Hi guys, I know that I have been MIA for quite a while, but I have decided that I am going to put all my fics on hiatus for a while. Due to the fact that it normally takes me so long to write one chapter I am not going to update until I have 3-4 chapters done. In September I will be starting at University (if I get the grades) and when I do I will get some specialist equipment to help me due to my dyslexia, hopefully this will help me update quicker, as it will be easier to keep on one thought track. One thing you can be sure of is I WILL NOT BE ABANDONING "A Small Spark Of Love", "A Weird Turn Of Events" or "My Heart, My Soul, My Everything". I hope to start updating again in Late October/Early November. When I do this post will be taken down and I will be putting the chapter in it's place. So please don't review this, if you have any questions please private message me and I will do my best to answer.

PLUR and Chocolate
Blessed Be