with his family history in, and one of his parents was a Elf, but which one? Not only that but he has a life-mate, who is also a creature, a Veela to be exact and a Malfoy, but will they be able to survive the lies of the past and a conniving Headmaster? AU (No HBP and DH), Drarry, good Malfoy's and Voldemort, Evil Dumbledore, no character deaths (yet), Lemons in later chapters, Possible Mpreg, OCs and OOC-ness.
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Prologue - Inheritance

"BOY!" Vernon Dursley shouted from bottom of the stairs, "Get down here, NOW!" the aforementioned boy got up and dressed quickly, as not to anger his uncle more, and scurried down stairs to make breakfast, just like every morning. Not that he should though, he didn't even belong there, because this boy was no ordinary boy, he was a famous Wizard, he was Harry James Potter. 'Only one more day,' Harry thought as he reached the kitchen, 'Just one more day till I can go to 12 Grimmauld Place and be with Sirius, for the rest of summer.'

"Finally your down, quickly make the breakfast for my Duddy-kins. We're going out for the day, and the chores better be done by the time we get back," his Aunt Petunia said, sounding angry because Vernon was in the room, when it was just the two of them she was always nice, but he never knew why. He had been told she hated her sister and husband, his mum and dad, so why would she like him.

It was 11:45pm by the time Harry had finished everything, he had to do that day. And his relatives where still not home, which he was glad for. After a quick shower Harry came into his 'room' and started to pack up all the things he had to take with him in the morning, when he looked up he saw it was 11:58 two minuets until he was sixteen. He didn't notice when he was suddenly surrounded by a green glow, nor when his hair started to rapidly grow, but he did notice as the clock down stairs chimed and his own clock in his 'room' showed 12:00pm, where he would normally say happy birthday to himself there was only screams, as he came into his inheritance.

Meanwhile in a grand Manor in Wiltshire a boy was asleep, his white blond hair spread around his head like a golden halo. The boys name was Draconus Lucius Severus Malfoy. At the strike of midnight Draco, as he preferred being called, sat up straight in bed and let out an almighty screech which could only mean one thing his mate was coming into his inheritance. Draco knew it was a he because Draco was a Veela and Veela's mates matched them perfectly, and Draco was 100% gay. This fact made Draco feel sorry his father, Lucius Malfoy, because he had been denied his mate and made to marry Narcissia "Cissy" Black, also a Veela, but after this his parents would be able to go to their true mates. Severus Snape (his father's mate) and Scarlet Law (his mother's mate). Lucius and Cissy came running into the room as soon as they had heard the screech, to try and comfort Draco until his mate was no longer in pain.

"Hussssssssh, it's okay sweetheart, the pain will pass soon," Cissy said hugging her only son as it was the only thing she could think to do to calm him, while Lucius rubbed his back soothingly, the Malfoy's although believed to be a cold and uncaring family were really the complete opposite but since Voldemort's first reign of terror they have had to keep up a fa├žade, only now after over 16 years have they been able to show their true colors to everyone and as the war was soon to come to an end but not the one most expected.

When the pain finally subsided in the early hours of the morning, Draco lay back down in bed think of who his mate could be there was only two people who he knew with July 31st as their birthday, Neville Longbottom and Harry Potter. When Draco expressed this to his parents they couldn't have been happier if it was Slytherin himself, but neither would tell him why they were so happy.

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